Officers Arrest Drunk Drivers At So. Fla. DUI Checkpoints

LITTLE HAVANA – (CBS4) – Police set up numerous DUI checkpoints Thursday as thousands of South Floridians flocked to area bars to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with green beer. 

But law enforcement officials hope they call a sober friend or catch a cab before driving drunk. 

If they do, several DUI checkpoints, including one in Little Havana,  will keep drunks off the road.  

An hour into the crackdown, police had six people in custody. 

Miami driver Ivan Gomez had not been drinking, but he was caught in traffic. 

“I think it’s a good idea to do that,” Gomez said of the checkpoint. “It’s a small inconvenience, but it’s well worth it.” 

Then there’s Jorge Lopez who is turning this checkpoint into a reality check for his children and their friends. The idea came from the group, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 

“Don’t want them to see anyone get handcuffs on but they need to understand that if they do get in trouble like that, they can go to jail,” Lopez said. 

Others were also there to get an education about the dangers of drinking and driving, including Anthony Baldaccini. 

“Personally, I’ve never seen any of this happen, so it’s actually, you know, it’s hard for me to see,” Baldaccini said. 

Officers hope it’s a lesson everyone learns from. 

Det. Eddie Avila of Miami Police Department said he hopes people will “think twice before getting behind the wheel.”

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  • Me

    How come on holidays there are DUI checkpoints everywhere when drinking is LEGAL. I mean, I live in Homestead and half the town is drunk by 9 am every day, especially the illegals. There is so much crime and corruption here in Miami, I think ruining peoples lives by giving out DUIs should be last on the “to do” list in Miami. I don’t even drink and I had a cop put me through a DUI test before because he said he smelled alcohol. Typical Miami cops.

    • warren

      you are broke you are on the edge of $$$ meltdown

    • Gerald

      Since drunk driving is the number one criminal offense that results in loss of life, it should be pretty high on the to-do list.

    • Mole

      Yeah I live on the beach and there’s a bar where only rednecks hang out and by 8am every redneck in there is falling drunk don’t make this a minority things is the white man that allowed alcohol to be taxed as long as they get their cut who gives a rat ass about what happens .

      • Fred Armor

        Speak only when brain is working. Rednecks? White man? You are a racist pig, ignorant and angry. Rednecks on the beach? Get real, Miami doesn’t have enough anglo americans to fill a bar.

    • Jack

      No one will every agree on what crimes are more important than others. DUI check points on a holiday that people celebrate by drinking are a must. While drinking is legal, drinking and driving under the influence is not. Many people have lost their lives in accidents caused by drunk drivers. i think DUI check points should happen more often. And im not sure what you consider a typical miami cop, but obviously if you consider a persons life being ruined by a DUI worse than a persons life being lost because of a drunk driver, your perception of right and wrong is really screwed up.

  • Dickie

    Funny thing is people leave the HARD ROCK CASINO 7 days a week DRUNK and the cops just let them drive away. NO DUI check points there ? Corruption at its finest in this crooked state of FLORIDA.

  • manny296

    I drive while drunk all the time in Miami… You have to be smart about it and avoid the main roads and take the back roads. If you see a DUI check point just turn around and take another route.
    Well I am enjoying the Irish spirits today at Miami Beach… It looks like I am not the only one drinking… Soon we all will be driving to other locations drunk…

  • whitemanzen

    Right there are so many Irish pubs in Little Havana. This is nothing more than circus for the masses and the idiot journalist.

  • This Orderly Konduct

    People don’t Drink & Drive, People Drive & Drink. If Guns Kills People, People Kills Guns, because People are People.when People get Drunk & have Guns while they Drive Drunk, and Text Message while Driving with Guns and ah ah ah ah —— Oh ooo

    P.S. Y’all Stay Safe & Sober !!!

  • Me

    Instead of chasing molesters, rapist prostitutes, drug dealers, illegals, crooked politicians, school zone speeders, cops take most of their personnel away from those other criminals to do this for PR? you get the drift? Yes I agree DUI is ILLEGAL but I dont see cops who break the law and get arrested, do “the walk” in front of the cameras, even you guys at the news station go for happy hour and get tore up and drive, come on now , you guys cant be Hypocrates…, but you ARE! The only thing I like? they put a good looking female cop “spokesperson” or a male cop who “fits” the neighborhood they are reporting from.

    • Gerald

      Drunk drivers kill far more people than “molesters, rapist prostitutes, drug dealers, illegals, crooked politicians, school zone speeders”.

      • Mole

        So you rather see a drunk person go to jail then the guy whoa molesting your kids while the cops are out doing checkpoint …. Either way the only people that they catch is dumb rookies .. learn how to drink and drive w out getting caught

      • Gerald

        I would rather see them do both. Since traffic cops don’t investigate child molesters any way, I don’t see what one has to do with the other.

        And it’s the “rookies” that are really the problem. People that still have enough wits about them to “drink and drive w out getting caught” are not nearly as dangerous as the people that get completely sloshed and drive around without a conscious thought about what they’re doing.

  • Everett Hill

    For a bunch of drunk drivers everybody seems to be great typists.

  • Jimbo99

    Glad I quit drinking a long time ago, it’s a pointless hobby. Sure I’ll have a drink on a rare occasion with a dinner. But often times, that’s at home. There are at least 2 holidays I avoid altogether simply because of drinking by the masses, St. Patrick’s is one, the other is New Year’s Eve. I simply don’t even want to be stone cold sober and have to sit in a line at a checkpoint while the police try to weed out the one’s that got stinking drunk, or smell of alcohol enough to take a breathalyzer and blow just over the legal limit at some ungodly hour that I’d be better served being at home and sleeping. When I decide to go home, I don’t feel I should be inconvenienced to wait in traffic like it’s rush hour for work. I’m tired and grouchy that way. And when you look at the limits, one drink in an hour is over for virtually everyone. And that’s giving your body the better part of the hour to process it too.

  • V

    Im lucky my cop friends always advise me where they be conducting checkpoints lol…Hope you all had a wonderful St Patricks Day!!!! Had my fun last night :) @Everett you just made my morning thnx!!

  • steve

    Thanks Manny 296, now we know where to find you, on the side streets also. Well it is only a matter of time when the hammer falls, lets hope it is not an innocent victim that you hurt or kill but only yourself, this too does happen at some point. Enjoy what one day could be your last drink.

    • steve

      manny may get you, steve. foolish post: “now we know where to find you,” … you’re fun.

  • mimi

    I dont think driving drunk is a smart thing to do but I do agree that the law concentrates too much on DUI especially on Holidays if they are going to crack down on drnk drivers they should have these check points most of the time you know its like they want ruin specials days andf also i hate when a cop pulls you over and then before you know it there’s 3 more cops instead of the other cops being out there catchin the REAL criminals ie., murderes , rapist and so forth

    • Mole

      Mimi I hope u get hit by the guy who delivers the booze to the bar!

  • Sylvia

    Manny you are an ignorant and a selfish punk!!!
    I hope it’s only YOU that one day dies because of your
    mentality and irresponsible behavior. And if you’re not a punk, shame on you even more!
    GET A LIFE!!!

  • nomercy55

    we have become a police state..and you sheeple love it……

  • Roger Cuevas

    Hummm, CBS moderator why do you delete posts that say the truth. We have a bunch of South American/Cuban drunks that have ruined Miami.

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