Survey Crew Turns Tables On Would-Be Robbers

MIAMI (CBS4) – A trio of would-be bad guys probably thought they had a couple of easy marks when they reportedly tried to rob two men working a survey of their equipment.

They soon realized their mistake when one of the men on the survey crew pulled a gun and started shooting.

The attempted robbery occurred in the area of NW 15th Avenue and 65th Street in Miami. Witnesses said three men, one of whom reportedly had a gun, tried to rob two men employed by Zurwelle-Whittaker of Hialeah. When one of the surveyors pulled a gun and starting shooting in self defense the would-be thieves took off.

“Now, I’m not saying that citizens should do this, I’m not telling people to go out armed, but it does say a lot to bad guys, to understand that citizens are not going to just lay back and let you victimize them,” said Miami police spokesman Delrish Moss.

Police found their car two blocks away shot full of holes; cones marked more than a dozen bullet casings on the ground.

Two of the men took off on foot into the neighborhood. The third robbery suspect, who had been shot, remained with the car. He was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital with what were described as “non-life threatening” injuries.

Police said the surveyor, who was licensed to carry a firearm, was the only person to fire a gun during the incident.

  • tired

    Better check yourself before you wreck yourself!! People are sick and tired of being at the mercy of the criminals!

  • Roxanna

    You’ve Got to love our 2nd Amendment! When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!

    • Stephanie Kienzle

      True that! :-)

  • PITA

    In this case a responsible gun owner with a license to carry avoided being robbed. It could just as easily have gone the other way, with him being the victim. However, we need sensible gun control and background checks to avoid what happened in Arizona tow days ago. If hundreds of people weren’t walking around carrying semi-automatic weapons, there would be far fewer gun related deaths. The wacko in AZ should not have been allowed to own the gun that he bought legally with his history of questionable psychological behavior.

    • Carlos Morales

      you should get a copy of PAT BUCHANAN statements about the black community

    • Stephanie Kienzle

      The wacko in AZ bought his gun with help from his mother, Ann Loughner, who works in the Sheriff’s office! That Sheriff Dupnik knew all about the shooter years ago in 2007 when he first started harassing the Congresswoman and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT! It’s politically expedient for him to blame the Tea Party, Palin and other conservatives in order to take the focus off his own lack of law enforcement. That shooter kid should have been locked up a long time ago. Now all of a sudden they need gun control? PUH-LEEZE! That kid would have gotten a gun on the streets if he couldn’t buy one legally. If you stop the legal sale of firearms under the Second Amendment, the only ones with guns will be the criminals.

  • Rick

    Too bad he didn’t get all three. He needs to practice. Remember head shots remove the problem for good!

  • Fed Up

    I agree with Rick. The only bad thing is that all 3 of those pcs of Sh…are still alive to do it again to someone else. Next time maybe someone will take care of all 3 of them!! Now we have to spend our hard earned money taking care of that garbage while they sit on their butts in jail at our expense.
    Let’s hear it for the CWP!!! What a country. God Bless America!!

  • henry

    Thats o.k. If the good guys don’t get them, the bad cops will. Where’s that swat team when you need one?

  • Carlos Morales


  • Ronnie Safreed

    Well everybody look out, the gansters are coming back. These new gansters wikll make the gansters of the 30s look like Bugsy Malone. They will be a 1000 times worse. This is what is going to happen within the next few years as this economy continues the way it has.The competition in business is going to get tougher&tougher if WASHINGTON DONT TURN THINGS AROUND SOON&STOP SPENDING, the violence will only get worse ,sorry.

  • SJ


    If he hadn’t ought it where he did, he would have found another scum bag to buy it from. Or if he couldn’t have found that he would have found another weapon to use. He was a real whacko whom the psychiatrists hadn’t caught up with yet.

    You can’t deprive people of life, liberty, etc., without proper adjudications and protections.

    The whackos like him are part of the price we pay for out freedoms, all of them.

    To paraphrase Ben Franklin: He who gives up freedoms for safety will soon have neither.

  • irish kevin

    What were they thinking? Sell the surveying equipment at a pawn shop?

    • Richard

      I am a surveyor here in Miami, they are stealing it from here and shipping it to South America.

  • Zack

    For those that think gun control will eliminate the CRIMINALS from committing crimes, wake up a smell the gun smoke. This surveyor was an innocent victim of a crime in which the CRIMINAL got what he had coming to him (them). This responsible gun owner was only working and supporting his family and our economy by doing so. Is this CRIMINAL a productive member of our community? How much have we payed via taxes to house and support this CRIMINAL or will in the future? What a waste, we could be helping those that really need it and would appreciate it.

    By the way…I’m also a surveyor in S. Florida and I also carry a weapon for SELF DEFENSE.

  • Swiftwire

    Commissioner Dunn will be along shortly to protest the shooting of the black criminals!!!!!

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