HOLLYWOOD (CBS4) – A jet black Chihuahua which suffered a fractured femur, two shattered hind legs, a dislocated hip and internal injuries after it was either hit by a vehicle or thrown from a moving one needs your help.

Jeannette Christos, the executive director of the Humane society told CBS4 News that an animal rescue worker called the society crying after finding the injured dog. Because Skittles injuries were so severe, she had to be rushed to the Hollywood Animal Hospital.

“She had a broken tibia, a broken femur a broken ileum on the other leg and a dislocated hip,” said Dr. Larry Dee, a veterinarian at the Hollywood Animal Hospital. “So that’s three fractures and a dislocation.”

Dr. Dee said he still has one more surgery to perform on Skittles. But so far she seems to be improving. “She started eating for us this morning,” he said. “I was a little worried because she didn’t eat Monday night or eat Tuesday morning. But she’s a tough little bird, she’s coming along and sweet as can be. She’s just a little bit shy.”

It’s still early in the recovery stages for Skittles, but Dr. Dee said it is possible for her to make a full recovery. Meanwhile her surgical bills are mounting, now totaling $4,000. The Tri-County Humane Society is asking for donation to pay for the veterinarian bills.  Click Here if you would like to help or call the Humane Society at (561) 482-8110.

They also say they want to find a home for Skittles. But it could be a month before she is ready to be adopted out.


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