Facing South Florida: Felon Voting RightsJim DeFede spoke with Julie Ebenstein, an ACLU attorney, about felon voting rights.
Facing South Florida: One-On-One With Miami Beach Mayor Dan GelberThe focus of the conversation is coronavirus with an emphasis on Miami Beach concerns, such as reopening and tourism.
Facing South Florida: One-On-One With Rep. Ted DeutchThe focus of the conversation is coronavirus with an emphasis on what is going on in Congress.
Facing South Florida: Florida UnemploymentJim DeFede and his guests discuss the unemployment crisis in South Florida through the eyes of a Florida state senator and a union official who represents hotel and hospitality workers here.
Facing South Florida: The Future Of RestaurantsJim DeFede has a simultaneous conversation with three prominent South Florida chefs and restaurant owners who talk about the future of the industry in the age of coronavirus.
Facing South Florida: Mercedes SchlappSchlapp, a senior advisor from the Trump campaign, wanted to respond to DeFede’s exclusive interview with Joe Biden.
Facing South Florida: Miami Mayor Francis SuarezJim DeFede's conversation with the mayor focused on the coronavirus crisis.
Facing South Florida: Dale EwartThe discussion focuses on nursing homes and coronavirus from the perspective of nursing home workers.
Facing South Florida: Rep. Donna ShalalaThe conversation focuses on the criticism the congresswoman received this week for failing to disclose some of her stock transactions.
Facing South Florida: Rep. Debbie Wasserman SchultzThe discussion focuses on the coronavirus stimulus bill passed this week as well as cases and deaths at nursing homes.
Facing South Florida: Analleli & Paulino GallegosJim DeFede's conversation on detainees continues with a man who spent weeks in a South Florida detention center.
Facing South Florida: ICE & DetaineesJim DeFede spoke with Jessica Schneider, an attorney for Americans for Immigrant Justice, and former ICE Director John Sandweg about undocumented immigrants being detained during the coronavirus crisis.
Facing South Florida: Emergency Management Director Jared MoskowitzMoskowitz and Jim DeFede discussed the growing number of coronavirus cases at long-term care facilities and the state's response.
Facing South Florida: Dr. Hansel TookesDr. Tookes shares with Jim DeFede the impact the pandemic is having on those in the Miami Needle Exchange Program.
Facing South Florida: Chad PoppellPoppell explains how DCF has seen a drop in calls during stay-at-home orders.
Facing South Florida: Nikki FriedFried and Jim DeFede touch on a variety of topics, including the unique problems being faced by the state’s farmers, how the state can help the growing number of unemployed and whether Gov. Ron DeSantis should have enacted the stay-at-home order sooner.
Facing South Florida, Coronavirus Edition: Carlos MigoyaMigoya, the president CEO of Jackson Health System, tested positive for the coronavirus. He discusses unprecedented coordination between all South Florida hospitals.
Facing South Florida, Coronavirus Edition: Martha BakerBaker, the president of the health care workers union at Jackson Memorial Hospital spoke about the death of longtime nurse Araceli Buendia Ilagan.
Facing South Florida, Coronavirus Edition: Sen. Marco RubioRubio discussed the part of the economic relief bill he helped write.
Facing South Florida, Coronavirus Edition: Jared MoskowitzFacing South Florida host Jim DeFede went one-on-one with the director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Moskowitz discussed the PPE shortage before touching on the upcoming hurricane season.
Facing South Florida: Rep. Donna Shalala Discusses Coronavirus ResponseRep. Donna Shalala, who represents Florida's 27th District, previously served as the secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton
Facing South Florida: Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho Discusses Coronavirus ResponseCarvalho spoke with CBS4's David Sutta, who was filling in for Facing South Florida host Jim DeFede.
Rep. Donna Shalala Endorses Joe Biden For PresidentShalala, a Democrat who represents Florida's 27th District, made the announcement on "Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede."
Facing South Florida: Super Tuesday FalloutPolitico’s Marc Caputo, who has been covering Joe Biden, discusses the fallout from Super Tuesday. He also looks ahead to the Florida primary on March 17.

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