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NEW ORLEANS (CBS4) – Even though there’s still zero activity between the owners and players on the labor front, the NFL owners have decided to change a few rules for professional football.

First, owners decided to move kickoffs back to the 35-yard-line instead of the 30-yard line. For years teams kicked off from the 35, but several years ago the NFL moved kickoffs back to the 30-yard-line to increase excitement on punt returns.

But, with the increased need for player safety, the NFL made the change back to the 35-yard-line.

The owners also voted to keep allow the number of players in a blocking wedge to two.

The league’s competition committee initially proposed banning the wedge completely and putting the ball at the 25-yard-line after a touchback. But, coaches expressed concern about making too many changes to kickoffs.

Finally, owners also voted to make all scoring plays reviewable by the replay official and the referee. Currently, that policy only exists in the final two minutes of a half.


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