NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – Agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration stormed a rumored pill mill in Northwest Miami-Dade Wednesday morning as part of an ongoing investigation, CBS4 News has learned.

The Hope For Life Wellness Center at 6095 Northwest 72nd Avenue  was raided at around 11 a.m.

At the center, federal agents ran background checks on dozens of patients who were lined up in the parking lot behind the business.

No one was arrested.

Sources in the DEA told CBS4’s Tiffani Helberg the raid was part of an federal drug investigation.

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  1. Steven Siegel says:

    Its not just about pills drug users and/or doctors. Take away the pills and the body count will pile up 10 fold as the drug dealers will just start selling the next best drug (in this case will be street Heroin) and the Users will line up to buy it! We have to address why we have a need to abuse drugs and look at our prison system! Why are we called “The land of the Free” when we have more people locked up in prison then any other country in the World? To put a user in prison who really needs help is NOT the answer. KY has used the Media to Blast Florida to close our Pill Mills but KY needs to address why their people have the need to buy/sell/ and use drugs in the first place. Ask yourself why did Purdue Pharma offer a million to Florida? Is it that the NASPER system passed into law the Scott is killing is 10 year old technology? Its beat by fake ID that $50 bucks buys or is it that the NASPER system is NOT a REAL TIME system so the sale of the pills will happen and big Pharma will still get paid? Why have we not used the free biometric REAL TIME system BioScriptRx that will not cost tax pators a penny been used and STOP the sale of pills before it happens? On the BioScriptrx Biometric Real Time Database the sale will not happen as the doctor knows that your a doctor shopper before he/she writes the prescription, NOT 15 days after!


    I am a patient at the Hope for Wellness Clinic. Yes, the place does look like it should be located in the west side of Atlanta in a back alley. Yes there are a lot of people that go to this doctor just because they like to get high. But as for me, I am a regular person who has worked 60 hours a week for the past ten years of my life. I have been waiting tables carrying trays that you couldn’t even imagine. I have been to many doctors all over the Pensacola area for years to try to get help for my ongoing pain (I also have fibromyalgia and Severe Panic Disorder). I have been the employee of the year at my place of employment and am capable of making all A’s in college. The past three years have been the most painful in my life and I am only 26 years old. When I tell doctors that I am hurting, they look at me like I am a drug addict and tell me to go take some Advil. The pain and Fibromyalgia have ruined my career and my school. I lost my job because I couldn’t physically work and my grades have suffered dramatically. I finally heard from a friend of mine who is in a similar situation about the Hope for Wellness Clinic. I drove down, gave them cash to see me, and got an MRI. The MRI shows three bulging discs and an inverted disc in the location of my back that always hurts from work. They prescribed me loratab, oxycodone for breakthrough pain, and xanax for my panic attacks. I have been going for only two months now and I feel better than ever! I had three different job interviews and got hired at a catering company and I am able to completely concentrate on school making A’s. Even though the doctor may seem a little shady, he has helped me more than you’ll ever know. What the hell am I supposed to do if they get shut down. I’m scared to death of going back to the way that I was before the pain management. You can’t take every doctor away! Oxycodone has no major long term effects; loratabs long term effects are actually worse! I have done much research and this and xanax are the only medications that have ever helped me and I have been looking for years. Please CBS and DEA, please think about the people that really need these medicines to live. Once again, I am 26 years old and am known to be the best at school and work, but I am an oxycodone user so call me a drug addict or whatever you want. This clinic gives me exactly what it’s name is…hope for wellness. I won’t have hope anymore without it.

  3. ugot2bekiddingme says:

    Is it still closed??? Idiots mess up everything…Greed kills!

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