In this week’s Aquatic Adventures we take you to South Beach to do some Paddle Boarding. It’s a great sport gaining popularity over the past couple of years. It is fairly easy to do and good for most ages. You can sight see while getting some sun and a great core workout. Please visit South Beach Kayak for information on renting a paddle board or kayak.

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Capt Kerry Wingo – Key Largo/ Flamingo

Greetings fish fans. The fishing out of Key Largo this past week has been fantastic! I don’t know where most of you are, but you need to be here.

The patch reef fishing is in full swing. You can go to just about any of the smaller inside reefs and find fish. Get yourself up current of the coral patch in the deeper water, secure your anchor, and put out your chum bag. It doesn’t take long for stuff to start happening. This is very easy fishing and it will produce all types of snapper, grunts, hogfish, and grouper on the bottom as well as spanish and cero mackerel on the surface. A ¼ ounce chartreuse Hook Up jig and some live shrimp is all you need, but when the macks show up, you’ll need to tie on a small piece of light wire.

Florida Bay has been producing some great catches of sea trout and redfish. In the deeper grassy bottomed bays close to Key Largo, look for “mullet muds”. The muds will appear as milky colored water and are quite obvious compared to the clearer water around them. Drift through the muds and cast jigs with live shrimp or Berkley Gulp baits under a Cajun Thunder float. You will also find lots of “rodbenders” mixed in such as jacks and ladyfish. Over in the Flamingo area you will find the trout and redfish in the deeper channels and runoffs, as well as up on the flats during a nice warm sunny day. Again, chartreuse Hook Up jigs and shrimp in the channels and I prefer a weightless soft plastic bait on the flats.

If you are hoping for some screaming drags on light tackle, you can head to the edge of the Gulf this time of year and find lots of bluefish and spanish mackerel. The macks are speedsters and the bluefish are sluggers, but they will both test the limits of your reel’s drag system. Anchor up in about 10-12’ of water and set up a chum slick. You’ll know when the fish show up. The mackerel are known for leaping out of the water when they are chasing baitfish. Jigs and shrimp as well as silver spoons will get the bites, just don’t forget your wire leader.

Until next time, good tides and keep the Sun to your back. ><)))>
Capt. Kerry Wingo
Tails Up Fishing Charters


SeaSquared Charters – Marathon, FL

It’s always a pleasure to have another fishing guide along on a charter. “Buster” Darrell Culjan owns a bait and tackle shop in Illinois and is also a fishing guide. He and his brother-in-law and perpetual fishing buddy, Wayne Williams, shared a full day charter on the SeaSquared.

The guys wanted a bunch of good-eating fish to take home to their wives, so we headed straight for Hawk Channel. They put a great catch together of 6 delicious hogfish plus a mess of lane and yellowtail snapper. They also released a lot of keeper size grouper.

Buster and Wayne were so pleased with their day, they ordered lobster trap framed canvases of their picture with their hogfish.

Call 305.743.5305 to book your charter today!

Capt. Chris & Christy Johnson, SeaSquared Charters, Marathon Florida Keys, 305.743.5305. Please visit

SeaSquared Charters


SeaSquared Charters – Marathon, FL

Ray and Beverly Wall, from Baltimore, fish with SeaSquared Charters each February. This year they brought along their friends, Ray and Sandy Colombo from Abingdon MD.

Ray Wall requested a three-quarter day trip this year so allow time to go after a greater variety of fish, so we headed out to the reef edge to see what was cooking there.

Ray landed a nice sheepshead, a fish that is not part of a typical catch but quite prized. So the day got off to a good start.

We moved to Hawk Channel where the action really heated up. The crew boated lane snapper, porgy and four hogfish, including one porker at 18 inches and 3.5 pounds. Hogfish of that size are normally reserved for the spearfishermen.

At noontime, the gang said they couldn’t lift another fish in the boat, so we called the trip at a half day. I’m sure they rested up before enjoying their feast of one of Marathon’s great restaurants.

See you next year, Ray and Bev!

Call 305.743.5305 to book your charter today!

Capt. Chris & Christy Johnson, SeaSquared Charters, Marathon Florida Keys, 305.743.5305. Please visit


SeaSquared Charters


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