W. BROWARD (CBS4) – A section of I-595 in western Broward County was temporarily shutdown Thursday morning so a Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue helicopter could land and pick up a person injured in a multi-vehicle crash.

The accident happened in the westbound lanes of the highway on the approach to I-75. The crash involved a car and truck which was pulling a small trailer. One person who was in the car had to be cut out of it by Davie Fire Rescue.

Chopper4 over the scene spotted two people, including the person who was extricated from the car, being placed on stretchers and wheeled to waiting Davie Fire Rescue ambulances. Just before 8:30 a.m. one of the injured was transferred to the air rescue helicopter and flown to Broward General Medical Center.

The names of the injured have not been released.

Comments (6)
  1. m says:

    Everyone is in a rush. If you need to be somewhere at a certain time…leave a little earlier.

  2. CCXX says:

    that intersection is a mess…..lanes turning to go to Alligator Alley and lanes
    that go to 595….and eveyone seems to be in the wrong lane. Drivers need
    hang up their cell phones and watch the overhead signs and quit changing
    lanes at the last possible moment…..and SLOW DOWN!

  3. Phil Landers says:

    I’ll do M one better. Utilizing my personal savings and no unemployment I spent 3 months 3.5 years ago trying to find a job that was as close to my home as possible and got to within 5.5 miles. All US1 no highway. 10 minutes at 35mph. What is a traffic jam, accident etc. 😎 Only drive my 400hp car 5000 miles a year.

  4. Rebeca says:

    In my opinion if people would be paying attention on the road instead of being on the phones and texting a lot of accidents could be avoided

  5. tony montana says:

    I hate you self righteous scum hiding behind your alias. I bet you wouldn’t be so smug if you had to publish your real name or if YOUR family member was the one hurt!

  6. Carlos says:

    It was Davie Fire Rescue. Not Broward Sherif Fire Rescue.

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