Attempted Robbery Thwarted By Gables Jewelry Store Owner

CORAL GABLES (CBS4) – A jewelry thief got more than he bargained for while trying to rob a Coral Gables jewelry store Tuesday night.

Coral Gables Police say a man entered Snow’s Jewelry on Miracle Mile just after 6 p.m. and smashed a display case with a crowbar.

The robber was met by the owner of the store, Edward Snow, who was armed with a gun. The suspect fled the store, with Snow not far behind.

Snow was able to catch the robber and held him until police arrived. The suspect, who has not been identified, was then taken into police custody.

“I got my justice. I can afford the glass and I am glad it happened to him. He shouldn’t have done it,” Snow said.

Snow says the situation could have been much worse because he has a weak heart. He is scheduled to undergo heart surgery next week.

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  • goober

    Good for him!

  • MiamiMex

    We as a society need to start helping these criminals find another way of life before they so these things. Where are his parents?

    Idea: punish the parents as well, make them pay for the expenses incurred by their children

    Idea: pay store owners a prize when they catch a thief. Double the prize if they shoot the thief. Triple the prize if they kill the thief. And charge the parents of the thief for all expenses.

  • Vincent Marinello

    A real shame he did not draw quick enough to shoot him in the store…He will be out in no time and do it again untill he gets a person to shoot em and put him down…We all need to step up and deal with these idiots from Hell, because they don’t learn and the parents don’t care

  • deroy

    shooting the criminal would have been good news.

  • abe

    Cancel the Surgery- If after all that excitement he didi no have chest pains or heart attack, he is in excellent shape-

  • Odalys Ramos

    Smashed the display case with a crow bar, should have shot him in the head! A dead criminal commits no crimes! Justice system will free him so he can continue to commit more crimes. If criminals believe and recognize that the public will defend itself and even shoot to kill they might choose another career! (;} Pete)

  • distinct

    Attempted Robbery Thwarted By Gables Jewelry Store Owner CBS Miami . LOL, awesome dude.

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