"Now is the time to stand up for our brothers and sister who need us," she told CBS4's Ted Scouten.

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WEB EXTRA: Broward Superintendent Robert Runci's State Of The District AddressBroward Superintendent Robert Runci's State Of The District Address
Trending: AdeleAdele is rolling deep in the deep of the Beyonce fandom.
Eye On The Day 8/3Here are a few stories we are keeping an eye on: Dr. Birx says COVID-19 is impacting rural areas as much as cities, Tropical Storm Isaias makes its way up the East Coast, and two NASA astronauts returned to Earth in the first splashdown in 45 years.
WEB EXTRA: Gov. Ron DeSantis Press Conference On Hurricane IsaiasGov. Ron DeSantis Press Conference On Hurricane Isaias
WEB EXTRA: HHS Secretary Alex Azar On Preparing For Hurricane Amid COVID-19 PandemicHealth and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar spoke about Hurricane Isaias and COVID-19 at a roundtable with President Trump in Tampa on July 31. He said hurricane preparation might be different because of the virus. Secretary Azar said sheltering in place would be encouraged more than evacuations. He also said, “If you do end up in a place that’s a congregate setting, it’s the same advice that we give in a non-emergency situation: wear face coverings, practice good physical distance, good personal hygiene.
WEB EXTRA: Police Rescue Horse From Barn FireTwo Pennsylvania police officers and a farm worker rescued a horse from a barn fire on July 23. Take a look at the dramatic rescue.
WEB EXTRA: Hurricane Hunters Over The Eye Of Hurricane IsaiasTake a look at the eye of Hurricane Isaias in the Caribbean from aboard a NOAA aircraft on Friday. The NOAA Hurricane Hunters shared the video.
WEB EXTRA: Rep. Jordan and Dr. Fauci In Heated ExchangeRep. Jim Jordan questioned Dr. Anthony Fauci about protests and the spread of coronavirus at a hearing Friday on Capitol Hill. Rep. Jordan asked Dr. Fauci whether the government should try to limit protests around the country.
WEB EXTRA: Whales Swimming Off Brazilian CoastThese whales were spotted swimming in the waters off Bahia, Brazil in mid-July. Biologists say the whales could have an easier time finding food this year in quieter seas, with fewer ships in the ocean because of the coronavirus.
WEB EXTRA: Mayor Carlos Gimenez Update On Hurricane Isaias PreparationsMayor Carlos Gimenez Update On Hurricane Isaias Preparations
Trending: Ellen DegeneresEllen Degeneres said she's making changes to her show after several former staff members complained of a hostile work environment.
Eye On The Day 7/31Here are a few stories we are keeping an eye on: 1,200+ coronavirus deaths recorded in the U.S. yesterday and President Trump claims 2020 election will be "most inaccurate & fraudulent election in history."
WEB EXTRA: Motorcycle Santa Brings Early Holiday CheerIt's never too early for some Christmas cheer... one man in Cross Plains, TN is bringing out his Santa hat even earlier this year to try to bring some joy to his community during the coronavirus pandemic.
WEB EXTRA: Former President Barack Obama Speaks at Rep. John Lewis FuneralFormer President Barack Obama eulogized Rep. John Lewis at the late congressman's funeral in Atlanta, GA Thursday. The former president said when he was inaugurated, Lewis "was one of the first people I greeted and hugged on that stand. And I told him, ‘This is your day, too.’"
WEB EXTRA: George W. Bush Speaks at Rep. John Lewis Funeral"We live in a better and nobler country today because of John Lewis." Former President George W. Bush spoke at the funeral for the late congressman John Lewis Thursday. The former president said although the two had differing views, "differences of opinion are inevitable elements and evidence of democracy in action."
WEB EXTRA: Herman Cain Dies At 74 After Coronavirus BattleBusinessman and former presidential candidate Herman Cain has died following a battle with coronavirus, according to a statement released July 30 on his website. Cain had been hospitalized with COVID-19 for several weeks. He was 74.
WEB EXTRA: NASA Launches Perseverance Mars RoverA United Launch Alliance Atlas rocket carrying NASA’s Perseverance rover lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida on July 30, on its journey to Mars. Perseverance is expected to touch down on the red planet in February.
WEB EXTRA: NASA Rover's 2020 Mars MissionAn Atlas rocket carrying the Mars rover “Perseverance” lifted off on July 30 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Here’s a look at what to expect from the Mars 2020 Mission.
WEB EXTRA: Rhino Celebrates First BirthdayEdward, a southern white rhino, celebrated his first birthday at the San Diego Zoo on July 28. The zoo gave Edward some boxes, cardboard cutouts of rhinos, and hay, his favorite meal.
WEB EXTRA: NASA Launches Mars RoverChris Martinez reports NASA launched its newest rover to Mars today for what could prove to be a history making mission.
WEB EXTRA: Triplets Make Coronavirus Safety Kits For CommunityThese triplets are making homemade safety kits to make sure people in their community have essential items during the pandemic.
WEB EXTRA: Train Derailment In ArizonaA train derailed and caught fire on a bridge in Tempe, Arizona Wednesday morning. A spokesperson for Union Pacific said there were no injuries reported among the crew, and the train was moving mixed freight.
Trending: Drake Is King Of Billboard ChartsRapper Drake is now the artist with the most Top 10 hits in the history of the Billboard 100.
Trending: Taylor Swift MerchandiseSinger Taylor Swift and her team are changing the design on many pieces of their mechandise after being accused of stealing her logo from another designer.

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