Firefighters Warn Public Of Holiday Fire Hazards

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It’s the last thing to think of during the holiday rush, but firefighters want to make sure South Floridians do not become victims of fire.

The Broward County Fire Rescue Department said it only takes under one minute to have a complete room on fire and that’s why they held a demonstration Monday to warn the public of fire hazards during the holidays.

“Wow, it’s really going up now,” Courtney Palmer of the Broward County Fire Rescue Department said. “If you could imagine, if this was in a room, your ceiling would be catching on fire, your drywall would be on fire. You would start to catch your curtains on fire, TV, TV stand. You know, your Christmas tree skirt would be nearby…your couch. Indeed, anything else would be around. In a very small room, they estimate about 45 seconds to completely have the room on fire.”

Officials said needles falling off the Christmas tree may mean the home is one spark away from disaster. Additionally, dry trees burn due to electrical problems or candles placed too close to the tree.

To avoid fires, make sure the tree is watered everyday.

Officials also advise not to place homemade paper ornaments on a tree with lights. It’s recommended to have a special display for those handmade ornaments from children

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