OAKLAND PARK (CBS4) – OAKLAND PARK (CBS4) – The woman who was shot by a Broward Sheriff’s SWAT unit Thursday has been identified as Kelly Garrick.

BSO states that Garrick, 41, was suicidal prior to the 3-hour standoff with law enforcement that happened after she barricaded herself inside her mother’s Oakland Park home.

Garrick, a former BSO corrections deputy, refused to come out of the home and threatened to kill law enforcement officers, said BSO Spokeswoman Dani Moschella.

The incident came to a head when authorities responded to the home on the 400 block of Northeast 61st Court after receiving reports of an armed person threatening suicide.

Moschella said when deputies got to the home, they heard shots fired coming from inside the residence, two of which came out of a window towards deputies.

Because the home Garrick was in is close to Cypress Creek Road BSO closed that road to through traffic, asked Florida Highway Patrol to shut the on and off ramps to Interstate 95 and evacuated several neighboring homes.

Garrick was shot by deputies after appearing at the front door and aiming a firearm at them, Moschella said.

Garrick was transported to North Broward Medical Center. Moschella said Garrick made it through the night, but her exact condition is unknown.

CBS4 calls to Garrick’s mother have not been returned.

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  1. Are they protecting and serving? says:

    another suicide by police. Same as when Hollywood Police murdered a suicidal woman on Branch Street back in the early 80’s. they shot her through a closed door and then later said she had a weapon.

  2. There's more to this story! says:

    What you failed to mention is this former Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy was a pillar of the community, upstanding, College educated Citizen who was injured on the job by a prisoner. She was never afforded the proper medical attention for her injuries and was only given prescription pain medication and she unfortunately became addicted to the medications.These events ultimately led to this tragedy. Just another victim of the “Oxycontin Express.”

  3. Sonya Piper says:

    It would serve Broward County and the surronding communities for your news outlet to continue to follow this story closely. I may be biased as I have been a family friend to the Garrick’s for a number of years. However, Kelly was highly intelligent, loving, and educated. Kelly did not receive the proper Psychological and physical intervention from BSO when she was originally injured on the job. Kelly sought many specialists for treatment before turning to pain management. After the first year on Oxycontin, it completely changed her personality and led directly to the events that occured on 12/3/10. As it stands her parents; George and Kathy Garrick are not being given any medical information with regard to their daughter, Kelly. I am hopeful that you will take interest int this story and ask yourself how an outstanding Broward Sheriff’s Deputy got to this point?


    Sonya Piper
    Columbia, MD

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