Michael George reports criminals are hacking into more local governments and businesses, holding data hostage in exchange for money.

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Ransomware Attacks Are On The RiseMichael George reports criminals are hacking into more local governments and businesses, holding data hostage in exchange for money.
Scam Making The Rounds Affecting Microsoft Computer UsersThe Better Business Bureau warns of crooks who might look to trick you into paying for an "expiring Windows license."
New Surgery App Helps Relieve AnxietyNurses and doctors can update families members of a person undergoing surgery in real time.
Trending Now: Motorola Razr Making A ComebackHowever, the tech will set you back $1,500.
Virtual Reality Spas Take People To A Digital OasisVirtual reality spas are giving people a chance to go on a VR trip and enjoy some digital relaxation.
WEB EXTRA: Japan Tests Flying CarA company in Japan had a major first on Monday. It successfully tested a flying car.
Comcast Announces Expansion Of Internet Essentials Program During Miami EventComcast announced the expansion of its Internet Essentials Program during an event in Miami on Tuesday.
YouTube Camp Teaches Kids To Shoot, Edit & Post VideosSeveral kids aren't spending their summer outside, instead, they're at YouTube camp which teaches them how to shoot, edit and publish videos on YouTube.
Facebook Fined $5 Billion For Privacy ViolationsThe U.S. government is fining Facebook $5 billion for violating privacy.
Privacy Concerns Raised Over Popular Face AppLisa Mateo reports Democratic party leaders are calling for an investigation into the Russian owned Face app.
Instagram Doubles Down On Test To Hide LikesInstagram is closer to concealing the number of likes on posts which is aimed at reducing social media pressure on users.
WEB EXTRA: Privacy Concerns Arise With FaceAppAs the new application, FaceApp, has gained popularity around the world, privacy concerns about it have surfaced.
WEB EXTRA: Apple Gives Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Emojis On World Emoji DayOn World Emoji Day, Apple gave a sneak peek of its upcoming emojis.
Walkman Turns 40The Walkman was released 40 years ago by Sony.
Are Social Media Platforms Listening To User's Conversations?Several social media users are wondering if the platforms and sites they use have the ability to listen in on their conversations.
Fire Safety Risk Forces Apple To Recall Macbook Pro LaptopsThe popular tech giant, Apple, has recalled several Macbook Pro Laptops after the company discovered a fire safety risk.
Amazon Announces New Alexa Feature Could Book Date NightAmazon announced Thursday that a new feature will allow Alexa to book reservations at a restaurant.
Florida Scientists Create First Human Corneas Using 3D PrinterFor the first time in the United States, a 3D cornea was printed using human cells.
Apple Reportedly Retiring iTunes After 18 YearsApple reportedly plans to release a software update that will officially retire the iTunes app.
Amazon Hit With FTC ComplaintThe complaint is over Echo Dot Kids Edition.
All Locked Up!A toddler locked his dad out of this iPad for almost 50 years.
Here's Why So Many People Are Getting Robocalls From Other CountriesHave you been getting unexpected overseas calls?  Ask your friends, family, or anyone in your office and the answer is probably yes.
Keep 'Em CleanPathspot is a hand scanner that uses light and a camera to scan for bugs including E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria.
Apple Announces Its Long-Awaited Streaming TV ServiceApple announced a new streaming service, Apple TV Plus, which will house its original shows and movies and could compete with Netflix, Amazon and cable TV itself.

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