Miami Police Chief Accuses Mayor Of Interfering

MIAMI (CBS4) – In a battle of words, Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito said Mayor Tomas Regalado “interfered” into the police department’s investigation of illegal gambling in the city.

Exposito wrote an accusatory letter Wednesday aimed at Regalado, which was obtained by CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald: “Through the Mayor’s office there was a concerted effort to interfere with the gambling enforcement operation. You, as the Mayor have gone beyond the legal bounds of your office,” the letter states.

Exposito does not specifically state how Regalado has “interfered” with the police department’s crack down into illegal gambling activities.

But he does accuse Regalado of accepting political campaign contributions from parties who distribute coin-operated gaming machines.

Citing records, the Herald found that in Regalado’s 2009 mayoral campaign he received $9,400 from gaming interests.

Among those who donated to his campaign was 61-year-old Jesus Abreu who pleaded guilty of operating an illegal gambling house in 2002 and 2007, the Herald reported.

Regalado responded to the accusations this afternoon, telling CBS4 News, “I am disappointed because these are personal attacks and I have never attacked him personally. I have questioned the department’s ability to fight crime because crime is up in the City of Miami.”

In the two-page letter, Exposito also cited Regalado’s support of an October ordinance that regulates the coin-operated machines often used in illegal gambling by requiring store owners to pay $500 fee for each gaming machine in their establishments.

“Those allegations are just baseless because everything that we do here in the city we do it through the law department and we think that this ordinance that they chief was complaining about is a good ordinance,” said Regalado.

Regalado also called into question Exposito’s motive, explaining that his actions may be out of fear for his job.

Some have speculated that Exposito could be out of a job as soon as Tony Crapp Jr., the new city manager, is officially placed into that position.

CBS4 News reached out to Chief Exposito for comment, which he declined.


One Comment

  1. Glenn Osrin says:

    Both Esposito and Regalado are Turdburger’s Supreme with Fidel Castro complexes.

    1. Phantom says:

      Hey Glen, only educated, mature comments please.

  2. pretzeldude says:

    Typical bunch of Cubans politicians trying to be they boss of everything. Hey mayor let the police do policing and you tend to other city business. You are not a cop so stay out of it and let the police do police work.That is unless you are on the take and trying to get the police to look the other way. By they way how much are these gangsters paying you.
    You don’t need a police radio either. If the cops need you they’ll call you.

  3. Christianc1980 says:

    The only way to solve the problems of the city will be to break the city into 5 municipalities. Incorporate the different zones and to each one of them to support themselves and break all these political fest that doesn’t go anywhere.

  4. El Cubachon says:

    Wait wasn’t Exposito put in his position thanks to Regalado??? This fight is like a Husband and Wife relationship. Stop giving the City of Miami residents excuses on who’s corrupted here…. you both are corrupted bunch of retards that think they can tell us Miami people what to do. Go cry to your mommy Exposito, or better yet take your buddy Regalito to dinner on our expense and kiss and make up and thats it.

  5. LUIS says:


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