COCONUT CREEK (CBS4) – The Florida Department of Children and Families along with the Coconut Creek Police Department are working to determine how an 11-month old in foster care wound up with a skull fracture.

DCF said they have opened a child abuse investigation into the case.

It’s a question the mother and grandparents of the child — identified by family members as Charlie Costa — would like answered as well.

According to Nikky Frank, the child’s grandfather, the boy was removed from his mother’s care 7 months ago after he accidentally burned his hand on some soup his mother was eating. When the pair arrived at a hospital, the mother was slurring her words due to medication she was taking. Investigators removed the boy from her care.

Frank said since that time his daughter has complied with every demand of DCF — passed each drug test, taken parenting classes and created a home for her son to share with her.

“Somebody did something to this baby,’ Frank told CBS4’s Carey Codd. “They took him from the mom. They took his from us and now look what we get.”

According to Jim Lewis, an attorney for Charley’s mom, the boy’s injuries are not life-threatening although he has some swelling on the brain.

According to DCF, Charley will stay overnight at Broward General Medical Center. He will likely be released from the Medical Center Thursday and placed with a different foster family.

A DCF spokesperson also said investigators are working to figure out where the child sustained the injury, either at a day care or in the foster home.

Charley’s grandmother, Judy Frank, said her grandson needs to be with his mom.

“It’s bad what they did to my grand baby,” she said. “She has no issues. She’s alright. She’s got a job. She’s perfectly fine.”

Attorney Lewis said an emergency room doctor told him that what happened to Charley could not have come from a fall or an accident.

“The bottom line is what happened with this child in DCF custody is wrong and the police need to get to the bottom of it,” he said.

A hearing had already been scheduled in this case for Thursday. There are conflicting stories about whether it’s a custody hearing or a hearing about the mother’s visits with Charley. Either way, Lewis said he will ask a judge to release the child back to his mother.

We were not able to speak with the foster family Wednesday evening.

Comments (5)
  1. Dave says:

    from the frying pan into the fire? poor kid

  2. Warren Newcomb says:

    why does it take so long for the DCF to open and get on an investigation? what could an 11month old child possibly do for any gaurdian to persue violent action against the child. these people are sick including the parents of this drug addicted mother. the damage is done to the grandchild but still they protect the mother and state she hes not violated any of the terms of probation.. this mother is a p.o.s. along with the grandparents for protecting her. take the child away completely from them to save him from any further abuse.

  3. gary liv says:

    MOST likely that is true which what happened to the baby was an accident but DCF are always getting into anybodys bz ness and look at what happens when a child is placed under DCF supervision and placed in a DCF sponsored facility (a foster home ) where the people of those foster homes are just after one thing GETTING A CHECK FOR THAT CHILD AND FOOD STAMPS they dont care about the child at all look at the past cases where CHILDREN PLACED IN FOSTER CARE BY THESE LIFE WRECKERS (DCF) those children have been raped abused tortured neglected and are not well cared for and the funny part of it is that most foster care facilities are in somewhat way related to the case worker family wise or friendship i believ also there is alot of conveniently set up foster homes and i think the state as well as federal authorities should audit this department in florida and do an thoroughuot investigating between foster homes and the foster parents and relations in between these elements always something happens to a child placed under their care

  4. gary liv says:

    Now they want to place the baby in another torturers hands wow how neglectant of THE STATE to have people like these in their category of FOSTER PARENTS they all are working together i think the IVESTIGATION SHOULD NOT BE DONE BY DCF IT SHOULD BE CONDUCTED BY FEDERAL AUTHORITIES NOT STATE BECAUSE THEY WILL MOST LIKKELY COVER EACH OTHERS BACK and if the mother has succesfully completed a series of demands the child should be returned to her hey after all WE ARE NOT PERFECT RIGHT but to have a child mistreated and neglected by total strangers thats ashame in behalf of THE STATE OF FLORIDA i think the are due for a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION

  5. Martin Carrizales says:

    Our son was removed when a nurse poisoned him and we have the proof based on her own statements.
    After they removed our son from us and placed him in foster care, he was covered in bug bites, bruises, INFESTED with lice and has had alergic reaction due to his medication. WE HAVE PICTURES AND VIDEOS!!
    These things happened to him in foster care; not with us! But had it occured when he was with us, we would be court for neglact.
    DCF and Brevard Family Partnership and Foster care make things worse for some children.
    I once read that DCF stand for Dead Children of Florida. Look at what happened to Nubia in Miami!

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