A peaceful protest was held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. Protesters marched to the landmark and sat every nine blocks for nine minutes to represent the eight minutes and 46 seconds that George Floyd was held down by a Minnesota police officer. The protest ended before the 7 pm curfew.

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WEB EXTRA: Police Corral Loose Kangaroo In Fort LauderdaleNot a sight you see everyday as Fort Lauderdale police corral a loose kangaroo.
WEB EXTRA: Eye on the Day July 16EYE ON THE DAY: Mask mandates across the U.S., updates on school reopenings, and Kanye West will be on a state’s ballot in November. What do you think of his presidential run?
WEB EXTRA: Wedding Held At Senior Living Community For Bride's GrandmaA couple in Arizona held their wedding outside a senior home so the bride's grandmother could attend the ceremony.
WEB EXTRA: Caught On VideoThree women are facing battery charges after authorities say they attacked Spirit Airlines employees at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Tuesday evening.
WEB EXTRA: Black-Footed Kittens at San Diego ZooTwo black-footed kittens ventured out of their den recently at the San Diego Zoo to try some food from a care specialist. The kittens were born April 28, 2020 and weighed three ounces at birth. According to the zoo, the kittens will grow to be about two or three pounds and 14-20 inches long.
WEB EXTRA: Cat Interrupts UK Parliament MeetingRojo the cat's bushy tail made an appearance during a UK Parliament virtual meeting Tuesday.
WEB EXTRA: Shaq Stops To Help Stuck DriverBasketball star Shaquille O'Neal stopped to help a driver on the side of a road in Florida Monday. Shaq was still there when the authorities arrived.
Trending: Kanye WestKanye West is bowing out of the presidential election even though he was never officially on the ballot.
Eye On The Day 7/15Here are a few stories we are keeping an eye on: CDC director says masks are key to stopping the coronavirus, a development in the search for a vaccine, and a survey says frequent flyers will be back in the air soon. What would make you comfortable to fly?
Jim DeFede Shares His Takeaways From Interview With Roger StoneThis was Stone's first local news interview since President Donald Trump commuted his prison sentence.
Preview Of Jim DeFede's 1-On-1 With Roger StoneThis is Stone's first local news interview since President Donald Trump commuted his prison sentence.
WEB EXTRA: Electric Fence At Pub To Enforce Social DistancingA pub in England installed an electric fence to encourage social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.
WEB EXTRA: Red Rainbow Over Finnish LakeA fisherman saw this rare red rainbow over a lake in Finland July 11. Aviv Junno said it gave him "the creeps” so he went back home for the night. Scientists say rainbows can appear red when the sun is low, like at sunrise and sunset.
Trending: Johnnie WalkerThe parent company of the whiskey brand Johnnie Walker says they will begin using bottles made from wood pulp next year.
Eye On The Day 7/14Here are a few stories we are keeping an eye on: States respond to rising COVID-19 cases, officials are confident they’ve found the body of Naya Rivera, and saying goodbye to the Washington Redskins. What should the team be called?
WEB EXTRA: NEOWISE Comet Makes Appearance Around The WorldThe newly discovered “NEOWISE” comet is making a rare appearance in skies around the world. NASA says the the comet can be viewed just after sunset until mid-August, and won’t be back in the inner solar system for almost another 7,000 years.
WEB EXTRA: Tax TipsTax day is Wednesday, July 15th. Here are some tips if you still need to file and things to look out for next year.
Trending: Sport's Illustrated's First Transgender Woman ModelVictoria Sampaio will pose for the brand's swimsuit issue.
Trending: Star Trek: Lower DeckThe new animated series "Star Trek: Lower Deck" is coming to CBS All Access on August 6th. The unlikely hybrid of Star Trek and animated work place comedy will be a 10 episode season.
Eye On The Day 7/13Here are a few stories we are keeping an eye on: The coronavirus spreads through Florida, a fire that started on a U.S. Navy vessel continues to burn, and some stunning comet images to start your week. Have you caught a glimpse of "NEOWISE?"
WEB EXTRA: Florida Keys Underwater Music Fest Highlights Reef ProtectionConservation-minded divers enjoyed music piped beneath the sea this weekend in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
WEB EXTRA: Fainting Royally.A supermarket worker in Bristol, England, fainted in front of Prince Charles.
WEB EXTRA: Caught On Camera Lightning Strike Near Oklahoma TrooperOklahoma Highway Patrol shared this video of a lightning strike that came dangerously close to a trooper on duty July 2. The trooper was out of his cruiser to help after equipment fell off a trailer, according to the department.
WEB EXTRA: Mask-Shaped Flatbreads at Indian RestaurantA restaurant in India is using one of its dishes to remind people to wear face masks during the pandemic. Flatbreads shaped like face masks are being served up at the Temple City restaurant in Madurai. The manager says they are especially popular with kids.

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