Meet Eros, a dog who's helping deliver food to customers in Colombia.

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WEB EXTRA: Dog Rescued From Apple Fire in CaliforniaA dog and his owner are back together again after the pooch ran off as a wildfire burned near their home in California. Here’s how firefighters helped “Buck” make his way home safe and sound.
WEB EXTRA: Baby Born Just After Beirut Blast Rattles HospitalA baby boy was safely delivered in the aftermath of the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Here's the story of baby George's delivery and the message his father sent the hospital staff.
WEB EXTRA: Olympic Rings Monument Temporarily Removed From Tokyo BayThis Olympic rings monument was temporarily removed from Tokyo Bay Thursday. Organizers said the rings were moved for maintenance and will return in December. The 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan were postponed due to the coronavirus and rescheduled for July 23-August 8, 2021.
WEB EXTRA: Tel Aviv Displays Lebanese Flag in Show Of SolidarityCity Hall in Tel Aviv, Israel was lit up with the Lebanese flag Wednesday in solidarity with the people of Beirut following Tuesday’s explosion. Tel Aviv’s mayor tweeted that “humanity takes precedence over every conflict, and our hearts are with the Lebanese people..."
WEB EXTRA: "Facing South Florida With Jim DeFede""Facing South Florida With Jim DeFede" moves to 8:30 a.m. this Sunday.
WEB EXTRA: Tourist Damages 19th Century Italian SculptureA tourist damaged a sculpture at the Gypsotheca Antonio Canova museum in Italy at the end of July when he posed for a picture. Take a look.
WEB EXTRA: Whales Swim Close To Surfers In SydneyWatch the moment surfers in Sydney, Australia came within just a few feet of a whale mom and calf. Instagram user @whatifwefly_ shared the video Monday, saying it looked like the mom was protecting her calf at one point when the surfers got close.
WEB EXTRA: Explosion In Beirut Interrupts Bride's Wedding PhotosA bride posing for photos in Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday, was sent running by the blast that rocked the city. Watch the dramatic moment caught on camera.
WEB EXTRA: Social Media StressHave you changed how you use social media recently? A new survey finds Americans are adjusting online habits because of tensions surrounding the pandemic, politics, and race relations.
WEB EXTRA: Green Sea Turtles Released Back Into Wild25 green sea turtles were released back into the water off the coast of Bali, Indonesia on Wednesday. The Agency for Conservation of Natural Resources of Bali said the turtles were part of a larger group saved from poachers in July. More turtles will be released later.
Trending: FBI Search Home Of YouTube Star Jake PaulJake Paul was not home at the time of the search, no arrests were made.
Eye On The Day 8/6Here are a few stories we are keeping an eye on: U.S. is reporting more than 4.8 million cases of the coronavirus since the pandemic began, the search continues for survivors after an explosion in Beirut, and Olympic rings’ temporary removal in Tokyo is a reminder of 2020 Games postponement.
Explosion In Beirut Interrupts Bride's Wedding PhotosA bride posing for photos in Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday, was sent running by the blast that rocked the city. Watch the dramatic moment caught on camera.
WEB EXTRA: Fla. Sen. Rick Scott Responds To Gov. Ron DeSantis Unemployment Comments To CBS4's Jim DeFedeOn Wednesday, Florida Senator Rick Scott responded to an interview in which Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told CBS4's Jim DeFede that the state's unemployment system was deliberately set up to frustrate people and make it hard to apply for benefits.
WEB EXTRA: The After Of IsaiasIsaias made its way up the east coast Monday and Tuesday. The storm uprooted trees, tore roofs off homes, and flooded roads.
WEB EXTRA: 9 New Koalas At Australian Reptile ParkHere's a look at the Australian Reptile Park's 9 koala babies! The park announced Monday that they were born after Australia's deadly brush fires a few months ago. The fires severely impacted the species. Experts say koalas could become extinct before 2050.
WEB EXTRA: Beirut, Lebanon ExplosionAn explosion shook Beirut, Lebanon Tuesday. It’s not clear what caused the blast. More than 60 people were killed and over 3,000 injured, according to a health minister.
Trending: Kraft Mac & CheeseKraft is coming out with limited edition boxes that feature the word 'Breakfast' where dinner usually is.
CBS4 EXCLUSIVE: Jim DeFede's Full 1-On-1 Interview With Gov. Ron DeSantisDeFede and the governor touched on a variety of topics, ranging from Florida's coronavirus death toll to the Black Lives Matter movement.
Exclusive: Gov. Ron DeSantis Discusses Return To Work GuidanceCBS4's Jim DeFede went one-on-one with the governor, who was giving his first formal interview since the COVID-19 pandemic began.
WEB EXTRA: Superintendent Robery Runcie Remarks To School BoardSuperintendent Robery Runcie Remarks To School Board
WEB EXTRA: Humpback Whale Calf Saved After Getting Stuck On BeachWatch as people help this baby humpback whale stuck on a beach in Arraial do Cabo, Brazil on August 3.
WEB EXTRA: Ostrich on the loose in PhilippinesThis ostrich was spotted running down a street in Metro Manila, Philippines on Tuesday. Dino Rivera captured the video and said people had also been trying to catch a second ostrich. He said both birds were finally caught.
Trending: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Buying The XFLDwayne "The Rock" Johnson and his business partner have joined an investment firm to buy the XFL for $15 million.

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