By Peter D'Oench

MIAMI (CBS4) – Two Miami-Dade public schools were placed on lockdown Friday afternoon as dozens of Miami-Dade Police officers searched a nearby community for a suspect who had shot and killed a 24-year-old man.

The incident happened inside a home near the Lawton Chiles Middle school inside the gated Marbella Park community in the 8200 block of N.W. 201st Terrace.

Students were kept inside the Spanish Lakes Elementary and Lawton Chiles Middle Schools until shortly after 4 p.m. when Police learned the suspect was in custody.

Sources told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench that he had turned himself in to Miami-Dade Police.

Miami-Dade Police detective Javier Baez said the incident started with a dispute inside the home. He was not certain what caused the argument.

At least one shot was fired and the suspect fled. The victim, who was identified as 24-year-old Justin Michael Gary, was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital, but he did not survive.

The suspect was the subject of a massive search involving a Miami-Dade Police helicopter.

CBS4 also spoke with the suspect’s cousin, Eric Anderson.

“Police told me they were looking for my cousin and that he is the person who was involved with this shooting,” said Anderson. “This came as a surprise to me. My cousin is a good guy. He’s cool. He played J.V. football at American High School. I’m trying to understand what happened. I can’t get back to my home. I am in shock.”

Anderson said he was not sure why his cousin was not in school on this last day of classes before spring break.

Deanna and Kiara Rivera said they had been told by Police that they were looking for their 15-year-old friend in connection with the shooting and were shown his photo.

“I’ve known him for years,” said Deanna. “And I am in shock.”

Police say no charges had been filed as of Friday night. Detective Baez said they were questioning the young suspect and would not name him because he is a juvenile.

Comments (21)
  1. Sonia says:

    My husband coached him in Optimist Football and he was and is a great kid…something big must have happened for him to snapped…he probably felt threatened by this other man…I feel incredibly bad for the young man who died and may he RIP however I know the 15 year old very well and he is incapable of hurting someone without provocation…He is a very respectful and shy boy…I hope that he is not tried as an adult…he doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison…I understand that everything has consequences however he doesn’t deserve this…He’s a good boy…

    1. Dee says:

      Shot my nephew in the back four times. Yea he’s a REAL good kid. Too bad he didnt snap on you instead. Whats he doing with a weapon? ***He*** doesnt deserve this? You sappy apologist. HOW ABOUT THE VICTIM

      1. really says:

        is this the same justin gari that ran over 2 officers back in 2008??? really Dee??? what about those victims??? lets not judge…

    2. nc1 says:

      its not fair my best friend is the killed mans sister!!!!! he went to prison a couple of times and he just got out when he was shot!!! its so sad seeing my bestie crying in the middle of school hours

  2. Uchenna Udoye says:

    Everyone is concerned about the suspect, but not the victim? Honestly no one truly knows anyone…you would like to believe that people can be a stand up person, but never know what they are capable of. Actions has consequences & that was my friend. Dee is right what was he doing with a gun in the first place? And four him to shoot him 4 times??? he needs to be charged for as an adult for making adult decisions. My condolences goes out to your family. R.I.P. Justin

  3. Doris says:

    the person who died was a real good friend of mine he was like a brother to me and he would never hurt a fly and besides even if this kid was provoked who gives him the right to take a life anyways?

  4. Jesica says:

    Justin was special, loving and caring, he did not deserve such a senseless death.

  5. me says:

    To sonia the first response to this report: you are worrying about the suspect??? He might of felt threatened according to you??? Even if he did does that give him the right to take the life of a human being? Someone’s son,brother, nephew, cousin, ect … Since you have no idea what happened I suggest you keep your mouth shut… Because while your worring about this suspect who took a life “because he was provoked” a family has been torn into pieces! Dumb***!!

  6. Outsider lookng in says:

    this is a sad situation, both families lost a child… and Me why are you getting smart with Sonia she has her opinion just like you do maybe the kid she knew is not the same one you seen maybe things happened to pushed him to do what he did.. is it right what he did?? No but only he knows why he did it and he has to answer to God for that… my prayers go out to both families

  7. keke says:

    – the 15 year old was my friend he real cool and im shocked to hear what happened but he dont deserve an adult sentence … yeah i know he killed someone but no one know’s what really went down in the house what if he was trying to protect his self? there’s always two side’s to a story but he was real cool and a good friend. free him !!!!

    1. dee says:

      Free him? So he can cap you next?

      This punk has served notice on society – you all better listen to it. His notice is THAT HE KILLS. KILLS ONCE see it over and over.

      What part of the notice did you miss Keke???

  8. Uchenna Udoye says:

    you guys who are taking the sides of the suspect, speak of someone taking someone else’s life so casually, as if its normal. when you have such an act done to someone you care about then you can justify. Only one person was found with a deadly weapon…not two, just. one. these are facts.

  9. Franchesca says:

    Free him?! He’s a respectful, shy kid? He doesn’t deserve a life sentence? Your ignorance and lack of compassion definitely shows. Please let’s try and show some remorse for Justin and his family!! It’s bad enough the news video is trying to shine some positiviy on the suspect. But NO, there is nothing good about someone who commits an act of murder on someone else. Whether you are 15 or 60 it is a horrible, irreversable crime.

    Justin was loving, care-free, and dreamed BIG. He was my childhood.We were supposed to hang out at the beach, probably share a drink and maybe even a sunrise.He wanted to work in a hospital and travel to Europe. Maybe one day he would have finished school and maybe one day he would have raised a family of his own. Unfortunately all of these possibilites were taken away from him on March 11, 2011. And this was just minutes after I spoke to him. I know the heartbreak I feel and the absence of him is great. I could only imagine how his mother, father, and family are going to make it through a time like this.

    And yes, two families lost their child. Unfortunately, one family will never
    see their son again, never hear his voice, never receive a Christmas card.

    Like Justin used to tell me : Stand Tall ‘Til The Trees Fall.

  10. Geraldunr Abreu says:

    I miss u justin. I know ur in good hands now. I love u always and forever!

  11. Geraldunr Abreu says:

    Justin (pac man) was a great guy. That was my first boyfriend and my 1st everything lol. We met in lawton chiles he was my stalker (inside joke) lol. If this would have never happened he would have gone so far, hes very persistint, trust he gets wat he wants. And he was so sweet and such a beatiful person. I cant believe this happened to him. We spoke 3 days before this happening. He told me ge had something important to tell me and niw ill never know what that was. I loved him and i still do and i always will. I was his first he was mine, we were teenage lovers but we were also bestfriends. He didnt deserve this. I hope that punk kid gets what he deserves and much much waaaay much more.

  12. Dashaun Jackson says:

    That was my school bra bra, that he shot by. I seriously think he shouldn’t’ve
    done that bra. That is one of the stupidest thngs to do over a fight and other stuff. This is to Antwan for taking another persons life. If you are reading this don’t think im a boy. Im a good lookin girl.

  13. Dashaun Jackson says:

    im so sorry antwan i was just playing please don’t kill me. just don’t kill anyone anymore. i live in orlando so u cant touch me.

  14. Leah says:

    I’m trying to find out if this is the Justin Gary I went to school with many years ago. Can someone who knew Justin please help. Is there an online obituary?

    1. kathy says:

      Well he’s colombian ,lived right by lawton chiles middle…went to american n whent to everest to be a medical ast…I dunno if that helps

  15. geraldine A. says:

    Damn yo i still miss u man. Smoking one for u. I love man… and look out for everyone that love and care about u..

  16. really says:

    is this the same justin gari that ran over 2 officers back in 2008??? really people??? lets not judge…

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