NEVER FORGET: On September 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 people were killed at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and on United Airlines Flight 93. 18 years later, memorials were held to honor those lost in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New York.

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WEB EXTRA: Crane Collapse At Stadium Construction SiteA crane collapsed at the SoFi Stadium construction site in Inglewood, CA on Friday. Los Angeles County Fire tweeted that there were no injuries or damage to the stadium. The LA Rams and LA Chargers are scheduled to play at SoFi during the upcoming NFL season.
WEB EXTRA: Prince Harry and Jon Bon Jovi at Abbey RoadPrince Harry and Jon Bon Jovi recreated the Beatles' iconic "Abbey Road" album cover Friday. Harry was at Abbey Road Studios recording "Unbroken" with the singer and Invictus Games Choir. It was one of Harry's final engagements before he and Meghan Markle end their roles as senior members of the Royal Family on March 31.
Trending: Free CheesecakeThe Cheesecake Factory is giving away a free slice of cheesecake on orders of $15 purchased through Door Dash.
Trending: Lady GagaLady Gaga dropped a new single "Stupid Love" at midnight along with a spectacular music video.
Eye On The Day 2/28Here are some of the stories we are keeping an eye on: U.S. officials' continued response to coronavirus, a final push before tomorrow’s SC primary, and the billions of dollars Americans spent on their pets last year. What do you spend the most on for your pet?
Trending Now: Taylor Swift Literally 'The Man' In Her New Music VideoThanks to the wonders of makeup and CGI, the 30-year-old pop star is unrecognizable.
WEB EXTRA: 'Miller Strong' T-ShirtsA company in Wisconsin printed shirts with a special message. They wanted to show support after the deadly shooting at the Molson Coors Beverage Company campus in Milwaukee on Wednesday.
WEB EXTRA: Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez On CoronavirusMiami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez held a news conference Thursday afternoon to talk about the coronavirus.
WEB EXTRA: Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez On CoronavirusMiami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez held a press conference on Thursday afternoon on the Coronavirus.
WEB EXTRA: Polar Bear Cub Takes First Steps OutsideA polar bear cub took its first steps outside its cave at the Copenhagen Zoo on Thursday. Mom had to give the little cub a nudge. The polar bear was born in December and doesn’t have a name yet.
WEB EXTRA: Woman Celebrates 100th BirthdayLois Elson just celebrated her 100th birthday in San Antonio, TX. At her party she shared cake, some jokes, and what she says is the key to living a long life.
WEB EXTRA: US Attorney General William P. Barr In MiamiUS Attorney General William P. Barr was in Miami Thursday morning where he delivered remarks at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Officer Safety and Wellness Symposium at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
WEB EXTRA: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' Press Conference On CoronavirusFlorida Governor Ron De-Santis held a press conference on Thursday morning to address concerns over the coronavirus.
Trending: Bagel With Extra Cream Cheese Goes ViralWhen a reporter for the Toronto Sun ordered a bagel with extra cream cheese at a McDonald's, he was shocked at just how much they put on it. He dubbed it a "McMonstrostity."
Trending: Lizzie McGuire RebootHillary Duff furious that the Disney+ revival has come to a halt after two episodes were shot because it was deemed not "family-friendly" enough.
WEB EXTRA: Palmetto Expressway CrashTraffic crash on Palmetto Expressway
Eye On The Day 2/27Here are some of the stories we are keeping an eye on: President Trump's response to coronavirus, a gunman killed five people in a shooting in Milwaukee, and the pope's advice to stop being an internet troll for lent. Do you think his advice will curb the trolls?
WEB EXTRA: President Trump Announces Vice President Head Of Corona Task ForcePresident Trump is putting Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the coronavirus response. The vice president says he will work with the coronavirus task force and “bring to the president the best options for action to see to the safety and well-being and health of the American people.”
Trending Now: Filter FailJustin Hinton's weather report went viral when he accidentally activated a filter generator during his Facebook Live.
Trending Now: Lady Gaga Releasing New SingleThe single called "Stupid Love" will drop on Friday.
WEB EXTRA: Otters Making Squeaking SoundsSOUND ON: Listen to these squeaking river otters and sea otters at the Oregon Zoo! The zoo put together some of these adorable moments for the past few months.
WEB EXTRA:Best Cities For Jobs In 2020Which U.S. cities are the best for jobs? Glassdoor, a job and recruiting site, is out with its list of the 25 Best Cities for Jobs in 2020.
WEB EXTRA: Medieval Fighting Tournament In RussiaMore than 30 warriors put on their armor for a competition in Russia that looked like it was straight out of medieval times. Take a look:
WEB EXTRA: Generations Old Family Cash Register CompanyIn an age when some retailers and restaurants are going cashless … there is a store in New York City where cash is still king. But the family business is facing challenges with the changing times

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