NORTH MIAMI – (CBS4) – A 5-year-old boy is recovering from a dog bite after being bitten by a pit bull at a North Miami home, according to North Miami Police Lt. Neal Cuevas.

Police say the family was visiting friends in the area of Northeast 135th Street when a pit bull bit him in the stomach. The family friends had two dogs in the house, Cuevas said.

The child was taken to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood where he was listed in serious, but stable condition.

Pit bulls are illegal in Miami-Dade County. It was not known if animal control was on the scene.

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Comments (36)
  1. Danielle andre royer says:

    It probably wasnt even a pit bull. Every time there is a dog attack or bite it’s always a pit bull. Bull

    1. Jimbo99 says:

      No, I’m certain the type of dog is identified accurately and specifically to the actual animal itself. If this were Broward county the laws there regarding animal attacks are quite strict. I see too many pit bull owners quick to discount & defend their breed, but the reality is this type of dog is suited to guarding rusted auto parts at a salvage yard. The animals are more unpredictable than most other breeds and because their bite is uniquely lethal, when they go bad, all it takes is one bite to justify putting the animal down. Even a dog that attacks another dog isn’t tolerated for very long.

      1. Melissa says:

        “The animals are more unpredictable than most other breeds and because their bite is uniquely lethal,”
        I call B.S! Tests that have been done comparing the bite pressure of several
        breeds showed pressure PSI (per square inch) to be considerably lower
        than some wild estimates that have been made. Testing has shown that
        the domestic dog averages about 320 lbs of pressure per square inch.
        Recently Dr. Brady Barr of National Geographic conducted a comparative
        test between a Pit Bull, a Rottweiler, and a German Shepherd. The Pit
        Bull had the LOWEST PSI OF THE THREE.
        KNOW what you are talking about before you say anything! And quit spreading lies and myths!

      2. Sara Dee says:

        Let me say, I do NOT own a pit bull but I have seen so many that are sweet and fabulous dogs. It is so silly to say that they are more dangerous than any other breed. They actually test higher than average on the American Temperament Test and there are tons of therapy dogs that are pit bulls who work with children, disables and are working dogs all over the country. Look at how well the Michael Vick dogs are doing and then tell me again that they are all evil???!!!

        You are obviously uneducated on the breed and making your comments based on what the news media outlets say.

    2. Florida Goldengirl says:

      Because it is a pit bull why do you think they are outlawed ?

  2. Sonia47 says:

    @Danielle: I guess you are an owner of a pit bull why you are so defensive..These animals need to be illegal as pets in the homes with children around..They are dangerous and should only be used as one writer says in rusted auto parts salvage yards…I hope they put this one to sleep and all those owners of pit bull take heed…

    1. Yeri says:

      How ignorant can you folks really be? Any dog can be dangerous if not properly trained or owned by an irresponsible owner. Pitbulls are not even the most common biters, yet each time a pit bites someone it makes national news. My family has owned a pitbull for 3 years and has played with toddlers and our neighbor’s yorkie. He has never shown ANY sign of aggression and we could not have asked for a better family dog. Remember, If a dog is given love, regardless the breed, it will give love back in return.

      1. Florida Goldengirl says:

        You are so full of a huge crock of it, get real.

      2. H says:

        Yari you so right, Pitbull breed history came from loving family dog, I have a 2 Pitbulls which are the nicest and kindest dogs every. Depends how you treat them

      3. james says:

        Yeri, if you analyze statistics you would see overwhelmingly that pit bulls are number one dog that causes death in dog attacks on humans, because of their physical structure and jaws they do a tremendous amount of damage very quickly and it has nothing to do with training which is why that breed of dog is always in the news. Obviously you either don’t look at statistics or you ignore them. James

    2. South Beach Guy says:

      @ Danielle: I am not an owner of a pit bull. I am also not a moron as yourself. I hope you move out of your world of fantasy and join the educated. Do some research and stop living throught the 10 o’clock news.

      1. South Beach Guy says:

        That commenrt above was @Sonia47. Sorry. Danielle was on the money with his comment.

    3. Wicked Cats says:

      Why don’t you ask where the parents were when this dog attacked the child? And not to blame the victim, but did the child do anything to provoke the dog? Why are you so quick to blame when you know only what the media, who is biased, prints. Get educated.

  3. Enemy of yours says:

    I’ve had so many n been around many more pitbulls than I can recall n neverhad any attack a person. Its usually the owners who raise them to be aggressive cuz their idiots

  4. Jay says:

    I believe that a certain type of individual gravitates toward the pit bull breed. And these types of people aren’t suited to raise pit bulls correctly because they embrace violence. Pitt bulls shouldn’t be blamed. Their incompetent, wanna be tough guy, fake gang banger, single digit IQ owners should be blamed. These ghetto thugs don’t just stop at ruining communities but also ruin the reputation of a dog breed that is fully capable of being a loving member of a good home.

    1. Lynette Vautier-Cyr says:

      Wow, never thought I would be considered a ghetto thug based upon my breed of choice. My husband and I both have white collar jobs for the hospital industry and have a combined income of over $150,000/year.

    2. Lynette Vautier-Cyr says:

      Actually Jay, I do agree with a lot of what you are saying, and I understand what you are saying…my comment was meant to be more tongue in cheek than anything else. I remember my husband read one of these once and a guy said that everyone who owns a pit bull type dog is trailer trash. He was really upset. IMO, I always find it funny when he and I are dressed up and have to take them for pottie…some of the funny looks we get.

  5. Jack says:

    I believe that a certain type of individual gravitates toward the pit bull breed. And these types of people aren’t suited to raise pit bulls correctly because they embrace violence. Pitt bulls shouldn’t be blamed. Their incompetent, wanna be tough guy, fake gang banger, single digit IQ owners should be blamed. These ghetto thugs don’t just stop at ruining communities but also ruin the reputation of a dog breed that is fully capable of being a loving member of a good home. We as humans with superior mental capacity and endless resources at our disposal are fully responsible for the actions of our dogs.

  6. KG says:

    I the first sentence it was obvious you were apit bull owner. Not every breed can be dangerous. Most breeds even if they bite it isn’t serious. They give the person a small puncture wound or a small laceration. Pitbulls maul the person and expecially children. It doesn’tmatter if you have pitbulls. Noteveryone will attack, but they are hardwired thru breeding to do this. Whenever a pitbull attacks you always hear from the owners that the animal loved children. butlets faceit. Themajorityof all SERIOUS attacks—YES SERIOUS attacks are only a coupleof breeds and pitbulls are always at the top.

    1. Yeri says:

      They are hardwired to attack? If you look at the history of pitbulls, they are definitely not. Do your research… Unfortunately, bad owners have taken advantage of the breed. Pit bulls are strong, for sure…. But any abused animal of that strength will cause harm. Many pitbulls are selected, particularly in the urban community, for their tough look and unfortunately abuse them as well. Any dog can be turned into a dangerous animal, just remember.. Punish the owner, not the breed.

    2. Sara Dee says:

      The truth behind serious dog attacks is that 100% of fatal attacks happened with unalters (not spayed/neutered) dogs. The majority of these dogs were kept primarily outdoors, and are unsocialized with children and or people in general. Just because a dog lives in a backyard, that does not make it a pet so naturally these pets do not learn boundaries and are going to defend their territory and bite, regardless of breed. Dogs labeled as pit bulls are not dangerous because of their breed, irresponsible ownership of ANY breed of dog is going to result in something bad.

      Pit Bulls actually are very social animals are even the pit bulls who are trained to fight in the ‘pit’ with each other are trained to be docile with humans. Pit Bull fighters are often in the ring during dogfights and have to break the dogs apart. When a dog bites a person, that dog is usually killed by those dog fighters because that is a trait they do NOT want… so really you are VERY incorrect in your assumption that they are bred to attack/maul people.

  7. Florida Goldengirl says:

    That ”properly trained” is a bunch of pure crap, who is stupid enough to have a pit bull or to take a child any ways near one ? I can’t believe the stupidity of some people. these parents take the prize. Pits attack other animals and small children and they are know to gang up on adults. That is just pure fact. There parents are too dumb to raise a child, I hope the Child welfare people take this child away from them, and fine the owners of the pit a thousand dollars then put them in jail. Stupid, stupid , stupid

  8. LUZ says:

    That Florida girl, needs to be educated, not only about pit bulls but about animals itself…YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE DOG BITES EVERY SINGLE DAY…AND THE ONLY ONE THE PUBLISH IS THE ONE FROM A PIT BULL.

    PIT BULL are dangerous breed because of their strength, not their personality. All pits that are trained are good dogs, and all of the bad pitts is because of their owners.

    They never said if the child did anything to aggrevate the dog, as I have seen children do. I have a mix border collie and he hates kids because they have taunt him.


  9. Jorge says:

    Okay, here we go. So if we want to get into the topic of dogs biting then, Chihuahuas should be illegal, German Sheppard’s, Bull Terriers, Miniature pincher’s, Doberman,’s, Let’s see what else…Beagles, Bloodhounds, Greyhounds.
    Everyone here defending pit-bulls is completely right, It only made national news because it was a pit-bull, If it were a Golden Retriever, which is proven to show more signs of aggression even if trained properly, nope..No one in their right mind would ever accuse such a beautiful dog of biting a little kid right?!?! Heh.

    1. rozi says:

      lol……u got it right….:)

      1. djarus says:

        Sooo true! And does anyone know or say what the child was doing? Who was watching him? Any child should be watched around any unknown dog, no matter what the breed! Plus, anything that bites the media calls a pit bull! It is INSANE! I hate to blame a child, but parents need to educate kids to proper behavior around any dog, especially those that do not know the child. Guess I am not blaming the child, but the parents! It has been documented in THE PIT BULL PLACEBO that an overwhelming majority of dog bites ARE NOT from pit bulls!

  10. rozi says:

    Lack of education on these ignorant people who say all pittsbulls are dangerous…Well elts see while riding my bike i got bit by a beagel..Yikes make them illegal….I am the proud owner of 2 pittbulls who live by my 2yrld son side..This breed is misunderstood..i guess they just need someone to blame for the way some people are raising them to fight or protection…as for me they are my angels at home….

  11. South Beach Guy says:


    You are not the sharpest person I can see. All dogs bite. They are dogs. The dog is only as dangerous as any other dog that is not trained. Your comment is like saying we should eliminate you because ignorant people make the world a tougher place to live.

  12. South Beach Guy says:

    WOW some dumb ignorant people in here. The breed is a very stable breed as any other. It’s well documented. There are so many dogs out there with pit bull characteristics that it is assumed that the dog is a pit bull. Usually they are just a mutt wit a few dog mixed in. The dog only has a bad rep because it is chosen as the top dog for fighting due to its muscle and small stature compared to other dogs. I see the most vicious dogs in SoBe are little yappy purse dogs. The big ones keep to them selves are almost all very friendly.

  13. Lee says:

    Pitbulls have a unique bite, and it is particularly lethal. You could ask my cousin who owned two until they killed her. She was in her fifties, so not a child.
    I have seen and owned many breeds of dogs in my life. While stationed in Wyoming, a book store owner kept a pitbull behind the counter, not barred from the rest of the store.
    He knew how to “control” this dog, too bad not many are responsible enough to learn how.
    Pitbulls were bred to be what they are, as were most dogs. ( Pitbulls were bred to fight)
    I want to say one word that really isn’t practiced much: responsibility.
    If all pitbull owners were responsible, on a whole, took care to train this animal and never abuse them, then perhaps, they could be on the same footing as doberman pinchers. Or rotweilers or other deadly breds that are tolerated.
    m. That is a brilliant thought, very logical, but we are talking about human responsibillity. If this were practiced, we would not need laws, regulatrions or rules.
    So I would not hold my breath..

  14. Wicked Cats says:

    I feel sorry for the child, but where were the parents? Why were they NOT supervising a young child where there is a large dog? And what did the child do for the dog to attack. Sorry, dogs don’t just attack for no reason. They attack when they are feeling threatened, or when there are people invading their space.

    Also, are they absolutely sure this is a “pit bull”?

  15. Debra Jarus says:

    They do NOT have a unique bite, they score higher on sociability tests than Golden Retrievers! What was the child doing to the dog and why weren’t the parents watching. Too many parents fail to teach children about the proper way to act around large dogs, especially those strange to them. Some of you talk about Pit Bulls like they are great white sharks on four legs!! Do some research. It has been noted in THE PIT BULL PLACEBO that an overwhelming percentage of dogs bites in all countries are from dogs other than Pit Bulls. Our media has just added to the hysteria. These dogs, when trained to fight by thugs, are victims. Have you heard of Patrick, the little Pit who was dumped in a dumpster after almost being starved to death….and as he struggles to survive, he wags his tail and licks his caretakers. I am sick to death with people who know nothing of the breed trying to commit a type of canine genocide. Get rid of thugs like Michael Vick, and leave these lovable dogs alone to be raised by dog owners who appreciate them!!!!

  16. JayM says:

    Why should this even be in the news,, exactly? If it was a black lab, dachshund, Yorkie, poodle or basset hound that bit the kid it wouldn’t have even made the news, but just because it’s a dreaded PIT BULL (gasp!) it’s all over the headlines. This is why pit bulls are being banned: not because they’re inherently more dangerous than other types of dogs (they aren’t), but because the news media sensationalizes every biting incident that involves a pittie. Whatever happened to unbiased journalism?

  17. Carla Damrath says:

    Lets give this some thought…. maybe it’s because of the media attention and the breed bans that the thugs and drug dealers and other irresponsible people want them! They love having what people fear and don’t want them to have. Take away the bans and the media attention and put the focus on the owners of the dogs. I own two American Staffordshire Terriers (pit bull isn’t a breed) and I own them because I love the breed, they are both rescues and are spayed and neutered. I adopted them so they wouldn’t fall into the hands of someone who wants them for the wrong reason. Am I a thug or trash? I think not.

  18. Redd says:

    I just seen this trying to do research about living in Florida with pitt bulls. I have 2 pitt bulls who I have been training for the last 2years. Both dogs qualify to be rescue dogs. With the right training and care these dogs can be the most trustworthy companions. Im still trying to figure out where were the parents?

  19. dubv says:

    To the people here who defend a fighting breed that is constantly in the news for violence…..take a course in genetics and then get yourself fixed so you don’t pass on your genes to the next generation.

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