The European Union is preparing a plan to reopen to vaccinated Americans and many seniors are ready to go. Travel advisors say older travelers are among those leading bookings.

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WEB EXTRA: Inclusive BarbershopSomething as simple as a haircut can be stressful for those who do not define themselves along traditional gender lines. This Pride Month, take a look at one business in New York City that's trying to change the way style and sex are perceived.
WEB EXTRA: 'Wheels' On WaterTake these for a spin. Check out some vehicles designed in Egypt made to look like you’re driving a sports car on the water.
WEB EXTRA: QR Codes On Historical Grave SitesTake a look at how one cemetery in Iowa is using modern day technology to tell the life stories of historical figures buried there.
Trending: Billie Eilish ApologySinger Billie Eilish has apologized for using a racist slur in some recently surfaced videos.
CBS4 News Morning Headlines 6/22/2021Get a quick look at the news making headlines this morning.
WEB EXTRA: Marilyn Monroe StatueA statue of Marilyn Monroe was permanently installed in downtown Palm Springs, CA on Sunday. Some people gathered to protest the statue, saying it is misogynistic.
WEB EXTRA: Summer Solstice At StonehengeOn Monday, June 21st, people flocked to Stonehenge to mark the summer solstice, despite gloomy weather and COVID restrictions.
WEB EXTRA: Warship Explosion TestThe U.S. Navy set off an explosion near the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier in the Atlantic Ocean June 18. The explosion, viewed from several angles, was part of a “full ship shock trial," which is done near warships to check that they can withstand harsh conditions.
CBS3 News Morning Headlines 6/21/2021Get a quick look at the news making headlines this morning.
WEB EXTRA: Stray Dog Has New Lease On Life After Getting 7 Lbs Of Matted Fur Shaved OffWhen a matted, skinny stray dog arrived at Kansas City Pet Project in Missouri, the team didn’t know how bad his condition was. But after a shave and some much-needed care, Simon the Shih Tzu has a new lease on life.
WEB EXTRA: Officer Helps Free Deer From FenceOfficers in Glendale, CA helped a deer stuck in a fence on June 13th. The responding officers said the animal was in distress as its mother "stood by looking on." Once freed, the deer was reunited with its mom, according to police.
WEB EXTRA: Dog Runs Away From People Trying To Catch Her On Road In PeruThis dog named “Muchi” kept running away from people trying to catch her after she got loose on a road in Lima, Peru Thursday (6/17). The pooch eventually ran into a vet clinic and was reunited with her owners, according to local officials. They said “Muchi” did hurt her paw.
TRENDING: Diana Ross New AlbumArtist Diana Ross announces she is releasing her new album, 'Thank You' in September.
WEB EXTRA: Man And Pigeon Become FriendsTake a look at the strong bond between one man and his pigeon.
WEB EXTRA: Wolf Pups In Their Enclosure At Mexican ZooCheck out these baby wolves hanging out in their enclosure at the Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico. The pups were born in late April. The Mexican environment ministry is asking the public to help name all five wolves, with voting ending August 15.
WEB EXTRA: Elephant Predicts Winner Of Soccer GameCan an elephant "predict" the winner of a soccer game? Germany will play Portugal on Saturday (6/19). Take a look at who Yoshida, an elephant at a German zoo, picked to win. Yoshida correctly guessed the outcome of a game earlier this week, will the elephant be right again?
WEB EXTRA: Gov. DeSantis Signs Legislation to Provide Emergency Care to Police K-9s Injured in Line of DutyGov. DeSantis Signs Legislation to Provide Emergency Care to Police K-9s Injured in Line of Duty
Trending: House From HellA house for sale in Colorado Springs comes with its own challenges. Not only has it been vandalized, the odor inside is so overwhelming the realtor said you can feel it.
CBS4 News Morning Headlines 6/18/2021Get a quick look at the news making headlines this morning.
WEB EXTRA: Father's Day Spending 2021What are you Father's Day plans this year? How much we spend on dad is expected to hit a record high as more people become vaccinated and coronavirus restrictions start to loosen.
WEB EXTRA: Shark Gets Close To California Paddle BoarderA shark got very close to a paddle boarder in Carpinteria, CA in late May. Shark enthusiast Jackson Kischer said he was “a little scared” when the shark approached his board. “All it would take is a flick of its tail and I would be in the water with it,” he said.
WEB EXTRA: Disneyland Paris ReopensDisney characters welcomed the public back to Disneyland Paris Thursday (6/17). The theme park closed its doors in October due to a second wave of COVID-19 cases in France. Guests six and older must wear a mask.
WEB EXTRA: Summer SolsticeSummer solstice animation
WEB EXTRA: Gov. DeSantis roundtable on combatting red tides.Gov. DeSantis roundtable on combatting red tides.

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