Police: Man Shoots Friend At NYE Party

FT. LAUDERDALE – (CBS4) 2010 ended with violence at one Fort Lauderdale party when one man shot another dead after he offered some help.

According to Fort Lauderdale Police Det. Travis Mandell, Reza Payan, 36, was shot by Ronald Melnik, 38 after the two began an argument.

The shooting happened at 215 SW 8th St. in Ft. Lauderdale, where a party was being held Friday night to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Mendell said Payan thought Melnik had been drinking too much at the party, and told Melnik he should go home. When Payan offered to give him a ride, Melnik apparently pulled out a gun and shot the would-be Good Samaritan.

Mendell said Payan was taken to Broward General Medical Center, where he died.

Police said Melnik turned himself in, and has been charged with murder.

  • Raynette Lancaster Bryan

    Alcohol, guns and stupidity do NOT mix well!

    • sniper bob

      Well, that applies to ALL of Broward County doesn’t it?

  • D. COIA


  • Parvaneh

    Payan family is my first firends in this county. i went to school with his sister and watched Reza growing up to be a very fine young man due to their very devoted hard working single mom. I am very upset and devastated right now.
    my heart goes to my good freind, her mom, his wife and his little precious daughter who he loved to death. you will be missed so much and always be in our hearts Reza.

  • ben &shiva

    we both know the family, they are kind and thoughtful. Reza will be greatly missed , but always in our hearts. i think , i am speaking for everyone that knew Reza and his family, we are here for them.

  • Josh Manso

    Reza was one of my best friends. He was one of the most generous and kind- hearted people Ive ever known. My prayers go out to his wife and daughter. He was a great person and truly touched many peoples lives. This shooting was senseless and shows how terrible our society has become. I dont even want to raise my daughter in this county. Its full of nut jobs and low-lifes.

  • spacepuppy

    guns don’t kill people?

  • Mike Bailey

    Reza (Ray) would have given the shirt off his back to most any of us. I can’t believe I’m reading this. I love you like a brother..always

    • sammy

      Mike I know how highly you regarded Reza, remember him in life and his greatness forever, the murderer will get his if not here elsewhere Be strong your partner adn other brother Sammy

  • Danielle

    Reza was a wonderful person, always in great spirits. I still cant believe he is no longer with us. May his soul RIP. We will miss you. My heart goes out to his family and what ever we can do to help, we are here for you….

  • Parvnaeh

    all said is the truth. the personality runs in this family, theyr are known for their kindness, sincerity, hard working, survivers, hospitalites and etc…….and last not least is LOVE. the love they had for each other kept them going and made them to be stronger and better people for all. and instead……
    I just can’t believe he is no longer with us. My heart goes to my dearest friend, his mom, his wife and his little girl. Reza Jan, you will always be in our hearts and thoughts. Rest in peace………

  • Alex

    Reza was one of the kindest people you could know. He would do anything for any of us. He had a big heart. He was the type of guy that would always be there for you. He will always be remembered and loved. My thoughts go to his family.

  • Omid

    Reza is a great person. He would do anything for anyone and it’s hard to find someone like that in today’s world. I can’t believe this has happened and I just talked to him on the phone the same day. I am always going to be here for your family, believe that. Love you brother and I will see you. Omid.

  • Chris

    Reza was a great person and will be missed dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends having lost such an amazing person.

  • Eric

    Reza has known me since I was less than a year old. He’s been with me for 16 years, helped raise me, and has been close friends with my mother and father for much longer than that. He has all the good qualities a person can ask for and it hurts to see that taken away by another person’s stupidity. It hurts knowing I won’t be able to see him again, rest in peace, I’ll always miss him.

  • Billy

    I was very blessed to have met Reza. I’m so sadden by this, Reza my friend…..my brother.Love you man

  • mehdi manzari

    I just found out about this , iam shocked and sad.

    and about Reza …. what can i say about him?…..one of the most caring and loving person i have ever konwn …. i love you brother and will always miss you

  • Sharareh

    I can’t believe that Reza is gone. He was my brothers best friend, and he was like a brother to me. He was the most sweet, generous, and kindest person that I knew. Whenever he came into town, he would always visit my mom and I. My mom would make him his favorite food, Zereshek Polo. We’re all going to miss Reza so much, he will always be in our hearts, and we will never forget him. R.I.P Reza we all love you

  • Karen Towell

    Wow!! Reza/Ray was one of the most genuine, real people you could ever meet! In a city filled with chaos he was always positive, loyal, honest and caring even to those he didn’t know!!
    He was a good friend to all around him, a great man to his love and I am sure an even better father! My heart goes out to my wife, family and his friends(the family he chose!…big big family)

    It’s so sad you left this world too soon, yet I am sure you are looking down on all of us now. You know you will be missed!
    How could you not be? You are in Gods hands now… your kindness lives on!

  • Hurst Family

    Reza my prayers go ou to your family and you will be truly be MISSED BRO
    Cant believe this happend to such a good person!

  • JG=

    This was a good guy who’s life ended way too soon and over some stupid BS. Reza was a genuinely nice guy who was as generous as they come. He was always wiling to lend a hand and a pleasure to be around. I’ll always remember the good ol days training jujitsu w/ him over @ JM ‘s w/ DS, VR, AC, JF, JK, and the rest of the crew. Real sad loss of a stand-up guy. WTF are people thinking ,
    – My condolences to his family. RIP Reza

  • Dr. Sid & Claudia Schumann

    What a tragedy! Our dear Reza taken from his family and us at the last hours of the old year. We pray that his soul will rest in peace. He will be always remembered in our hearts and he will continue to be with us.

    Dearest Heather, words can’t express how deeply saddened e are by your loss. Our sympathy is with you and your family. Please let us know if we can help you in any way possible.

    We miss you very much
    Claudia & Sid

  • Nancy Irvine

    Dear Sweet Heather,
    Such shocking news has come to me in Charlotte. I pray for your comfort. Such a tragedy I know how much he meant to you. God Bless you and your little girt. He is in God’s care now.

    Love, Nancy

  • Bijan Kazerouni

    A few years back, I went to visit my brother, Kayvan, in Miami. That is when I first met Reza, who was the most sincere, hospitable, genuine person I have ever met. From that point on, I felt like I had gained another brother in Miami, Reza. He will truly be missed. With deepest sympathy to his family, friends, especially to his mother, who he loved deerly.

  • Kevin kazerouni

    Kamyab kazerouni I spend all last night reading all the comments people wrote for their be loved friend reza I can’t describe my feelings any more then what people wrote Iknow I lost my best friend but iwill never forget you ever. Im going to miss you a lot god bless you’re little girl and your family especially you’re mom I know how close you where with her.

  • sad4all

    Its a tragedy of the highest order for everyone involved. This is a situation with NO winners. Zero.
    EVERYONE wants to know……… HOW did this happen? its quite Easy for anyone to discuss one moment in time and feel like they ‘know what happened and have all the facts’ but is it really that easy and black and white? Life is rarely if ever black and white. these guys were ‘best friends? does anyone conclusively know what constituted the history between these 2 adults? What were there minutes spent doing? just lots of pushups and ju jitsu ‘rolls’?? what social/human dynamic was at hand? who was manipulating who? why? getting what from who? Humans by nature are generally self interested creatures (survival instinct. WE are ALL GUILTY of being beholden to this fact) its unavoidable.

    so one guy had defied nature and walked on water and was completely pure in all his actions and efforts and was repaid in bullets?
    Its that SIMPLE?? WOW!…..whoever is going with that storyline really needs a good look at themselves before they get behind the desktop. U dishonor the memory of your own friends and allies when u fall for that common pithy trap.
    I posture we should all use this negativity as fuel to research and redefine a definition of a’friend’.
    best friends? who was into what? (i would speculate that not a single of the spewing ‘i wasnt there but im an out of control hate monger’ have a clue or know any real facts yet their rhetoric is simple, reactionary and a rather shallow programmed response to the media snipet we have all come to rely on as ‘fact.’ Come on people…This is a horrible tradgedy yet people want to rush to put it into a nice clean little box to make THEMSELVES feel better about the loss of LIVES and its affect on multiple LIVES.U cheapen yourself and violate the good memories of everyone involved. There was apparently alot of support for BOTH OF these folks prior to this sad conclusion. Maybe there is another dimension…..or 2 to this complex relationship folks should consider before they go and annoint absolute saints and sinners. Only GOD has the right to do that.

    • mike bailey

      sad4all…..your friend is a murder. that’s all there is to discuss.

  • Parvaneh

    sad4all……only GOD has the right to take life.

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