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By Gary Nelson

MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami police are hunting a hit and run driver who ran into a toddler in a stroller Sunday afternoon.  The two year-old was was out with his mother and older brother in an Allapattah shopping district, when a black Ford jumped the curb, ran up on the sidewalk and hit the stroller, sending it and the boy flying 15 feet across a parking lot.

A security camera from a nearby business captured the collision.  It shows the west-bound car cross two lanes of on-coming traffic before careening into the boy in his stroller, as his mother and older brother jump back to avoid being hit.

“Why wouldn’t he stop?  It was a poor little baby!” declared Mohammed Massalkhi, who was working steps away at a business in the strip shopping center in the 1800 block of Northwest 20th Street.

“I heard the lady screaming and I came straight to her,” Massalkhi said.  “I saw the black car keep going.  I tried comforting her.”

Remarkably, the toddler was not seriously injured.  “He had a big bump on his head and was scratched from the knees up,” Massalkhi said.

Police are not naming the victim because his father is a Miami police officer.

The hit and run driver could face felony charges if caught.

“This is somebody that’s striking another human being and not even pausing, not even looking back, fleeing the scene, accelerating,” said William Moreno, a police department spokesman.  “To have an accident is just a traffic infraction, but when you make the decision to leave the scene, to not stop and render aid, that’s a serious crime.”

Police describe the hit and run vehicle as a black, four-door Ford Crown Victoria.  It should have damage to the front driver’s side near the headlights.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS(8477).

Comments (4)
  1. Mike says:

    To hit anyone more less a baby and not stop! Whoever did this should be tied down in a stroller and run over by a bus.

    1. jill says:

      Mike I so agree, I am a mother of 3 grown kids but I feel so much for children when they are hurt, I say catch the creep and turn em over to us Moms, no problem I think we wouldnt need a jail for that kind. I am glad the child is going to be ok.

  2. jill says:

    i so agree, Poor child is helpless in a stroller being cared for by his parent of gurardian and when someone deliberately hits a stroller whats a person to do? I hope they get him or her and hog tie them to something and give them the same treatment and then off to prison, bye bye

  3. observerfromupnorth says:

    there is a black crown victorian that constantly runs up and down the street just east of the JFK causeway on around the neighborhood.

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