(CBS4) – On average, one law enforcement officer is killed somewhere in America every 53 hours, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The following is a list of South Florida law enforcement officers who gave their lives in the line of duty.

Miami Police Officer James Walker:
January 8, 2007: Officer Walker, 30, was found shot to death in his unmarked patrol car in the early morning hours in a North Miami Beach alley.

BSO Deputy Paul Rein:
November 7, 2007: Deputy Rein, 76, was shot and killed while taking a convicted robber to court for trial. Suspect Michael Mazza overpowered Rein in a BSO medical transport van, before he allegedly shot and killed him. Mazza was captured at a Hollywood pawn shop about 5 hours after the shooting.

Miami-Dade Officer Jose Somohano:
Sept. 13, 2007: Officer Somohano, 37, was shot and killed after a traffic stop in Southwest Miami-Dade. Police say the suspect, Shawn LaBeet, used a high powered automatic assault rifle, when he shot and killed Somohano and injured three other officers. LaBeet was shot and killed by police about 12 hours later in Pembroke Pines.

BSO Sgt. Christoper Reyka:
August 10, 2007: Sgt. Christopher Reyka, 51, was shot and killed outside a Pompano Beach drug store early on the morning of August 10, 2007 while checking license plates for possible stolen vehicles.

Deputy Brian Tephford:
November 12, 2006: BSO Deputy Brian Tephford, 34, was shot to death during a traffic stop while working an off-duty detail at Versailles Gardens condominium in Tamarac. Deputy Corey Carbocci, 37, who arrived as a backup, survived four shots to the chest and leg. Eloyn Devon Ingraham, 28, of Sunrise; Bernard Forbes, 22, and Andre Delancy, 19, are all charged in the attack. Tephford was not wearing a protective vest when he was killed.

Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Jose Diaz:
October 8, 2005: Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Jose Diaz, 37, was off duty but responded to a call from fellow officers for backup on Interstate 95. He parked inches from the waist-high concrete median and leaped between his car and the wall, lost his balance and fell 100 feet to his death.

Deputy Ryan C. Seguin
February 15, 2006: Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Seguin, 23, was struck by a car on Interstate 595 during a traffic stop. Seguin had pulled over a Ford Taurus driven by Jose Lopez of Coral Springs to a sliver of land between the far right lane and an entrance ramp from State Road 84. Valdo Vega, 21, crashed his Toyota Camry into the Taurus and Seguin, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputy Todd M. Fatta
August 19, 2004: Kenneth P. Wilk used a hunting rifle to fatally shoot Broward Sheriff’s Detective Todd Fatta, 33, who had gone to Wilk’s house to arrest him on child pornography charges. Though Fatta was wearing a protective vest, he was shot in the chest near the heart and died a short time later. Angelo Cedeño, then a Broward Sheriff’s Office sergeant, was struck in his left shoulder by a bullet which penetrated a wall.

Deputy Philip G. Billings
April 6, 2003: Rookie Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Philip Guy Billings, 25, was shot and killed by thieves who were after Cadillac tire rims while he was working an off-duty security shift at Coral Cadillac near Pompano Beach.

Miami Police Officer William H. Williams
July 3, 2000: Killed in a motorcycle accident

Deputy Michael Doane
December 1999: Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Doane, 26, died from severe internal injuries sustained two weeks earlier in a crash following a shootout and chase outside a Lauderdale Lakes nightclub. Doane was racing to the aid of Deputy Al Hibbert, 47, who was shot in the stomach while chasing Kyan Bucknor, 17.

Miami-Dade Police Officer Reuben Jones

Deputy Michael Metroka:
Nov. 29, 1997: Broward Sheriff’s K-9 Deputy Michael J. Metroka, 39, died of severe head injuries when his marked 1994 Ford Explorer collided with a hit-and-run driver who was later found and convicted.

Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Bryant Peney:
Jan. 7, 1996: Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Bryant Peney, 27, was gunned down on South Federal Highway as he chased Jeffrey Lee Weaver. Weaver shot Peney, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, with a .357-caliber Magnum handgun.

Miami Police Officer Victor Estefan:
March 31, 1988: Officer Estefan was shot and killed after making a traffic stop. As he approached the vehicle to get the driver’s information he was shot and killed. The suspects were arrested in California after a shootout with officers during a nation-wide manhunt. Both suspects were convicted and sentenced to death.

Deputy Patrick Behan:
April 9, 1961 – November 13, 1990

Officer Scott A. Winters:
March 30, 1962 – July 29, 1990

Deputy John Greeney III:
July 13, 1942 – February 17, 1990

Deputy Tony Yaniello:
December 8, 1950 – October 18, 1984

Deputy Joe Edwards:
December 27, 1931 – March 15, 1980

Miami Police Officer Nathaniel K. Broom:
September 2, 1981: Officer Broom was shot and killed during a foot pursuit while attempting a traffic stop.

Deputy Joseph V. Conte:
July 13, 1931 – July 11, 1979

Deputy Robert Milligan:
September 26, 1924 – August 12, 1978

Officer James T. Thomas:
Died April 19, 1977

Officer Jerry Genova:
Died November 14, 1972

Deputy James Hillberry:
March 10, 1934 – December 4, 1964

Deputy Arthur Fillebrown:
September 6, 1932 – August 26, 1957

Marshal William Louis Cox:
April 12, 1883 – August 24, 1915

Marshal John Clifton:
April, 1864 – March 7, 1914


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