HOMESTEAD (CBS4) –Miami Dade Police are calling the investigation into the death of a four month old little boy “unclassified” Sunday.

Detectives say his parents Jhanine Jordan, 28,  and Jerry Correa, 24 took him to Homestead Hospital Saturday after they found him unresponsive.


Doctors there pronounced the child dead.

Police investigators then went to the family’s homestead apartment and said there were problems.

“They did notice that the home was in deplorable conditions and Department of Children and Family services were notified,” said Det. Alvaro Zabaleta, Miami Dade Police.  “They did respond so they can initiate an investigation.”

Department of Children and Family Services said the baby’s older sister was taken into the agency’s custody and they said the family does have a history with DCF.

The news came as a surprise to neighbors.

“To learn that, that’s just depressing,” said Jorge Izquerdo, a neighbor.  “Not only did she lost her baby now she’s losing her little girl. That’s just depressing.”

Adela Rodriguez said she would sometimes invite the family into her home. She said she had never seen the children in any sort of bad conditions.

“He’s a beautiful baby,” said Rodriguez. “He’s laughing he’s a very beautiful baby.”

As of now no one is charged in the case. Investigators are waiting to learn the cause of death from the medical examiners office.

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  1. Lori says:

    This is crazy! Too mamy children are being abused! One child is too many, and we are hearing about child aabuse every day! What the hell is DCF doing? Where fo they fiind these people to work, in grade school? They have no knowlegde, no worries, not a care in the world. It seems they are working for a paycheck. And who makes up these crazy laws? I’m a single parent of a 16 yr old boy and I cannot have any more children. I would love to foster care, but I’m single, so we all know how that works, but lets give a child to the Barahona’s! This system is ____up!

    1. John B says:

      Yes, this has sadly become the American way. Do as little work as possible and just skate by to get that paycheck. Truly pathetic.

    2. FANCY NANCY says:


  2. MJacobs says:

    Yes it is crazy. I realize throwing money alone to DCF will not solve the our broken system of dealing with abused children. However our govenor is proposing to make a huge cut in the DCF budget. If anything the entire DCF organization needs a overhaul. This is one area that a band-aid approach will not work. I would also like to add that when the economy is needy the first place the politicians cut is everything relative to our children. I would like to close by stating either pay now and do what is right or pay a whole bunch later . A tragic situation for these children that could and should not be.
    If it was a dog (and I love animals) people would be up in arms. Children I guess are not valued in this society. God Bless them all. It is a shame.

  3. Jane Doe says:

    It is the policies that need to be changed at DCF. I had to call them several times and cold not bleieve what I and others were told. Funding wise that needs to be looked into. What is their current budget and where is most of the money going? Employee attitude and training is also important. I know when I was delaing with them regarding a mother in my condo building I was given the excuse it’s their culture. This is the United States and our laws are the ones applicable here. Employees also need to be fair and not look at things ilike they are my ethnicity or race in making decisions but rather what is going on in the home.

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