NEW YORK (CBS4) — Did you know that 4 out of 10 workers say they’re hoping to switch jobs this year? If you are one of them, you might be interested to know that there are several fields that are very hot right now, including the field of apps. Yes, apps. Someone has to build them.

The number of applications available for phones and tablet computers is exploding and job openings in this field are predicted to grow 131-percent this year.

App developers can earn up to $115,000 and unlike other top-dollar jobs such as engineering, the gig doesn’t require extensive training.

Giles Nugent teaches a mobile app development class in New York City.

“The barriers to entry in this business are very low. You get a machine, you spend a little time learning, and you can build apps,” said Nugent.

Nugent did it. After twenty years working in software development for Wall Street, he decided to shift gears and start his own app development company.

But as he points out, starting a new job doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your old career behind.

“I was in a technology organization, I was building applications, this is building applications. So I still stuck with some fundamental skills that I knew I was good at and I was comfortable with,” Nugent said.

So if you’re job hunting, evaluate the skills you’ve honed in your current position, they may be more transferable than you think.

For instance: the solar and wind power industries are poised to hire employees with any type of sales and marketing experience. Top earners can make $100,000 or more.

More hot jobs that are expected to boom in the years ahead:

*Managing the sale of medical equipment, which can bring a salary of $350,000.

*Radiation therapists, who earn over $107,000.

*Personal financial advisors whose top salaries are almost $140,000.

“The key is to figure out how do you transfer your fundamental skills that you’re good at into a new career,” Nugent advised.

CBS found even more jobs that will be growing in the years ahead, and don’t require heading back to grad school. Click here to see what they are.


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