MIAMI LAKES (CBS4) – The woman killed after her SUV plunged into a canal off State Road 826 Sunday morning has been identified at Rosa Maria Malave of Hialeah, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesman Captain Eric Baum said the accident occurred around 9 a.m. in the southbound lanes of the highway near 154th Street.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers and Miami-Dade police officers found a maroon Ford Explorer completely submerged in the canal. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue divers located Malave, 53 in the murky waters, pulled her shore and began efforts to resuscitate her.

She was transported to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital where she later died.

FHP spokesman Lt. Alex Annunziato said a child’s car sat was seen while searching the SUV for any other possible victims. Divers then made a thorough underwater search looking for a child, but were unable to find anyone else.

Investigators said no other vehicles were involved in the accident and they do not believe there was anyone else in the SUV at the time of the crash.

Malave’s family todl CBS4’s Natalia Zea that she is a mother of five, and a grandmother of 10 children. Malave’s mother, Luz Alfonso can’t believe she is gone.

“I was talking to her like 2 minutes before, (she said) “Ma, I’ll call you right back”, and she never called me back…I love her so much, I’m going to miss her!” Alfonso said through tears.

Afonso and some other family members rushed to the scene when they got word an accident had happened. Alfonso didn’t know her daughter was already gone.

“I had to find out from my family that she was in the hospital already dead,” Alfonso said.

It is even tougher for Malave’s family who don’t know what caused her to crash through the guard rail, and they don’t know if she was conscious as the water rushed in.

“I wish there would’ve been somebody there to help her, you know,” Alfonso said.

Rosa was known as a fighter, her family said. She had recently been diagnosed with lupus and had severe arthritis in her legs, but lately had been feeling better, they said.

“She was so happy this week, she was like “Ma, I love you”, we were together, she was a good daughter,” Alfonso said, adding “I don’t know what I’m gonna do without her.”

Comments (25)
  1. elliott says:

    Dade county and/or DOT have failed to completely barricade most of the county’s canals and lakes. How many more accidents and lives must be lost before these waterways and canals are protected from cars diving in? Every few months we read of cars barreling off the roads to plunge into waterways which should have been protected. Our population has risen as opposed to the 60’s, many more drivers in both Dade and Broward counties.

    1. Randy D says:

      I agree. The County can charge us from exit to exit now with all the toll plazas but can’t take some of the money they rape from us paying motorists and tax payers mind you to put up some life safety guard rails. There is something wrong with this picture…..What a shame Miami Dade County…What a shame.

      1. J says:

        First of all the canal that this woman dove into was with a barrier, she hit the barrier so hard the vehicle flipped over it and tumbled down into the embankment then into the canal. This has nothing to do with the “city” we don’t know yet the reason for her veering off and hitting the railing.

      2. DH says:

        I agree, and you can clearly see that the car didnt flip over, because there is a part of the barrier missing, which clearly means the barrier went with the car. So clearly the do not support cars crashing into them. If a car accidently hits another car, plunges it into these barriers, these barriers won’t be able to sustain vehicles.

  2. al merrill says:

    Why should we use tax/toll money to protect people from their own stupidity??????

    1. Bj Dyson says:

      Thanks we have a smart person here. See Elliott that what am talking about.

    2. valerie says:

      Very stupid comment because u dont know what happened to her….maybe she wasnt speeding!!!!!!!

      1. Tony Montana says:

        I googled the two names above and surprise surprise they’re using aliases. If they’re so principled in their heartlessness they should publish their real names and addresses…Gotta love how cowardly and self righteous these CONservatives are..

    3. Mel says:

      Sir, I hope you never have to experience a loss like this. I understand that is your opinion, but you could have had a little more respect. The fact that you can sit there and make a judgment like that about someone you (a) personally don’t know and (b) cannot speak for themselves on the matter, shows how much respect you have for others. Regarding whether or not the County had any fault has been and always been in debate. It is an issue that has been forefoing for years now. This is but merely a segment of what our tax dollars go to, find something else to complain about. Your ignorance is no way amusing. This woman wasn’t a nobody. She was a mother of five, and a grandmother of ten. She was loved and admired by many. She deserves to be remembered in good faith and not in blatant ignorance. RIP Tia Rosie, I love you.

  3. ileana says:

    I take I-75 and the Palmetto almost everyday and I see many lakes that arent barricaded. I had a friend die from a situation like this 😦 Another sad story.

  4. gil says:

    sorry most of the time it is drivers not paying attention to what they are doing – it is sad but people need to take responsibility for their driving actions

    1. Bj Dyson says:

      So right<<<<<<

  5. lquinones says:

    she was probably texting…… i would love to work for the city just for the purpose to pull over people who have a cell phone in their hands while driving i would make millions…..

  6. whateverfloatsu says:

    Why do they always blame the SUV and not the driver? Sadly this woman had a terrible accident and lost her life. I yes, Miami Dade needs to place barriors around all lakes and canals.

    1. Bj Dyson says:

      Please start we will not follow. Slow down! It a car not a jet.

  7. Manolo says:

    I agree with Tony, whatever the reason was that caused this accident doesn’t matter. This is still someones mother, wife, and daughter. I guess you see things a little different when you see first hand the family’s reaction upon identifying the body. And btw, she was brought to Palmetto General Hospital, not Jackson.

    1. J says:

      Manolo, did she die from the actual accident? Or was it due to drowning? Heart attck? What was the reason? Were you there when they came to identify the body? Please tell me the child was okay and not in the vehicle .

      1. Manolo says:

        No child

  8. Al says:

    Pretty sad that people today think that the government is here to protect us…..

    1. Tony Montana says:

      Quit being such a heartless punk! What’s the government there for then?

      1. Lucy Rosario says:

        thank you for your comment

  9. politicians R evil says:

    someone lost their mother,sister,grandma,aunt…. see the pattern,whatever happend to her can happen to anybody aswell,and i prey nobody goes through such a terrible experience,i have to agree that dot and state of florida should be held responsible for failing to provide motorists with a safe transit roadway to the best of their ability and they failed in doing so…however they seem to care more about cameras and toll plazas than our safety which is very sad,life is priceless and our govt. only sees numbers and cents,stop stealing our money and use it where it belongs!!!!

    1. Tony Montana says:

      Don’t we also agree the enviro people bear some blame for not wanting the canals blocks some turtle or other…or the spoiled brat NIMBY homeowners not wanting their views blocked..

  10. h33186 says:

    i’ve been driving in dade county since the late 70’s and i can remember only a few incidents in the 1st 20 yrs that i’ve been drinving about people driving into the canals and lakes beside the highways. PEOLPLE get off the phones and all the distarations and DRIVE

  11. Lena Cheeseman says:

    very sad this young grandmother lost her life, my sympathy to the family.

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