Meet Houston, a border collie from Russia who’s a social media star. Check out what this pooch is doing to earn thousands of fans.

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WEB EXTRA: Fiona The Hippo Runs Away From BubblesLooks like Fiona the hippo is not a fan of bubbles! The Cincinnati Zoo's three-year-old hippopotamus was quick to run away when a zookeeper blew some bubbles at her on June 16.
WEB EXTRA: Mother-Daughter Lemonade StandA mom and daughter duo thought they'd open a lemonade stand to raise a little money for a trip to Universal Studios. Take a look at what happened next - it's a story as sweet as lemonade.
WEB EXTRA; Kansas Teen Catches World Record Breaking FishThis Kansas teen with muscular dystrophy went on a fishing trip to celebrate his high school graduation. He didn’t expect to head home with a world record.
WEB EXTRA: Lauderhill Police Press Conference On Bodies Of Sisters Found In CanalThe girls have been identified as 9-year-old Destiny Hogan and 7-year-old Daysha Hogan. Their mother, 36-year-old Tinessa Hogan, was named as a person of interest.
WEB EXTRA: Newborn Antelope At Zoo In PolandThis newborn mountain bongo antelope spent some time in the sun at the Warsaw Zoo in Poland on Wednesday (6/23). The zoo said this antelope subspecies is critically endangered. The baby antelope is the second of its kind to be born at the zoo this year.
WEB EXTRA: Baby Born At Miami International AirportMeet Mia, a baby born at Miami International Airport on June 20th.
Children's Service Council Of Broward's Back To School Extravaganza 2020For the eleventh year, the Children’s Service Council of Broward County (CSC), along with many other community partners, will be a leading supporter of the “Back to School Extravaganza”, an effort to bring backpacks, supplies, shoes, and uniforms to thousands of economically disadvantaged students.
WEB EXTRA: Spider-Man Meets The PopeSpider-Man was at Pope Francis' weekly audience Wednesday (6/23). The hero even met the pope and gave him a Spider-Man mask. The man behind the mask, Mattia Villardita, was seated in the VIP section for his work dressing up and visiting sick kids in hospitals.
WEB EXTRA: Slo-Mo WigglesTake a look at Uma the hippo's impressive ear wiggles in slow motion at San Antonio Zoo on June 15. The zoo told Reuters: "Hippos wiggle their ears to remove water from their ears when they surface. On land, they also do it to swat away insects."
WEB EXTRA: Dr. Walensky Says 'Nearly Every' COVID Death 'Is At This Point Entirely Preventable'CDC Director: “Nearly every death, especially among adults, due to COVID-19 is at this point entirely preventable.” On Tuesday (6/22), Dr. Rochelle Walensky said "nearly every" coronavirus death is "particularly tragic” now that highly effective vaccines are available.
WEB EXTRA: Roses On Brazilian Beach Mark 500,000 COVID DeathsThese roses on a Rio de Janeiro beach represent more than 500,000 Brazilians who have died from COVID-19. On Sunday (6/21), volunteers placed the flowers while also criticizing the government for its virus response. A sign read, “Half-million dead. Where did we go wrong?”
WEB EXTRA: Surprise Fourth Penguin Chick Hatches At AquariumAn unexpected fourth penguin chick hatched at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium a few weeks ago. The other three chicks hatched earlier in the spring. The aquarium says the chicks have to meet a few milestones before they can join the full penguin colony and meet the public.
Trending: Britney SpearsSinger Britney Spears is set to testify in a Los Angeles courtroom about the people making decisions over finances and life. She's been fighting to remove her father from her conservatorship.
CBS4 News Morning Headlines 6/23/2021Get a quick look at the news making headlines this morning.
WEB EXTRA: Lauderhill Police Press Conference On Second Body Found In CanalLt. Mike Santiago said the body of the girl, who appears to be no more than 12 years old, was recovered after a 911 call at 8 p.m. Tuesday.
WEB EXTRA: Chris Bosh On What’s Next For The Miami HeatCBS4 Sports Anchor Jim Berry spoke one-on-one with Bosh.
WEB EXTRA: Inclusive BarbershopSomething as simple as a haircut can be stressful for those who do not define themselves along traditional gender lines. This Pride Month, take a look at one business in New York City that's trying to change the way style and sex are perceived.
WEB EXTRA: 'Wheels' On WaterTake these for a spin. Check out some vehicles designed in Egypt made to look like you’re driving a sports car on the water.
WEB EXTRA: QR Codes On Historical Grave SitesTake a look at how one cemetery in Iowa is using modern day technology to tell the life stories of historical figures buried there.
Trending: Billie Eilish ApologySinger Billie Eilish has apologized for using a racist slur in some recently surfaced videos.
CBS4 News Morning Headlines 6/22/2021Get a quick look at the news making headlines this morning.
WEB EXTRA: Marilyn Monroe StatueA statue of Marilyn Monroe was permanently installed in downtown Palm Springs, CA on Sunday. Some people gathered to protest the statue, saying it is misogynistic.
WEB EXTRA: Summer Solstice At StonehengeOn Monday, June 21st, people flocked to Stonehenge to mark the summer solstice, despite gloomy weather and COVID restrictions.
WEB EXTRA: Warship Explosion TestThe U.S. Navy set off an explosion near the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier in the Atlantic Ocean June 18. The explosion, viewed from several angles, was part of a “full ship shock trial," which is done near warships to check that they can withstand harsh conditions.

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