HALLANDALE BEACH (CBS4) – Police arrested a man in connection with Friday night’s attack that sent a Hallandale Beach police officer to the hospital.

Police arrested 29-year-old Jarvis Barnes of West Park on Saturday. They said he was the man who attacked officer Eric Bruce who pulled him over before taking off running.

Bruce was taken to the hospital after the attack.

Authorities say bruce pulled over Barnes near Northwest 4th Avenue and Foster Road. As the officer approached the vehicle, Barnes ran away.

According to police, when Bruce reached Barnes, there was a violent struggle that left the officer with a head injury. That injured officer was transported to the hospital.

Barnes, meanwhile, fled into a nearby home.

While police were looking for Barnes, officers came across a pit bull. An officer opened fire on the dog because he was acting aggressively, police said.

The dog’s owner, Delvin Foster, said his dog did not react.

“I was feeding my dog. I was actually feeding him,” he said. “I was mixing his food in the back yard. I guess they were coming around the corner and the cars were down the street. So when my dog came out he was in fear for his life. My dog didn’t do anything.”

The pit bull’s owner took the injured dog to the vet. The dog is expected to survive.

Bruce was discharged from Memorial Regional Friday.

Police said Barnes was driving with a suspended license.

He was charged with aggravated battery on a police officer and various counts of obstruction, disobeying a stop/ yield sign Barnes is also on probation for allegedly selling marijuana, possession of marijuana less than 20 grams.

Comments (31)
  1. johnny walker says:

    He shouldnt have pulled him over in the first place ,he should have let him go about his business and none of this would have hapenned. Cops now a days have the bad habbit of pulling poeple over for absolutely no reason.

    1. Mike Keupl says:

      Yes we need to boycott the po po

      1. Wayne Mcdonald says:

        To all those against the police, next time you need someone to
        look after someone you care about or your property get some one
        off death row.

  2. Buz Bowen says:

    Hey zombie, if ya didn’t do the crime they wouldn’t have to pull you over.

    1. Mike Keupl says:

      Your a dead beat you should know.

  3. mike says:

    and your an idiot johnny walker lol

    1. Mike Keupl says:

      Do you know him no.

      1. Money says:

        Do u know him to defend him , no . It’s comment is absolutely ignorant. Loser!

  4. Tony Montana says:

    Man this past full moon came LOADED all the bad juju that happened since full moon. That’s what they (Miami Beach PD) get for harassing the drum circle. They listened to the ‘mazel tov’ rich old folks who complain about the noise..well chanting and drumming to the moon is no different than chanting “Hallelujah” or “L’chaim”. It’s a religion (Yoruba and Nature Worship) and just as powerful.

    Maybe next time they won’t mind the noise of a couple of drums!

  5. jets says:

    They should be fired for shooting the dog, the police have become out of control, killing people and animals, , what happened to understanding and compassion ??, they should take less steroids, and go to anger management classes

  6. Ken says:

    With the name johnny walker, after a comment like that you had to be drinking the cheaper version, or you are what they call a johnny in the islands

  7. whenyouneedacopcallacrook says:

    You guys out there know something …police need your help…if this guy gets away with this…no telling what he will get away with later on…just think of it as
    Right/Wrong decision making it is as easy as that…Look what happened in Miami
    look what happened in St. Pete …STOP THE VIOLENCE it all begins and ends with U

  8. tim3500 says:

    If he didn’t do anything wrong,why run Johnny?

  9. cocoanutrose says:

    A police has the right to pull anyone over if the officer believes there is something not right with that driver and the officer was right look what the driver did he attack the officer. There was something wrong with that driver and I hope they catch him. And I pray the officer will be alright.

    1. Mike Keupl says:

      You need to pray for your self. When they come do you wrong.

  10. cocoanutrose says:

    Hey johnny walker get your head out of the dirt you knuckle brain.

  11. Mike Keupl says:

    The police needs to learn there not GOD

    1. asdf jkl; says:

      And Mike K. needs to learn how to spell.

    2. Ana says:

      Get a life loser!!

  12. cocoanutrose says:

    The police did not have the right to go and shoot the dog on his own property though the dog has a right to protect it’s property. So that part they were in the wrong.

  13. cocoanutrose says:

    Mike Keupl I have know problem with the police or sheriff any where because I show them respect and I have a lot of friends on the police force and sheriff department. They help me and I help them and we get along just fine and they don’t think there God. They are just trying to do there job just like everyone else.

  14. cocoanutrose says:

    There is some bad police though. I’m not saying they all are right. There is bad and good every where.

  15. Ryan Marks says:

    Cops have never helped me or anyone I know. One pulled me over and said was going 45 in a 35. I was only going 30. He yelled at me then proceeded
    to man handle me and we fought. I punched him in the face and knocked him out cold. I then just drove off but I did call 911 and reported the attack. Nothing ever came of it as him knew he was wrong ang just being a bully.

    1. Jean says:

      You are such a liar !! If it was true you will be in jail by now so stupid!!

  16. anonymous says:

    Only people that hate cops are criminals

  17. Sigmund says:

    Johnny ‘Coo Coo’ Walker
    Please make you don’t leave any garbage behind when you leave the bushes your sleeping in

  18. shaun says:

    I Fear the Police More than any thug on the street!!

  19. jets says:

    Dean, you are obviously a police officer and it shows in your comment !

  20. cocoanutrose says:

    It is true you show the police respect and they will show you respect. I remember when I was in the wrong and should have gone to jail for a DUI but because I showed respect he gave me a break and let me call my brother and sister inlaw to come take me home instead of taking me to jail. So he see it does count to show respect and Ryan Marks your a lier if you punch a cop out the police would of been looking for you and would have not stop looking for you and till they found you. So your a big time liar.

  21. anonymous says:

    The Police shot first and asked questions later. If the police can kill our animals on our own private property.. what’s next kicking down our door and shooting them in our house? What if there was a small child running after the dog. These cops need to be suspended w/o pay until this is investigated (not covered up) by IA…

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