MIAMI SPRINGS (CBS4) – A physical education teacher at Miami Springs Middle School is facing serious charges after police say he had inappropriate relations with a female student.

Carlos Usatorres, 32, was arrested in December and charged with Lewd and Lascivious Molestation.

According to the arrest affidavit, the victim accused Usatorres of having sex with her on  at least three occasions. He is also accused of fondling the victim’s private parts through her clothing.

A witness also reported seeing inappropriate behavior between the victim and Usatorres.

But other parents, and the victim’s lawyer, say they were never told about the alleged incident. One mother told us she found out from someone else. Another told us she found out from her daughter, who found out from another student.

The mothers say they wanted to know about the alleged incident.

“Of course, we are the ones who need to know,” said Doris Moreno, mother.

The victim’s lawyer, Jeffrey Herman, says he is investigating for a possible lawsuit against Miami-Dade Schools.

Miami-Dade Schools spokesperson John Schuster released a statement late Wednesday:

“School administrators responded immediately to the situation, with all necessary notifications.  The employee has been reassigned as an investigation is conducted. says Usatorres has been reassigned to a position that has no contact with students while the claims are investigated.”

Comments (18)
  1. Florida Goldengirl says:

    What stopped this student from telling her parents the first time, or from screaming out LOUD when he came on to her ? I can’t imagine why she would not or why she would allow this to happen more than once. Middle school is pretty young but have you looked at some of the kids lately ? They dress like sluts and know what they are doing, most of them. One day while I was at Southwood Middle, a mom came in and saw her daughter dressed like a street walker, and not in what she had left the house in that morning. That mom was yelling and tearing those clothes off that girl right there in the hall way, and it was a very clear situation. The girl had hidden clothes in her book bag and changed at school in the morning. Some of those girls looked and acted 20 years old already and like they were on the prowl. I’d like to know just how innocent this one was. If she was.

    1. lolsmilyface says:

      you’re right but this should have never happened he should have known better furthermore it’s just like you said but they don’t know any better they are just little girls that’s why we have adults to lead us the right way and not mislead us or abuse our trust!!!

      1. carol says:

        what is sad, is even if he DIDNT do anything, his life is basically ruined because of this allegation.

        innocent until proven guilty? not in THIS country.

  2. Navarro Alice says:

    As a parent, I would not be willing to entertain any options that have been made available to this individual JUST SO THAT HE CAN KEEP HIS JOB!

  3. johnny5 says:

    lol I point out the grammatical errors in these stories all the time to the CBS4 moderator on here, and his response was in a nutshell, “they are human.” CBS4 needs an editor. If you would like me to apply I will 🙂

    1. carol says:

      nah…i see the grammatical errors..but i understand that these are mainly “blogs”….newspapers and credible magazines have “journalists” if i saw grammatical errors in a newspaper, i would be concerned. Not here…

  4. MJS says:

    I personally know Carlos very well, and he is not capable of commiting such a crime. Just because a distressed 13 year old girl accuses a man of such a crime people should give him the benefit of a doubt. The girl that is accusing him is seeking attention. Whether the attention is good or bad, it doesnt matter its attention. The girl has ruined his life and doesnt even care. The only thing that she cares about is that she is now the center of attention. All her freinds, teachers, and the investigators want to know what happened. She is feeding off this. All im saying is not to jump to conclusions until something has been proven. Remember its: Innocent until proven guilty; not guilty until proven innocent…

    1. RJ says:

      I am sorry but OBVIOUSLY he did it. She was caught sitting on his lap for God’s sake. Do you think it’s appropriate for a student to sit on a teacher’s lap? I am not saying she isn’t a hoe because 13 or not she is because it happened 3 times and would have kept on had they not been caught but it still does not excuse his behavior. He was the adult in the situation and should have known better but didn’t.

      1. lolsmilyface says:

        so true this should have never happened and he should have known better he’s the adult and she’s just a little girl and he took her childhood away from her and he abused his position as a p.e. teacher.

    2. @ MJS says:

      are you condoning his behavior? because he’s your friend and you know him personally, it makes it alright for him to commit this crime on a 13 year old girl? Gimme a break…ppl like you are the reason that ppl like him get away with things like this. Idc if he’s God, he should know better as an adult to go anywhere near a child who’s clearly underage and provoke any kind of sexual behavior, which I’m certain he was part of.

  5. ep says:

    it’s lovely to see how the media loves to feed it self from sensationalism, by stating that the teacher abuse of this “innocent 13 year old” but what they fail to state is that the family of the “suppose victim have drop all charges against the defendant. And shame on this 13 yr old for seeking attention in this manner by fasely accusing someone of rape! If ur rape by someone you don’t keep going back to ur victimizer! You are terrified by the sight of this “suppose raper”. And if ur seeking attention by ruining someone else life there is something call KARMA and sooner or later it will come back to hunt you! You know right from wrong when ur 13 yrs old but also know that there are girls who are innocent on paper but are far from innocent. I truly doubt these accusations for many contradictions on behalf the suppose victims!

    1. RJ says:

      When a grown man has sex with a minor regardless of whether they consent or not it IS rape. Whether or not she wanted the encounter or not it was wrong and he should have known better. I think you are thinking of rape like violent rape but there are all kinds of rape. In this case it’s statutory rape. If your daughter was having sex with her gym teacher regardless whether she consented or not you would want to tear off the teacher’s head. This guy doesn’t need to be teaching kids if he can’t control himself around thirteen year old girls.

  6. carmen says:

    He looks like a rapist

    1. lolsmilyface says:

      damn right and not even a good looking one lol

  7. cc says:

    I would have to agree with Florida Goldengirl on this one. A person is innocent until proven guilty. I’m a woman and was a 13 year old girl once and if that would have happend to me I would of been traumatized and to let it go on for as much as 3 times. It all sounds a little hard to believe to me. I’ve worked in the school system and in a high school and the things I would see those so called “little girls” wear would just make my jaw drop. They are not the ones to blame for that, their parents are because they just don’t care. I’m not saying all but some just don’t. I tried contacting parents of these kids for months at a time about their childrens grades or whatever the case would have been and they never even bothered to call back. I saw this mother’s interview on TV and let me just say that I didn’t believe a word that came out of her mouth. I think this case needs to really be investigated because it would be a shame for a Teachers credibility be ruined by a “little girl” who just wanted attention or maybe a mother who just wants to get paid. Why do I say that? It’s simple, now she is also blaming the school board for not communicating about this issue with other parents. Well I think she just wants Money from someone. The school board did what it was suppose to do and placed him away from the school and has not been fired because there is still no concrete proof that there was a crime comitted here. Open your folks, It just doesn’t sound right and I am definitely no investigator.. Just a concerned parent with a daughter who communicates with her everyday and knows that if this happened to her I would be the first to know.

  8. lolsmilyface says:

    MJS i also thought i knew carlos very well , but now i know the truth besides the little girl didn’t say a thing. It was the other teacher who walked in on them and reported it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so all of yall should mind your own business furthermore think about, if it would have been your child,and were talking about a little girl here and it is our responsibility to protect our children in the best way we can.

  9. Carly Banks says:

    Do you people have a twitter fan page for P.E. Teacher Accused Of Inappropriate Acts With Student CBS Miami? I searched for one on the internet but couldn’t see it, I would really like to become your fan!

  10. Mari says:

    If he did the deed, I hope he pays the price but…he is innocent until proven guilty! All the so called mothers who are ranting…if this was your husband who was accused would you want him fired until he cn prove he is innocent? I have seen innocent men accused by some very FAST 13 year olds simply because the man would not pay attention to them!!! You ruin someone’s life…how do they get it back??? A lot of times, it has to do with the smell of money, some people will do anything for it!!

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