MIAMI (CBS4) – Nutmeg is often used as a flavoring for eggnog during the holiday season. But, the spice is now gaining traction on the Internet as an alternative way to get high.

Homemade videos on YouTube show teenagers are getting high by consuming large quantities of nutmeg. One video shows a young man ingesting an entire container of it and then exhibiting symptoms of hallucinations.

Poison Control centers say they have seen an uptick in the number of nutmeg related calls. But officials say that while you can get high on nutmeg from a hallucination standpoint, you will pay for it with the side effects, including upset stomachs and vomiting.

Online videos show kids how to make nutmeg cigarettes, but officials say they are more concerned about what happens down the road.

One Oklahoma law enforcement agency said that parents should watch children who are getting high from nutmeg, because they are likely getting high from other sources as well.


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