Doctors Use 3D Technology For Surgery

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Doctors are now using 3D technology in the operating room, and it's proving to be a big benefit for patients.

Doctors are now using 3D technology in the operating room, and it’s proving to be a big benefit for patients.

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WESTON (CBS4) – In recent years, more and more movies have been produced in 3D and now television makers are starting to produce 3D sets for the home.

But what you may not realize is that 3D technology is also being used in the operating room.

“It’s the same technology. It’s just a very smart use of that technology into this operating room,” explained Dr. Atol Shrivastava with Cleveland Clinic in Weston.

The 3D enabled operating room is just one of two in the entire nation. At the Cleveland Clinic in Weston it is used specifically for robotic prostatectomy procedures.

“Robotic prostatectomy is a surgery where you need a lot of precision,” said Dr. Shrivastava.

What makes the Cleveland Clinic’s operating room unique is that previously doctors have been able to perform the surgery in 3D, but others in the operating room were not able to see the same thing. Now that has all changed with new 3D displays.

“It’s the same display or same visual perspective the surgeon on the console gets. So now both the teams are working in tandem,” said Dr. Shrivastava.

And that translates to better results for the patient.

“The biggest benefit to the patient is that both teams are operating in coordination and assistants are not guessing they were they are more precise,” said Dr. Shrivastava.

This technology is also being used for other cancer surgeries such as removing tumors in the kidney.

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