MIAMI ( – No matter how smart we are, there are times when we just don’t have a clue. We need to know what to do with those old MetroRail tokens, or how to get a discount on Sunpass. What we don’t know is where to find out. has your back, because if you have a question, we can help you get an answer, at Get Answers Miami.

At Get Answers Miami, you can ask us almost anything. The questions are out there for anyone who has the information you need to share it. Our own web experts will jump in and help when needed, and in a plus, you can even pose questions to our own CBS4 experts.

The power behind Get Answers Miami is the huge number of people who will see your question. Someone out there has to know, and the chances are good you’ll get a quick reply.

But that’s just part of what GetAnswers Miami brings to the online community. While you may need help with a child care question, you might be able to answer someone else’s question about car repair. Someone needs info about a new camera? Hey, you just bought one and can share your insight.

Getting started is simple. Click on the Get Answers button on any page, or click here.

When you reach Get Answers Miami, just type in your question. Select one of our categories, and, if you like, add additional detail you think others might find useful. You can stay anonymous if you like, but if you provide a name and e-mail, we’ll send you an e-mail each time someone answers your question.

If you don’t want to ask, you can simply enter a few words and search, to see if an answer is already out there.

If you have a question for one of our reporters or anchors, click Ask CBS, and you can pose your question directly, and get an answer from them.

We have just a few rules: There aren’t many answers to questions like, “Why am I here?”, so don’t ask things like that. Keep the language clean, and watch the ‘adult’ content. No racial or ethnic slurs.

And keep in mind, the answers you get are as-is. We have a link to the whole legal explanation, but the bottom line is think about any advise you’re given before you act, as you are ultimately responsible.

It’s as simple as that, but if you have any questions, you know how to get the answer. Just ask Get Answers Miami!


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