New Straight Hair Treatment Gaining Fans

AVENTURA (CBS4) –A new product gaining in popularity is promising to save money and still get salon quality hair every day.

Many women are familiar with the very popular Keratin treatments that are supposed to make your hair silky and shiny, but the process can take hours and costs hundreds until now.

What woman doesn’t want a personal stylist with her every day at home giving her healthy looking hair just like she gets at the salon.

At Scott Alan Hair Studio in Aventura, Keratin treatments are popular.

“In South Florida, no doubt women want to have straight luxurious hair. This phenomenon gives it to them,” said Scott Alan.

The original Keratin treatment can take hours, cost hundreds, and involve harsher chemicals, but now companies have developed milder Keratin treatments that cost less, take less time, and use fewer chemicals.

“It is a great introduction for people who have never tried the treatment,” said Jeanie Schatzberg, Customer Service Manager for Keratin Express Blowout, the milder solution.

CBS4 asked Scott Alan to try the product on a model with thick, curly, and coarse hair. The treatment promises to give her hair less frizz, making it easier to style by adding levels of Keratin which is something we are all born with and lose, in part, to years of styling.

“The Keratin treatment actually places the Keratin that has been lost by placing it into the cuticle,” said Schatzberg to CBS4’s Jorge Estevez.

The result to the model was obvious. After an hour and a half, her hair was sleek and smooth and looked healthier and shinier.

“It is a real quick treatment that gives them a wonderful result,” said Alan after performing the procedure.

The treatment is cheaper, about $100 to $125 dollars, because it lasts a third of the time as the original Keratin treatment.


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