In this week’s Aquatic Adventures I go fishing with one of the most well known Captains in South Florida Dave Kostyo. Please visit his website at or call him at 305-965-9454

We fished the Gulf Stream and had some great Pelagic Action! Watch the video below…

Here are the latest Fishing Reports sent to me. If you are a professional captain and would like to submit a fishing report please email me at Thanks, Jeff Berardelli


Knot Nancy Charters – Miami Beach

Hot Tarpon Action Off Miami Beach, Florida

Tarpon fishing is just about as good as it gets.  The only thing that can make it even better is for the first shrimp run of the season to take place.  We’ve had all the signs that it should have taken place by now, however, it just hasn’t happened yet.  By far, the evening time has seen the best action.  The fish have been in the 35 – 90 pound range.

Eddie Farias treated his friend Ron Garcia to an evening tarpon trip.  Ron has been trying to catch a tarpon for quite a while.  The first fish stayed hooked up until we had it straight up and down next to the boat.  At that point the hook pulled.  The next fish ate a Powerbait Rattle Shrimp.  This time the fish stayed hooked up until it decided to make its third run.  Once again the hook pulled.  Ron was beginning to doubt that he’d ever get one to the boat.  Next we caught and released a bluefish and ladyfish before I decided to play a hunch and made a major move.  It paid off with a solid hookup of a 90 pound tarpon that gave Ron everything and more that he could ever expect.  We fought the fish from a dead boat except for when the wind blew us in to shallow water.  The tarpon ran Ron around the boat at least 6 times.  During this time, Eddie was videoing the entire episode.  The mighty silver king was finally conquered and Ron was elated.  Several still pictures were taken while I got a DNA sample of the fish, revived it, and sent it on its way to fight again on another day.  A few drifts later, Eddie hooked up with a smaller fish and made quick work of it while Ron took the video and still pictures.  The final fish of the evening was another ladyfish that capped off a perfect evening.

Brothers Ricky and Jesse Kovac from Sidney, Australia capped off their vacation in Miami by finding out firsthand how much fun tarpon fishing can be.  The action started with the first drift and continued on throughout the entire evening.  Jesse caught and released his first tarpon and then it was Ricky’s turn.  After Ricky caught and released his first tarpon,  it seemed like he was next to the rod that got hit for the rest of the evening.  By the end of the 4 hour trip, we had 7 fish on and successfully landed and released 4 fish in the 30 – 70 pound range.

Action like this can be expected each evening from now through the end of June.  If you want to get in on the fun and excitement, it only takes a phone call or email to book your trip.  Don’t put it off as the time will be gone before you can hardly blink.

I’ve got more evening tarpon trips as well as offshore trips scheduled so check back and get the latest update on what’s happening aboard Knot Nancy.

Captain Dave Kostyo

Knot Nancy Fishing Charters, Inc



SeaSquared Charters – Middle Keys

Although Scott Douglas and his sons, Christopher and Andrew, have fished with us many times, this trip produced some firsts for the crew.

We started the day on the humps in Hawk Channel where the gang caught some snapper and released a few short grouper. Chris caught his first hogfish, just a tad too short to make it back to the dock.

We moved to the reef, where Chris caught a Spanish hogfish and his first sheepshead. A member of the porgy family, the sheepshead stands far above the others in the clan in popularity due to its potentially large size and delicious fillets.

Scott, Chris and Andrew continued to catch their limit of yellowtail snapper in the 14-inch range and large mangrove snapper going about four pounds. Cero and Spanish mackerel rounded out the catch and went straight to the smoker.

Call 305.743.5305 to book your charter today!

Capt. Chris & Christy Johnson, SeaSquared Charters, Marathon Florida Keys, 305.743.5305. Please visit

SeaSquared Charters


Knot Nancy Charters – Miami Beach

Hot Sailfish and Tarpon Action Off Miami Beach, Florida

Between the sailfish offshore and the tarpon off the beach, the action couldn’t get any better.  This latest cold front has kicked the fishing up another notch from what has already been outstanding fishing.

Ed Nader wanted his friend Stephane Debommarez, who is visiting from Africa, to experience the tarpon action we have off Miami Beach.  The great action started with our first drift and continued on throughout the entire evening.  It didn’t matter much where we set up as the fish we all along a 1 ½ mile stretch of the beach.  Stephane caught and released his first tarpon and added several more including one of 80 pounds.  Ed caught several himself and when we called it an evening about 4 ½ hours after we started, the final total was 6 for 8.  We were also fortunate enough to get the tarpon genetics DNA tagging ( ) of 5 of the tarpon.

Court Conover and his daughter and son-in-law Meghan and Eric Brewer had visions of sailfish on their minds.  We started out by loading the livewell with pilchards.  Our first stop was straight out from Haulover.  Despite some heavy live chumming, we had no action.  We moved south to the Twin Towers area.  The chumming brought up a bonito that Eric made quick work of.  To date, this was the largest fish he had caught.  Several minutes later I set up a drift and before I could put out the sea anchor, we had our first sailfish on.  Eric fought this fish also while Court took pictures.  Meghan was doing everything she could to battle a bout of motion sickness.  After landing and releasing the sailfish, Eric declared that he had broken his biggest fish record twice in one trip.  The drift was reset and out went several scoops of live pilchards.  In a matter of minutes, we watched a sail chasing the free offerings.  The birds would flock to where the sail was chasing baits to the surface.  I pulled the sea anchor to move in a bit shallower.  As soon as I put it on the deck, Court picked up one of the rods that had a strike and he was fast into a sail of his own.  After a 20 minute battle of long runs, jumps, head shakes, and deep dives Court’s sailfish was released.  At this point Meghan had all she could handle with the motion sickness and we made the run back to calmer water and the feeling of solid ground at the dock.  Meghan hung in much longer than most people would have and I have to admire her for that.  She wants to come back and go tarpon fishing where we can usually find much calmer water.

Captain Dave Kostyo

Knot Nancy Fishing Charters, Inc


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