MIAMI (CBS4) – With an act of Congress, the Dream Act is once step closer to becoming a reality.

On Wednesday night, the House passed legislation which would allow citizenship to children born outside the country and brought into the U.S illegally.

With the 216-198 vote, the bill now moved to the Senate, where it faces much rougher time. Democrats are unlikely to come up with the 60 votes needed to advance the bill past tough GOP opposition. The bill will go before the Senate on Thursday.

Illegal immigrants in South Florida are hoping for a miracle when it goes before lawmakers. At Students at Miami-Dade college were glued to the coverage from the House session.

“It’s very nerve racking because I understand the importance that it means to a lot of my friend,” said student Ruth Moreno. “I just hope, Im praying to God that it does pass.”

The bill has some restrictions. It would only apply to children brought into the U.S. before the age of 16, who have been in the country for five years, and graduated from high school or gained an equivalency degree.

The last step to citizenship would be for those students to join the military or attend college.

“I just wish politicians would stop playing with our lives,” said Esteban Roncancio, and illegal alien. “Give us a chance to finally demonstrate that we have potential.”

  1. code1 says:

    NO DREAM ACT ! ! ! WHAT do these people NOT understand, THEY ARE ILLEGALS !!!!! They have to leave and get in legal line like anyone else, otherwise they are criminals, PERIOD ! ! ! I live in South Florida, have for a very long time. The lack of border enforcement and immigration laws has turned this area into a THIRD WORLD bario ! ! ! Politican corruption, minority political fraud and corruption, bribery is taken for granted, RACIAL BIAS in hiring and promotion for spanish only, total disregard for LAW, if they “think” they can get away with it, they disregard the law, break it and if caught, in many cases, don’t pay any price for it. Payoffs in Code Enforcement is epidemic, Police Traffic enforcement is NON-EXISTANT, therefore we have the worst drivers in the Country and deaths almost everyday, alot from hit and run drivers, no license, no insurance, stolen cars. Don’t even mention crime, gangs everywhere, drivebys, kids being killed constantly, blue collar crime gets no attention, unless it allows some official to stand infront of a mic and belch how successful he has been ! ! WHAT A CROC ! ! ! South Beach is NOT South Florida, it is a fraction of this area, and totally homosexual, highest VD rates in the Country !! The amount of DISRESPECT for my Country is widespread, cuban and other flags everywhere, especially during any anti-American protest, do you see that on TV ??? ASSIMULATION, that’s a laugh, this population mostly cuban, but others as well, IGNORE ENGLISH as if they were in downtown havana. I know I sound mad, YOU BET I AM ! ! ! Our Country is going down the toilet and nobody is doing anything about it, NO ONE ! ! ! NO MORE FREE RIDES ! ! ! NO MORE WELFARE ! ! ! NO TAX MONEY SPENT ON DISRESPECTFUL ILLEGALS, NOT ONE CENT ! ! ! STOP THE WET FOOT DRY FOOT POLICY IMMEDIATELY ! ! ! NO ANCHOR BABIES ! ! ! <<<>>>

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