MIRAMAR (CBS4) – Miramar Police are investigating a police-involved shooting that left two people dead and an officer with minor injuries.

Authorities are collecting evidence from the scene in a community near the intersection of University Drive and Miramar Parkway.

Police are not saying what led them to the home, but are confirming that at least one officer opened fire when they got there.

They are also searching for additional suspects. They have not commented on what those suspects are wanted in connection with.

The injuries the officer sustained in the incident were not severe enough necessitate medical attention at a hospital.

Story developing…

Comments (10)
  1. TwanTru says:

    We seriously need to start giving bonuses to police officers who take out the criminals who prey on innocent citizens.

    I know some will consider that mean, but they have probably never seen the violence and rape that today’s criminals are capable of.

  2. Jones says:

    I can see the swat team about 20 yards from my home. Seem like they are waiting for something. Earlier I saw them drag a 1 male suspect from crime scene. He had white t shirt with dark denim jeans

  3. tiredofcorruption says:

    Crooks shooting the Crooks in Miramar…seems this one worked out pretty good.

    1. n.diaz says:

      ecery story has two sides.just take at the brouhaha in miami and their trigger happy cops.the chief of police,the mayor and the florida distric attorney are the actors.i know the officers hace a dangerous job to do but trigger happyness is not taught at the academy.in any event this tragicomedy is just repeating itself again in the most corrupt city in the usa…miami

      1. n.diaz says:

        sio i made a mistake its every story…lol

    2. Money says:

      I love it how people throw out the word corruption so loosely . Most public servants serve with hard work and integrity . Stop diminishing the good work these individuals do everyday. Plus , I don’t know how you can derive corruption from this particular story?

  4. r.bottona says:

    Until we know all the facts, let’s leave judgement out of our comments. It’s another tragic, violent event in an area full of rage and confrontation.

  5. KIRK ANDERSON says:

    yes someone will get shot today,either a cop or a civilian,vicious cycle cant stop wont stop its perfect.everyone will be a victim sooner than later.

  6. Phyliss Myers says:

    They along with other government agencies raided a house in my development yesterday without incident. I am proud of my Miramar Police Department. I have dealt with them for years and rarely have anything negative to say abou them. In todays world unfortunately this seems to be more common place. We cannot always blame the police departments involved as we are not there when these things happen and we as has been stated before have not heard all sides of the story.

  7. Illuzzion says:

    Miramar police are dirty, I’m part of the young crowd in the east side of miramar that is constanly abused by cops who have nothing better to do. Don’t get me wrong we do a lot of wrong and if we are caught with what we did, we deserve our charges. But I’ve seen cops beating down friends, slippin things into there pockets, chargin them with crimes we have no buisness dealing with. I’m tired of these dirty cops and if they are shot, I show no remorse. Its just like another gangster being shot, because miramar police are the biggest gang out here. “If doing illegal’s evil ill meet dem crackas in hell”-Illuzzion

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