MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami-Dade Police said a woman who was trying to get away from her boyfriend ended up being set on fire by the man.

According to Detective Roy Rutland, the couple were arguing and things got physical. Detective Rutland said the woman was allegedly chased through the trailer park while her boyfriend, Jesus Alvarez, beat her.

The woman managed to get into her apartment, but the violence hadn’t stopped.

“There was a short period of time where this man disappeared, we believe that is the point he went and retrieved five gallon container of fuel, gasoline, at that point it appears he continued to beat her,” Detective Rutland said. “That is when he doused her with fuel, we believe it was gasoline, but we’re still waiting for results, and set her on fire.”

Miami-Dade Police say Alvarez is a career criminal and that he’s on the run. The woman was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s burn unit in serious condition.

If you have any information on Alvarez or the burning, call Miami-Dade CrimeStoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477).

Comments (5)
  1. tim3500 says:

    let me take care of this punk…

  2. Barry says:

    Women,,,,You may want to consider trying to leave quietly…Don’t announce that you are leaving…wait for him to go to work…or the bar…grab some stuff and get out….everything, except your life, is replaceable. If you know he is a nut and will come to hurt or kill you…get a gun and learn how to defend yourself. Don’t ever believe him, if he finds you, and he says he just wants to talk….

  3. BVC says:

    I just can’t figure these women’s out, why be with someone that physically and mentally abuse them. When a men hit you the first time, is time to pack your things and leave. They will do it again and again.

  4. Rina says:

    I feel bad for her mother to have to watch something that crazy happening to ur child but I do not feel as bad for her. I’m so tired to women putting up with some men BS. I do not allow it, I do not put a hand on my mate so why should he when we both know, me being a female, he will always over power me. I love myself so much that when I seen my relationship with someone upscale where there is lil’Respect, I let it go…. even when it hurt me emotionally cuz I cared for him, but I love me more. I hope everything turns out ok for her …!

  5. ray says:

    they need to go back to the way of the wild wild west was when someone
    did serious wrong to someone they put up a wanted poster dead or alive

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