WEB EXTRA: Tiger Woods Hospitalized After Car CrashTiger Woods was hospitalized after a single-car crash Feb. 23 near Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, according to the LA County Sheriff's Department. LASD said Woods was removed from the vehicle with the "jaws of life." The golfer's agent said Woods suffered leg injuries.
WEB EXTRA: Rescued Sea Turtles Released Into Gulf of MexicoThousands of sea turtles rescued from the freezing water off Texas last week are now being released into the Gulf of Mexico. The turtles were "cold-stunned" during the winter storm. Sea Turtle, Inc. in Texas says cold temperatures can make sea turtles vulnerable to hypothermia.
WEB EXTRA: Las Vegas Betting On New Offerings To Draw TouristsSurveys show many Americans are itching to travel. Tourism in Las Vegas plummeted in 2020 because of the pandemic, but the city is betting on life starting to return to normal this year.
WEB EXTRA: Dog Rescued From RocksFirefighters in Malaga, Spain rescued a stray dog that got its head stuck between some rocks Feb. 22. It took two hours of drilling, hammering, and pulling to free the canine. The dog was OK when it broke free.
WEB EXTRA: Rare Moonflower Blooms For The First Time In UKTimelapse of a rare Amazonian cactus blooming at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden Feb. 20. It usually blooms at night, lasting 12 hours, but this one opened during the day. Cambridge said "we believe this is the first time the Moonflower has flowered in the UK."
WEB EXTRA: Gov. Ron DeSantis News Conference In HialeahGov. DeSantis announced that Miami-Dade residents 65 and older will be able to make an appointment for COVID vaccine at every Navarro and every CVS y mas pharmacy in Miami-Dade. There are 31 Navarros & 35 CVS y mas pharmacies.
WEB EXTRA: Three-footed Koala Gets ProstheticA global quest to help a three-footed koala in Australia has ended after a local dentist created a prosthetic that fits perfectly. Check out Triumph's story.
WEB EXTRA: Curious Deer Checks Out Trail CameraThis curious deer checked out a trail camera at the Prairie Border Nature Preserve in Jasper County, IN. The Nature Conservancy in Indiana shared the video February 16 and said the camera captures interesting animal behaviors.
WEB EXTRA: Architect Designs Igloos To Help Protect Emperor PenguinsScientists say Emperor penguins in Antarctica are at risk of extinction as glaciers melt, temperatures rise, and their food sources vanish. An architect from Iran believes he's come up with a solution.
WEB EXTRA: NASA Releases Sounds From Mars Captured By RoverThis is what it SOUNDS like on the planet Mars. NASA released an audio clip of a gust of wind captured Saturday (2/20) by a microphone attached to the rover Perseverance. Mechanical sounds from the rover can also be heard.
Trending: Barack Obama PodcastFormer President Barack Obama has teamed up with rocker Bruce Springsteen for an eight episode podcast "Renegades: Born In The USA."
CBS4 News Morning Headlines 2/23/2021Get a quick look at the news making headlines this morning.
WEB EXTRA: Candlelight Vigil For COVID Victims At White HouseFive-hundred candles were placed along the steps and walkways of the White House South Portico Monday to honor the 500,000 lives lost to COVID-19 in the U.S. A moment of silence was observed by President Biden, Vice President Harris, the First Lady, and the Second Gentleman.
WEB EXTRA: Rainbow Over Partially Frozen Niagara FallsParts of Niagara Falls were covered in ice after weeks of cold weather. People visiting the New York side of the falls also caught a glimpse of this rainbow while snapping photos Sunday (2/21).
WEB EXTRA: Parasailer Gets Tangled In Power LinesA parasailer got tangled up in some power lines on Feb. 19 near Arizona City, Arizona. According to the nearby fire department, it took multiple agencies and lots of planning to rescue him.
CBS4 News Morning Headlines 2/22/2021Get a quick look at the news making headlines this morning.
WEB EXTRA: Caravan Held To Protest Against Robert RuncieBroward teachers held a caravan Saturday in protest of schools' chief Robert Runcie's handling of coronavirus protocols.
WEB EXTRA: Dog And Mail Carrier Are FriendsA dog and a postal carrier in Florida developed a friendship during the pandemic.
WEB EXTRA: Hippo Spits Out SnowTimothy the hippo at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas showed his disgust for the winter weather by spitting out this snow Thursday (2/18).
WEB EXTRA: Image Of The Perseverance Rover Landing On MarsThis is a photo of Perseverance landing on Mars Thursday (2/18). NASA tweeted that a camera from the rover's “jetpack” captured the image of Perseverance just before its wheels touched down.
WEB EXTRA: COVID Compliance Team Investigating Mostly Maskless DeSantis Event In West Palm BeachPalm Beach County's COVID Compliance Team is investigating an event Governor Ron DeSantis held at a West Palm Beach hotel Friday morning for violating the county's masking and social distancing rules.
WEB EXTRA: Florida Woman Suzanne Kaye Arrested For Threatening To Kill FBI Agents In VideoA Florida woman interviewed about her possible involvement in the Capitol siege later threatened to shoot FBI agents in two videos posted to social media. Here's the video.

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