MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami-Dade’s Animal Services is one step closer to getting a new shelter.

On Monday the County Commission approved a measure to spend $6.6 million in bond money for a property in Doral, according to CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald. The 70-thousand square foot property, located at 3651 NW 79th Avenue, was originally built to be a post office. Built in the late 1970s it can withstand a Category 3 hurricane.  It will cost a total of about $14 million to buy the building and retrofit it for the shelters needs including emergency generators.

“I can only tell you that as a public safety issue that as a compassion issue, this is something that’s long overdue,” said Dr. Sara Pizano, Animal Services Director, said last week as workers continued to clean their Medley shelter after a canine distemper outbreak. “This building needs to happen. It will last us for many decades and it will help us save more animals.”

Pizano said last year they had to euthanize about 20,000 animals for lack of space, illness and other issues. More recently, the shelter closed its dog intake wing to the public because of the distemper outbreak.

“The new building would mean a healthier environment for the animals and the staff and the public,” Pizano said. “It would have the appropriate space for the animals so that we could clean in a way that doesn’t jeopardize their health.”

Overcrowding has been an issue for a long time at the Medley shelter. At any time they house anywhere from 250 to 600 animals there. It is hot and only expected to get hotter in the summer months with no air-conditioning at the shelter.

“It’s a sick building,” she said. “It’s impossible to sanitize. The design, lack of ventilation, air flow, lack of air conditioning all leads to the spread of disease.”

The current building was built in the late 1960’s as veterinary clinic. It was never designed to house and care for animals at the capacity that it’s being used for today.

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Comments (2)
  1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    Why is it that our COMMISSIONERS …..ONLY LISTEN TO THEIR SpeciAL Interest PEOPLE+LOBBYISTS = THIS IS NOT what WE (The People) voted 4…
    Dr Sara PizANO is a PAID EMPLOYEE and IS NOT doing HER JOB!
    Paid Coounty Lobbyists DO it,

    WE DO NOT agree as2what is going on IN Miami-Dade County, nor FLORIDA at this moment: NOT IN THE Kendall,SouthMiami,Lil’Havana,COCOnut GROVE or/& never mind HIALEAH and MIAMI LAKES!….

    SERVED as a volunteer IN many committees IN ALL AREAS OF DADE SINCE EARLY70’s…

    WE, “The People”, respect Mr. Braman’s $$$$ and ACTIVISM, especially at HIS AGE, he could be HOME with his children , Grand—CHILDREN, and Great-Grand-Chhildren.
    U, Sir have all of OUR RESPECT, & you KNOW MY NUMBER is and always will be Available to U…. You have EARNED U RESPECT.

    OUR entire family & I SUPPORT your decisions until WE LEAVE THE AREA, AND we will PRACTICE Absentee Ballots VOTING, LET THEM Question THEIR
    O-W-N P-A-I-D, S-P-E-C-i-A-L, Interest G-R-O-U-P-S
    I Repect UR decisions & WILL VOLUNTEER for HONESTY as well as well as NON-PONZIERS.

    My TRUE wells wishes to U and Urs………

    WE will call your office to get to this MATTER:& although WE have 2 many things 2 do…BUT rather than use FACEBOOK: I & my family READ & attend the meetings…When & IF we CAN…..


    Let’s DENY THEIR so-called-Earned & PAID 4….


    E-D-U-C-A-T-E and SPARE UR sentiments

  2. yunio says:

    No money for cops of fire personal but somehow we have 6 millions for a new animal shelter. I guess after we lose our jobs we could see if they have an empty cage for my family.

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