WEB EXTRA: 2020 Emmy Awards Nominees AnnouncedThe nominees for the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards were announced during a virtual event Tuesday because of coronavirus restrictions. Here's a look at the top nominees.
WEB EXTRA: John Lewis Public Viewing TuesdayPeople are paying their respects to the late Congressman John Lewis in Washington, DC Tuesday. Because of coronavirus precautions, the civil rights icon's casket was placed outside on the U.S. Capitol East Front steps for the public viewing.
WEB EXTRA: Artist Paints Coronavirus Victims' PortraitsHere’s a look at how a painter in Lima, Peru is using his art to honor coronavirus victims.
Trending: Campaign 2020 BarbieMattel has unveiled its Campaign 2020 line of Barbie dolls.
Trending: Benedict CumberbatchActor Benedict Cumberbatch, dressed in his Dr. Strange costume, walked into a Manhatten comic book store in 2016 while on a break from filming the movie. The film's director, Scott Dickerson, posted a video of it on his Twitter account.
Eye On The Day 7/29Here are a few stories we are keeping an eye on: Florida has its deadliest day with 186 coronavirus deaths, Attorney General William Barr is defending federal agents in Portland, Oregon, and a study says Delta is best airline at responding to COVID-19.
WEB EXTRA: Barbie Runs For PresidentBarbie is running for president and has a campaign team this year.
WEB EXTRA: U.S. Capitol Memorial for Congressman John LewisCongressman John Lewis was remembered as a “titan of the civil rights movement” and as a “peacemaker” during a memorial at the U.S. Capitol on Monday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: “We knew that he always worked on the side of the angels and now we know that he is with them.”
WEB EXTRA:Congressman John Lewis Final Journey To The CapitolCongressman John Lewis’ casket arrived at the U.S. Capitol Monday where he is lying in state. The motorcade passed the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Black Lives Matter Plaza, and the National Museum of African American History.
WEB EXTRA: Eye on the Day July 28EYE ON THE DAY: Two studies are in the late stages of coronavirus vaccine trials, Portland protesters file free speech lawsuit against federal agencies, Google extends remote working through June 2021
WEB EXTRA: Giant Teddy Bears At Cafe To Socially DistanceA cafe in Mexico City is getting creative in its efforts to help diners with social distancing. Take a look.
WEB EXTRA: Congressman John Lewis Lies In State On Capitol StepsCongressman John Lewis' casket was placed outside on the U.S. Capitol East Front steps, where members of the public could pay their respects to the civil rights icon without entering the building. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, members of the public must stay outside, wear masks and maintain distance. The viewing will continue on Tuesday.
WEB EXTRA : Walking Marine Meets President Trump at White HouseTerry Sharpe, known as “The Walking Marine," arrived at the White House Monday. Sharpe walks 300 miles every year from his home in North Carolina to Washington, DC to raise awareness about the high rate of suicide among veterans. Karen Pence, the wife of the vice president, joined him for the final stretch.
WEB EXTRA: St. Bernard Rescued From Mountain In EnglandDaisy the St. Bernard was rescued from the highest mountain in England after she couldn’t finish a hike.
Trending: Tom HanksTom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson are now officially Greek citizens.
Eye On The Day 7/27Here are a few stories we are keeping an eye on: Dr. Deborah Birx says some states should close bars to control the coronavirus and Rep. John Lewis lies in state. More news at cbsmiami.com
'I Could Hear The Rabbit Screaming': Secret World Of Greyhound Training, 'Culture Of Cruelty' ExposedThe short film 'Rabbit Run' by CBS4's Jim DeFede uncovers the secret world of how greyhounds are illegally trained using live jackrabbits.
WEB EXTRA: Key West Hemingway Look-Alike Contest CanceledThere should be a 2020 Hemingway Look-Alike winner walking the streets of Key West today. But the global coronavirus pandemic has prevented that.
WEB EXTRA: Cloth Face Coverings StudyCloth face coverings are recommended in public, especially when social distancing is not possible. Many of us are making our own masks to try to protect others around us, and new research suggests the number of layers on a covering is key.
WEB EXTRA: Mammoth Fossil Found In RussiaRussian paleontologists are working to retrieve a mammoth skeleton that was discovered in a lake in Siberia, Russia.
WEB EXTRA: President Trump Signs Executive Orders That Will 'Restructure the Prescription Drug Market'Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was on hand at the White House on Friday as President Donald Trump signed four executive orders designed to reduce prescription-drug prices, including one aimed at allowing drug importation from Canada and other countries.
WEB EXTRA: Billboard Art ExhibitionPeople have gotten very creative during the pandemic. One man in Pittsburgh came up with a drive-thru billboard art exhibition. Take a look.
WEB EXTRA: Teacher Uses "Hug Kits" To Stay Connected To StudentsThis elementary school teacher in Brazil is finding a way to be close to her students during the pandemic. Take a look at her “hug kits.”
WEB EXTRA: Smithsonian's National Zoo ReopensThe Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, D.C. reopened Friday after being closed because of the pandemic. The number of visitors will be limited to 5,000 per day and guests must get passes in advance. Face coverings and social distancing are required.

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