MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami-Dade Police left the Southwest Miami-Dade home of Jorge and Carmen Barahona Tuesday night. They had been there since Monday night, and were spotted removing a bathtub.

Police had cordoned off the home with yellow crime scene tape and officers are stationed outside the home. The family who lives there currently at the center one of the most horrific child abuse investigations in South Florida history.

Also Tuesday, a Blue-Ribbon Panel appointed to investigate the Department of Children and Families’ role in the Barahona case met for a second time.

They heard from Christy Lopez-Acevedo- a child welfare attorney who was involved in the twins’ foster home cases. She says teachers from two different schools warned years ago that Nubia was being abused. Nubia told one teacher her foster mother Carmen would hit her on the bottom of her foot with flip-flops.

“I am fully aware that that is from what the experts tell me a sign of torture, no bruises are left. When I heard this last night it was extremely overwhelming..can I have one moment?” she asked the panel with tears in her eyes.

Lopez-Acevedo tried to explain why, after abuse concerns were reported, the twins were not taken out of the home.

“We had those psychologists telling us that it was detrimentally harmful, that they would never attach with any adult in their life again.”

But she did say what she would have done differently.

“I would have gotten all their teachers into court.

On Monday, officials released a call made to an abuse hotline just four days before 10-year-old twins Victor and Nubia were found doused in chemicals, Nubia dead, in their adoptive father’s pickup truck on Valentine’s Day.

The caller, whose name wasn’t released, is the therapist for Barahona’s 7-year-old granddaughter. During the call, the therapist said the 7-year-old girl alerted her to abuse inside the Barahona home. She claimed the Barahona’s were taping their adoptive 10-year-old twins up.

“And how are the other children being abused?,” the operator from the Florida Abuse Hotline asked.

“They are, when they are being punished, they are being taped up with their arms and legs and put in a bathtub,” the caller said.

The child told the caller she was not abused, but that she had witnessed the abuse of the other children and “was threatened not to say anything.”

Four hours after the call, DCF sent an investigator to the Barahona home but the children were not there. Carmen Barahona reportedly told the DCF agent that she had separated from her husband.

Four days later, the family’s pest control truck was found in Palm Beach County with Nubia dead in the back and her brother and adoptive father covered with chemicals in the front.

Jorge Barahona has pleaded not guilty to attempted first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse in the alleged attack on his son Victor. No charges have yet been filed in his twin sister Nubia’s death.

Victor, meanwhile, continues to recover in the burn unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Victor’s Guardian Ad Litem Paul Neumann visits Victor in the hospital almost every day.

“I don’t know the prognosis,” Neuman told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench. “All I know is every time I go up and see him, he’s smiling and laughing and in my eyes he’s doing better. We just talk about fun things. We talk about what he likes to eat, the games he likes to play, his game boys. The nurses are giving him game boys and strangers are even calling up offering to give him an allowance.”

Neumann was appointed to protect the interests of the Barahona children.

“I hope they accomplish a lot,” Neumann told D’Oench. “I hope a lot of good will come from this.”

Comments (9)
  1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    Very Sad, to know that Carmen and her Daugghter are still out of Jail. They Terrorized many of their own.
    Claiming she is separated from Jorge, is her DEFENSE, now that she needs it! How about her daughter’s torture of her grand-daughter?
    Mom and Grandmom should definitely be in JAIL!

  2. BVC says:

    Both Carmen Barahona and her daughter should pay for this horrible crime and be put in jail for life. The three of them were it together and they all should pay the same. I don’t know what’s taking so long for the cops to have these 2 monsters arrested.

  3. sandra says:

    I agree with gain and bvc…these monsters in disguise need to picked up!!!

  4. Nancy says:

    Prison for life is too good for them. I think the inmates will provide the justice that is deserved in this case.

  5. BVC says:

    I agree with Nancy, let the inmates take care of them personally. Hopefully they won’t show any kind of mercy to these monsters. Some will think this is harsh, but this is nothing compared to what these two beautiful angels had to go through. Not only those the Barahona Family should pay, also everyone who had any idea of what was going on, and didn’t do anything to help. The biological parents are also to blame for this sad ending. Every time I see Nubia’s face it breaks my heart, in the photos shown she always looked such a happy little girl. Unfortunetely no one could have seen the pain she and her brother were feeling every day of there short lives. Now she’s able to enjoy and know what LOVE really means, because she is with GOD and all He’s Angels. She is one of them now. God bless her soul.

  6. C. Quevedo says:

    I can not understand why he has not been charged with the little giirl’s murder and why they have not charged the wife with something related to this horrible crime. If she claims to be separated from him she should cooperate with the police on this investigation. The daughter is just at fault for knowing and trying to teach her own daughter to look the other way. It seems that the only person with a heart and common sense is this child. This people need to be put away for a very long time and that they never get to be close to children, theirs or anyone elses.

    1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

      True, very true. Why are the 2 women still out of Jail Carmen and her Adult daughter are putting on a show…

  7. Katrina says:

    This is a horrific crime. As everyone proceeds with caution to gather all the evidence needed to solidify this case, I hope Carmen and her daughters conscience are driven to the point of dispair. The inmates when convicted will definitely take care of this devil of a man. I blame the teachers who called but never again followed up. They should have continuously called. Didn’t the neighborhood find it odd that with all the children were never seen? The home looked like a fortress? All were clues of something going wrong….very wrong!!!!! The DCF workers including the lawyer should be tortured themselves to feel the pain these children endured day after day.

  8. sandra says:

    Katrina…i really dont think it’s fair to blame the teachers…they tried to get her help…but their pleas fell on deaf ears!! The red flags were up since before these monsters were granted to be adopted parents. Find and blame the idiot who granted these devils to get those poor children!!! Many people are to blame…but the teachers i dont think it’s fair to place blame on them…i agree that this is beyond a horrific crime…these children didnt deserve that. I can only wish that Carmen’s days are numbered and pays for what happened to these angels.

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