Facing South Florida: Key West Cruise Industry, Part 2Jim DeFede continued the conversation on the Key West cruise industry with State Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez.
Facing South Florida: Key West Cruise Industry, Part 1Jim DeFede spoke with Arlo Haskell, with the committee for Cleaner Safer Ships, and Capt. Will Benson of Fishing Guide about the cruise industry's efforts to undermine voters in Key West.
Facing South Florida: Chaos On South BeachJim DeFede delved into the concerns being raised over the ongoing spring break situation, including the racial overtones associated with that.
Facing South Florida: 1-On-1 With US Rep. Val DemingsFacing South Florida host Jim DeFede spoke with Demings about gun control, following the two mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder. 
Facing South Florida: One-On-One With Art AcevedoArt Acevedo, who is the police chief in Houston, was a surprise choice to succeed Jorge Colina.
Facing South Florida: Gambling In South FloridaOn Sunday's edition of Facing South Florida, Jim DeFede explored the shadowy efforts of a small group of wealthy men and powerful lawmakers to bring Las Vegas-style casinos to South Florida.
Facing South Florida: Eulen AmericaJim DeFede has exclusive details on a story he has been following for two years, involving unsafe working conditions facing the people who clean planes and handle baggage for Eulen America.
Facing South Florida: COVID CemeterySunday’s edition of Facing acknowledged the one-year mark since the coronavirus outbreak was declared a global pandemic with a story not seen before.
Facing South Florida: Gender EqualityLauren Pastrana spoke with an expert about the new White House gender policy council.
Facing South Florida Web Extra: Jim DeFede's Full Length One-on-One Interview with Sen. Marco RubioCBS4's Jim DeFede spoke exclusively to Florida Senator Marco Rubio for Facing South Florida. The two discuss a wide-range of topics from immigration, the insurrection at the capitol, and the impeachment trial, to the talk that Ivanka Trump might challenge him for his Senate seat in 2022 and whether he has any intention to run for president in 2024.
Facing South Florida: Biden ImmigrationAl Cárdenas, the former head of the Florida Republican Party, spoke with Jim DeFede about how he hopes to convince his fellow Republicans this issue needs to be resolved.
Facing South Florida: Jared Moskowitz Steps DownJim DeFede spoke with Moskowitz about his decision to resign.
Facing South Florida: Executive Orders On EquityLauren Pastrana spoke with a civil rights and criminal attorney, who is also the new policy director at FIU’s Center for the Administration of Justice, about just how meaningful these executive orders are.
Facing South Florida: COVID Vaccine MistrustLauren Pastrana spoke with two local healthcare experts about how to help heal those decades-old wounds in these particularly concerning times.
Facing South Florida: One-On-One With State Rep. Daniel PerezJim DeFede interviews State Representative Daniel Perez, who is in line to be the next Speaker of the Florida House.
Retired FBI agent Richard Stout On Fallen ColleaguesFacing South Florida host Jim DeFede spoke this week to retired FBI agent Richard Stout about his two fallen colleagues.
Facing South Florida: 1-On-1 With Rep. Debbie Wasserman SchultzJim DeFede and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz discussed the divisive events surrounding Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the far-right conspiracy theorist, among other things.
Facing South Florida: 1-On-1 With Charlie CristJim DeFede interviewed Congressman Charlie Crist, who is interested in challenging Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2022 to get his old job back.
Facing South Florida: Immigration ReformJim DeFede spoke with Maria Rodriguez, executive director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition.
Facing South Florida: Central Themes Of Joe Biden's Inaugural AddressDeFede discussed the challenges Biden is facing with Mo Elleithee, executive director of Georgetown University's Institute for Politics and Public Interest, and Steve Schale, CEO of Unite the Country.
Facing South Florida: Sanctuary CitiesWe are awaiting a judge’s ruling in a federal lawsuit held in Miami, asking that Florida Senate Bill 168, outlawing so-called ‘sanctuary cities’, be declared unconstitutional. The bill requires local law enforcement help federal agents round up undocumented immigrants. There were no sanctuary cities in our state. Critics say the bill led to racial profiling. Jim DeFede interviews Paul Chavez, an attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center, about the lawsuit.
Facing South Florida: Crisis at the CapitolJim DeFede interviews Congresswoman Frederica Wilson about the deadly insurrection at the Capital and the impeachment vote in the House against President Donald Trump.
Facing South Florida: Crisis At The CapitolJim DeFede interviewed Congressman Ted Deutch in the aftermath of the crisis at the Capitol. They discussed about moving forward with impeachment, invoking the 25th Amendment and the president’s refusal to attended the Biden inauguration.

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