Work on the castle will begin in the coming weeks, and is planned to go into the summer.

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WEB EXTRA: Polar Bear Cub Plays With ToyFinja the polar bear is having fun playing even though the Vienna Zoo is closed to visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The zoo shared this video Thursday and said they get message every day from people checking in on the cub.
WEB EXTRA: Australia's Bondi Beach Before And After Coronavirus RestrictionsBEFORE AND AFTER: This is what Bondi Beach in Sydney looked like on March 20th and then what it looked like on March 31st. This week, Australia implemented stricter social distancing rules to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
WEB EXTRA Drive-through toilet paper stationA store in Germany has started selling toilet paper via a drive-through system. The manager came up with the idea because there are a limited number of people allowed in his store at a time. He said he only started selling toilet paper because of the high demand for it amid the coronavirus pandemic.
WEB EXTRA: 104-Year-Old COVID-19 SurvivorThis man from Oregon celebrated his 104th birthday on Wednesday. Doctors also just said he’s recovered from COVID-19, a disease that is particularly dangerous for the elderly.
WEB EXTRA: Something To Brighten Your DayBreathe, just breathe. If you are feeling coronavirus anxiety which is sweeping South Florida faster than the pandemic itself, sometimes you just have to pause and enjoy a moment, a memory or some beautiful scenery. So pause now for this montage of beautiful South Florida images taken by photographer and CBS4 Weather Watcher Brooke Trace.
Eye On The Day 4/2Here are a few stories we are keeping an eye on: New York City's Central Park field hospital begins accepting patients, more states expand stay-at-home orders, and wedding guests made out of cardboard. What do you think of the creative solution?
WEB EXTRA: Monroe County Mayor's Plan To Help Residents RecoverThe Florida Keys rely heavily on tourism but no visitors are allowed right now to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
WEB EXTRA: Monroe County Mayor On Difference Between Other Disasters & CoronavirusHeather Carruthers also touches on the economic impact her community is facing.
WEB EXTRA: Monroe County Mayor Heather Carruthers On Keys Coronavirus Preparedness"We have the same issues as that everyone else in the country has in terms of personal protective equipment," she said.
Trending Now: Jack Black Makes TikTok DebutHe flashed some dance moves while in his backyard.
WEB EXTRA: Bear Cub Recovering At Florida ZooAn orphaned bear cub is being cared for at a zoo in Florida. Take a look at his progress.
WEB EXTRA: Truck With Toilet Paper Catches FireA truck carrying toilet paper crashed and caught fire near Dallas, Texas Wednesday morning. Toilet paper has been in high demand amid the coronavirus pandemic. Officials said the driver was okay.
WEB EXTRA: Coast Guard Helps Release Sea TurtlesWhen it was time to release three baby sea turtles into the Atlantic Ocean, marine biologists in Florida had to get creative. They teamed up with the Coast Guard because of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.
WEB EXTRA: Lawn Flamingos Showcase Social DistancingA homeowner in Austin, Texas is keeping his decorative flamingos six feet apart during the coronavirus pandemic. Greg Cunningham changes his flamingo display with the seasons and says a neighbor suggested he showcase social distancing. He says people often stop and smile.
WEB EXTRA: Woman Is Only Passenger On FlightA woman who booked a flight out of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, was the only passenger on a flight to Boston to see her mother last week. Take a look at the personalized greeting she got from one flight attendant.
Eye On The Day 4/1Here are some of the stories we are keeping an eye on; The White House warns of hundreds of thousands of possible U.S. coronavirus deaths, numbers continue to rise in New York, and a supercentenarian celebrates her birthday. Have you seen any social distancing celebrations?
WEB EXTRA: Dr. Fauci Says Mitigation Is WorkingDr. Anthony Fauci said at the daily coronavirus press briefing on Tuesday that, "So what we’re gonna see and we have to brace ourselves, in the next several days to a week or so we’re gonna continue to see things go up. We cannot be discouraged by that because the mitigation is actually working and will work." The president has extended social distancing guidelines until April 30.
WEB EXTRA: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez On Hospital Capacity During Coronavirus CrisisThe mayor said he is hopeful that Miami hospital won't be overwhelmed.
WEB EXTRA: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez On His Experience Dealing With CoronavirusThe mayor was isolated for more than two weeks after contracting COVID-19.
LIGHTS, CAMERA, MUSIC: CBS4 Photojournalist Makes Music Mashup During Coronavirus QuarantineArtists are painting, chefs are cooking and musicians are making music, including CBS4 photojournalist Rafael Murciano who spent some of his vacation time at home making sweet wonderful music, one instrument at a time.
WEB EXTRA: Goats Roam Empty UK Streets During LockdownThese goats had the streets to themselves in Llandudno, Wales on Monday. The UK has been on lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Andrew Stuart took this video and said there's hardly anyone around, so the animals were climbing walls and chewing plants.
WEB EXTRA: Woman Wears Shark Suit To Help With Social DistancingWhat are you doing to make sure you follow social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic? This woman in Dallas, Texas had a creative way to keep people six feet away during her recent grocery shopping trip.
WEB EXTRA: Empire State Building Lit For Emergency WorkersThe Empire State Building lights were red on Monday to represent the “heartbeat” of America. And the mast flashed like a red and white siren to pay tribute to emergency workers. Officials say the lights will go on like this every night during the coronavirus pandemic.
WEB EXTRA: Penguin Meets Beluga WhalesWellington the rockhopper penguin met some beluga whales at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago over the weekend. The aquarium is closed to guests during the coronavirus pandemic, but staff members are taking animals on “field trips” for enrichment experiences.

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