MIRAMAR (CBS4) – One person is dead and the other in critical condition Sunday after the car they were riding in spun out of control and struck a wall, ejecting them onto the pavement.

Vladimyr N. Domond, 20, of Miami was driving a 2008 Infinity G37 west on State Road 821 from the Florida Turnpike and as he drove through the Miramar Toll Plaza he lost control of hi car and began to spin out of control.

The runaway vehicle then struck the inside concrete barrier wall before careening across westbound lanes where it struck the outside concrete barrier wall.

Both Domond and Guerlyn Moise, 19 of Miami were ejected. Neither one was wearing a seat belt.

Moise was pronounced dead at Memorial Regional Hospital where Domond remains in critical condition, according to Florida Highway Patrol Spokesman Sgt. Mark Wysocky.

Charges are pending the outcome of an investigation to the cause of the crash.

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Comments (32)
  1. Me in Miami says:

    Young guys think riding in a nice car without seat belts is “cool”. Now he’s in a cool freezer awaiting burial.

    1. Priscilla Phatbutt Lominy says:


    2. Katrina Harris says:

      everybody should shut up, i know he should have been wearing a seat belt.., but what the hell the car gotta do with anything… That’s my friend

  2. tom says:

    Iam young i have along time to live y wear seat belts.

    1. jake says:

      Maybe you too need to have your license revoked so you can understand responsability. You think your cool, but all it takes is for you to do 1 thing wrong and thats it. Maybe you need parents that actualy care about you.

    2. bossy says:

      u could die anyday so shut the hell up

  3. Jake says:

    well if you are speeding at 80mph, you lose control, your dead. Alot of people are texting, driving low on thier seats, speeding around cars. They really need to have thier drivers license revoked and taken off the streets.

  4. Christopher Bonilla says:

    A man who ever u are u need to shut up, thats my friend whos dead u need to chill out wit des rude comments. Hood u just dont know

  5. Martha says:

    Christopher seriously dude learn to spell…Sorry about your buddies but truth is had they had their seat belts on none of them would be in the position they are now in…With that said my thoughts & prayers go out to the families of these young men!

    1. Katrina Harris says:

      I wanna no what his spelling gotta do with anything, if it was your family u would not be talking all that mess, whatever you said would have been out the window… so go ahead and tell me my spelling is wrong because i know it ain’t.

      1. phantom says:

        It’s “I know it is not” not “I know it ain’t” you dont need just spelling you need grammar as well.

  6. mada says:

    if the driver lives, he better get a good lawyer….wrongful death and vehicular homicide lawsuits….

  7. Ad says:

    Thats what you get for being an idiot

    1. Katrina Harris says:

      you should shut up u know nothing calling people idiot you the biggest idiot out here go and kick rocks.

  8. LoriAnn says:

    Yes, they should have been wearing their seatbelts, but the truth is, no one knows what happened or what caused the vehicle to spin out of control. Relax, it’s sad, the family and friends of these young people really don’t need the remarks. It’s hard enough.

    1. Priscilla Phatbutt Lominy says:

      EXACTLY !

  9. Marline says:

    I personally knew Guerlyn Moise…He was a great kid. Very funny and always knew how to make you smile no matter what you were going through…I love him and will NEVER forget him. He was way too young to die, and I wish he was wearing a seatbelt 😦 I just wish he could crack a joke and make me laugh just one more time…My prayers go out to his family and his unborn…May you rest in eternal paradise. -R.I.P. Guerlyn Junior Moise ❤ {Gone but NEVER forgotten}

  10. Christopher Bonilla says:

    Okay now you all on my last nerve. Shut the hell up. Everyone whos leaving comments on here have no dam business on doing so. Someone lost their life and the other is critical. People need to stop saying about the car the parents and everything else. You not real. Put your name up if you even think you big. Hoes hide behind lil nick names. Period point blank! R.I.P. to my dawg Al Pacino and Vlad hang in there your gonna make it.

  11. nela says:

    Everything happen for a reason…only the lord no when its yo time..so there no if,but,why..everybody should be thankful that they are alive to day..this should be awake up call.for the ones that’s doing wrong today in life.so for jake keep the comments to yo self….cuz if that was you..I bet u would not want nobody talkin about u like that if u was in that position .everybody make mistake.nobody perfect

  12. ernest st.rose says:

    who the hell are u 2 Judge (JAKE)i think u needs some 1 close 2 u 2 pass away 4 u 2 understand that no 1s perfect and parents that love you don’t have nothing 2 do with death.death is inedible which no 1s have control over except God.keep your opinion 2 ur self no 1 cares what you think.

    1. Nelinda Quinones says:


      1. Precious says:

        Who are you to judge the only one who knows the outcome of this incident is the man upstairs and what does it matte if he doesn’t change we need to praising god that he’s even alive to get a second chance at life

      2. Nelinda Quinones says:


      3. Precious says:

        “facts” and like I said who are you judge you must be the holy father your self to know that he wouldn’t change, I didn’t know you could see into the future and as I stated before what does it matter if he change or not his family must first work on him pulling thru before they worry about changes and he must make it thru in order to change because if he dnt make it god forbid what would change matter

  13. Shedwin says:

    Condolences to the families and those who lost these young men as friends, brothers, fathers. May the passing of the passing of that young man though tragic envoke a spirit of thankfulness and one of awareness. As to urge all to buckle up. There are some very ignorant comment on this thread every single person has forgotten to buckle up and gambled on their lives it could’ve been anyone this happened to

  14. Nelinda Quinones says:


    1. Women of Christ says:

      You are an evil soul Nelinda you as a mother should know that accidents happen right or wrong god has a reason for everything and this too can happen to any of your daughters. You ignorant peasant you speak with no thoughts enjoy getting government assistant you low class junkie who can not even control your own child I am a parent of two with a degree and a career and my kids are well insured not waiting on welfare so act like a women and not like your child because stupidity takes you no where in life may Guerlyn rest in peace and may Vladimyr remain in gods sight

  15. Lexi says:


  16. BIG J. says:


  17. phantom says:

    Wow, it seems everyone here can’t spell worth crap or actually write properly. Are you all from some special ed school or something? Hopefully you guys are still in middle school because if you are high school students that is a scary thought. Be good.

  18. phantom says:

    Wow you call yourself “Women Of Christ”? and you talk that way? What breed of vipers.. Hippocrates, as our Lord called us.. You are probably the first one in church raising your arms, singing Alleluia, and as soon as you exit the church you are making out with Satan. Ill pray for you my lost lamb. My Lord will forgive you because of your ignorance.

  19. Marline says:

    I still think about you everyday Guerlyn… ❤ *Sigh*

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