WEB EXTRA: 'Sea Dragon' Fossil Discovered In U.K.Paleontologists in England have discovered the fossilized remains of an ichthyosaur, or "sea dragon," a giant prehistoric sea creature. It's being called "the paleontological discovery of a lifetime," according to the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust.
WEB EXTRA: Small Memorial For Bob Saget Pops Up Outside Iconic 'Full House' Home In San FranciscoFans created a small memorial for actor and comedian Bob Saget outside the iconic home used for the sitcom "Full House" in San Francisco, California. The Orange County Sheriff's Office confirmed the 65-year-old actor was found dead in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, Jan. 9
WEB EXTRA: Otters Play In Tubs Of WaterThese southern sea otters were spotted jumping in and out of tubs of water at the Oregon Zoo on January 6. The zoo says Juno, Lincoln, and Uni Sushi all love to play.
WEB EXTRA: US Mint Ships Out New Maya Angelou QuarterYou might see the new Maya Angelou quarter in your change soon. The U.S. Mint says it has started shipping the first coins in its American Women Quarters Program.
WEB EXTRA: Veterans Swim With Dolphins As Part of Therapy ProgramThese dolphins help provide physical and emotional therapy for wounded veterans. On Sunday (1/9), the veterans got in the water with the dolphins as part of a Wounded Warrior Project event in the Florida Keys.
WEB EXTRA: Northern lights over FinlandWOW! Here's a look at the northern lights over Finland on Saturday, Jan. 8. 2022.
WEB EXTRA: Migrants Picked Up In Key LargoMigrants Picked Up In Key Largo
WEB EXTRA: Wounded Warriors Interact With Florida Keys Dolphins As TherapyThe soldiers, who have wounds ranging from missing limbs to less visible psychological injuries, visited Dolphin Research Center where warriors in all stages of physical and mental health recovery have been engaging with dolphins for over 25 years.
WEB EXTRA: Police Officer Rescues Dog Who Fell Through Ice On LakeHere's the moment a police officer rescued a dog who had fallen through the ice on a lake in New York. On Wednesday (1/5), Lewiston Police Officer Jon Smith walked out onto the ice to help pull the 75-pound lab named Kona to safety and reunite her with her owners.
WEB EXTRA: Tribute To Actor Sidney Poitier On The Hollywood Walk of FamePeople paid tribute to groundbreaking actor Sidney Poitier at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California on Friday (1/7). The Bahamas Foreign Minister confirmed to CBS News that the 94-year-old Bahamian passed away. Poitier was the first Black man to receive an Oscar for Best Actor.
WEB EXTRA: 'Flurona' ExplainedHealth officials are concerned about surging cases of both the flu and COVID-19. They say some patients will experience both infections at the same time, a sickness being called "flurona."
WEB EXTRA: Researchers Say Tthey Have Trained Goldfish To 'Drive'Researchers at a university in Israel say they have trained goldfish to "drive." Check out the experiment and what they say it shows.
WEB EXTRA: Man Wanted For Burglarizing Fort Lauderdale Home While Residents Were SleepingThe Fort Lauderdale Police Department is looking for a man who burglarized a home in the middle of the night, while the occupants were asleep.
WEB EXTRA: Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Jumps Out Of The Way Of CarThis Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper had to jump out of the way to avoid a car that went off the road while he was working another crash on I-80 near Laramie, Wyoming Tuesday (1/4). WHP tweeted about road conditions during bad weather, saying: "Please slow down, use caution, and plan ahead." The trooper and the driver were OK, according to WHP.
WEB EXTRA: Workers Put Finishing Touches On Iconic Key West BuoyWorkers Put Finishing Touches On Iconic Key West Buoy
WEB EXTRA: Workers Put Finishing Touches On Restored Key West IconKey West’s Southernmost Point marker was damaged in a fire intentionally set early on New Year’s Day.
WEB EXTRA: Third Bald Eagle Egg HatchesMiami’s most famous bald eagles, Ron and Rita, are now the parents of a third bald eagle baby now that their third egg hatched Thursday morning.
WEB EXTRA: President Biden Said 'Democracy Was Attacked' During The January 6 Attack On The U.S. CapitolPresident Joe Biden: "One year ago today, in this sacred place, democracy was attacked. Simply attacked. The will of the people was under assault." During remarks about the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol, the president said: "Our democracy held. We the people endured. We the people prevailed."
WEB EXTRA: Pres. Biden On Jan 6 Attack: A President 'Tried To Prevent The Peaceful Transfer Of Power'President Biden spoke about the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol one year ago, saying: "For the first time in our history, a president had not just lost an election, he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob breached the Capitol. But they failed." President Biden said, "we must make sure that such attack never, never happens again."
WEB EXTRA: Woman Goes On Rant At Miramar McDonaldsWoman Goes On Rant At Miramar McDonalds
WEB EXTRA: Gov. DeSantis Calls January 6th 'Christmas' For DC-New York MediaGov. DeSantis Calls Jan. 6 'Christmas' For DC-New York Media
WEB EXTRA: Gov. DeSantis News Conference In West Palm BeachGov. DeSantis News Conference In West Palm Beach
WEB EXTRA: Ice festival Dedicated To 2022 Winter Olympics Opens In ChinaAn ice festival dedicated to the 2022 Winter Olympics opened in Harbin, China recently. Harbin Ice and Snow World features ice sculptures and snow landscapes that depict iconic structures from other continents and has a 137-foot-tall Olympic torch ice tower at the center. The Olympic Games kick off February 4th in Beijing.
WEB EXTRA: Homer Plessy Gets Posthumous Pardon From LA GovernorHomer Plessy was posthumously pardoned by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards in New Orleans on Wednesday (1/5). Plessy, a Black man, was arrested in 1892, after refusing to move from a Whites-only train car. The Plessy vs. Ferguson Supreme Court case that followed focused on racial segregation laws and became well-known for the notion of "separate but equal."

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