MIAMI (CBS4) – As mysteriously as it appeared, a romantic “table for two” found on Biscayne Bay’s infamous “Piano Bar”, disappeared without a trace. Okay, not without a trace. Turns out, it was removed from the sandbar by order of Miami-Dade County’s Department of Environmental Resources Management, also known as DERM.

Early Friday morning, the saga of the “Piano Bar” took an odd twist when the sandbar, dubbed “Billy Shoal” by some, had something new on it. A small table set up with a tablecloth, two folding chairs, a bottle of wine, a couple of red roses in a small vase, and a statue of a chef standing up right next to it.

It was located on the same exact sandbar where 16-year-old Nicholas Harrington’s baby grand piano was removed Thursday.

Click here to see a slideshow of the “Table For 2”.

However, shortly before noon on Friday, CBS4’s Jorge Estevez arrived on the sandbar with a live remote crew in tow in order to provide viewers live pictures of the romantic setup on the sandbar. But when he arrived, the sandbar was empty! The table, chairs and chef were all gone. All that remained were broken, burnt up pieces of the baby grand piano.

waiter3 Table For 2 Disappearance Solved

Table, chairs and chef statute were placed in a boat and taken to Pelican Harbor Marina (CBS4)

It’s unknown who left the romantic scene set up on the sandbar but the mystery behind who removed it has been solved. DERM had the table, chairs and chef removed because they claimed it was litter. The setup was placed into a small motorboat and taken back to Pelican Harbor Marina. However, nobody has come forward to claim responsibility for the apparent copycat prank.

As for the burned out baby grand, local musician Carl Bentulan hired a tow company to rescue the battered instrument for his 10-year old son. A towing crew hauled the piano away Thursday before Harrington could arrange to remove it. State wildlife officials had served the Harringtons with orders to remove it within 24 hours.

Carl Bentulan said he plans to eventually put the piano in his living room.

It was unclear whether the Harringtons will seek custody of the piano.

But Lynn Mitchell, whose company picked up the piano, says maritime law is clear. The person who pays to salvage something abandoned at sea becomes the lawful owner.

Comments (11)
  1. Alan says:

    Now that the Piano is in the possession of Biscayne Towing, Good Luck! It’s going to Cost a Fortune to get it back. I would caution all Boater before you let them attach a line to your boat. No matter what the problem. Find Another Towing Company! Modern Day Pirates!

    1. Joe says:

      “The person who pays to salvage something abandoned at sea becomes the lawful owner.”

      They got paid to get it, and he who pays them is the rightful owner.

      1. Kalvin says:

        they were paid for the labor to remove it. When they salvaged it, the tow company was charged a “salvage fee”. They are the rightful owners.

  2. abootnkiki says:

    and now something else left at sea;is there not a law against dumping;what other trash will show up on the water

  3. Kalvin says:

    If the person removing it was the same person that put it there, I don’t think it would be a big issue. Sort of like a temporary Art Show. Also, as long as they aren’t dumping actual garbage, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it. You have to admit that this would catch your eye in a “well, lookey there” kind of way if you were passing by.

  4. South Beach Guy says:

    I like the mystery of this little sand bar on the bay as do many others in South Florida. It’s kinda funny to see what turns up next.

    Asfor the piano, It was a total loss and garbage for the most part and why it was left at sea. Will be more of a conversation piece than a working insturment now.

  5. Greg Lucas says:

    What D.B., low budget, movie maker will falsely claim fame for this?


  6. Linda says:

    i think it’s cute….and not littering. perhaps the city can charge for this? they practically charge us for everything nowadays

  7. Bisqueen23 says:

    Come on you guys! Get sense of humor. This is funny and I think pretty cool. It is art (and as long as the ärtists” pick up there stuff, what’s the harm?)

  8. Elliott says:

    I have an old urinal and toilet, also a wheelchair that I need someone to help me tow out to the sandbar. All help is appreciated. Thanks much…

  9. Wilfried M. from Germany says:

    I would have loved it to have seen the waiter and the table personally.

    I would also have loved it when the piano standing on that sand-bar before would have kept it’s secret as this lyric scene gabe opportunity to dream to everybody.

    This is beautiful, positive news to me and I like to greet all those who enjoy with me these “good news” from the US.

    With compliments

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