MIAMI (CBS4) – Most mothers would prefer to stay at home with their kids rather than work. Now, researchers have found new evidence that could make the decision to return to work even tougher.

According to a new study in the journal Child Development, a child’s risk of becoming overweight rises the longer their mothers work outside the home.

The study collected data from nearly 1,000 school-aged children and found that the longer a woman worked the obesity rate worsened for the kids. It wasn’t a question of the work schedules, but more a question of hours.

Researchers found that kids in fifth and sixth grades were the most likely to gain weight when their mothers worked when compared to younger and older children.

Scientists speculated that kids that age have more independence and make poorer food choices than third graders who have a more structured diet and schedule.

The study concluded that the increased risk may be from working mothers having less time to shop for healthy foods and cook at home and instead opt for take-out food that is higher in calories.

  1. Laurence Girard says:

    This makes perfect sense. It’s clear that one of the main causes of obesity is the lack off time that most people have to cook meals at home. As we already know, home cooked meals are generally healthier than fast food or meals that are pre-prepared. When I saw the title of this article I was truly not surprised at all. This same thing happened in my household for a long time. My mother wouldn’t have time to cook so she would just serve up a high calorie meal. We need to focus on healthy cooking even if it takes a little bit of time out of our days.

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