Sarasota was No. 1, Pensacola No. 4, Bradenton No. 7 and Ocala No. 10, according to Apartment Guide’s rankings.

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Miami Ranked 3rd Best City In America For Pet LoversSarasota was No. 1, Pensacola No. 4, Bradenton No. 7 and Ocala No. 10, according to Apartment Guide’s rankings.
WEB EXTRA: Dog Life ExpectancyIf you ever wondered how long your dog might live, there’s a new study from Britain's Royal Veterinary College which looks at their life expectancy.
WEB EXTRA: Dog Café in Dubai Serves Healthy, Human-Grade FoodThis café in Dubai takes pet-friendly dining to a new level.
WEB EXTRA: Cat Rescued From Car Tire In FloridaCheck out what law enforcement officials in Putnam County, Florida found after a driver flagged them down because of a "weird noise coming from the car."
WEB EXTRA: Dog Rescued From Los Angeles RiverFirefighters pulled a dog to safety after it became stuck for hours in fast-moving water in the Los Angeles River on Monday.
WEB EXTRA: American Kennel Club's Most Popular Dog Breeds Of 2021The American Kennel Club released its annual list of the most popular dog breeds based on registration data in 2021. Did your favorite make the list?
WEB EXTRA: Cat Survives Tornado in IowaA cat survived an EF-2 tornado in Humeston, Iowa, after the shelter she was staying in was reduced to rubble. Meet Dorothy.
WEB EXTRA: Anti-Aging Pill For DogsThe death of a dog can feel just as devastating as losing a family member. Researchers at the University of Washington think they’ve found a drug that could add years to the life of a canine companion.
WEB EXTRA: Rescue Crew Saves Dog From 15 Foot Hole In FloridaThis rescue team saved a dog that was stuck down a 15-foot hole in Paxton, Florida, on February 9. South Walton Fire District said: "The dog was very friendly and appeared uninjured following the rescue."
WEB EXTRA: Puppies and Kittens Guess New Name NFL's Washington Football TeamPuppies and kittens at an animal rescue in Fairfax, Virginia, were tasked with guessing the new name of the NFL's Washington Football Team. Check out their picks.
WEB EXTRA: Dog Rescued From Icy Poind In ColoradoThis dog named Watson was rescued after falling into an icy pond in Centennial, Colorado, on Monday (1/31). South Metro Fire Rescue said the golden retriever was chasing after geese when he got stuck in the frigid water. Watson was reunited with his owner and is doing fine, according to rescuers.
WEB EXTRA : Hotel Offers Luxury Experience For DogsA hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, is offering a luxury experience for dogs. Check out the Superwoof Dog Hotel & Daycare.
WEB EXTRA: Crews Rescue Kitten From Storm DrainIt took rescuers two days to free this kitten from a storm drain in Phoenix, AZ. Take a look.
WEB EXTRA 'Squid Game' Themed Dog Treats For HalloweenA pet store owner in Seoul, South Korea, is getting into the Halloween spirit with new dog treats inspired by Netflix's hit show "Squid Game." Watch how they are made.
WEB EXTRA: Firefighters Rescue Dog From Hole In ItalyFirefighters in Valledolmo, Italy, rescued a dog that had fallen into a deep hole on Saturday, Oct. 23. The department said that after about five hours, rescuers pulled the whimpering pup to safety and took it to a veterinarian.
Plea For Help In Finding Family's Missing 18-Year-Old DogA Miami Springs family has been desperately searching for their 18 year old dog, who is blind and deaf. They believe someone has him.
WEB EXTRA: Animal Shelter Using Tinder To Find Homes For Dogs and CatsWould you "swipe right?" Check out how an animal shelter in Germany is using a dating app to help find homes for cats and dogs.
WEB EXTRA: Art Exhibit In Hong Kong Designed For DogsThis art exhibit in Hong Kong has a surprising target audience – dogs! Check out how it’s designed for pooches to enjoy.
WEB EXTRA: Pets And Heat SafetyHere are some tips on how to keep your pet safe and cool on hot summer days.
WEB EXTRA: Wasabi the Pekingese at the Empire State Building Celebrating Best In Show WinWasabi the Pekingese took home "Best in Show" at the 145th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The top dog celebrated his win at the Empire State Building on Monday (6/14). Check out Wasabi's fur flowing in the wind!
WEB EXTRA: Parrot Rescued Off Ledge in ChicagoA large blue and orange parrot found itself stuck on a window ledge in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday (5/16). The Chicago Fire Department says the bird's owner flagged down a passing fire truck for help. A firefighter used a pole to coax the parrot down as onlookers cheered.
WEB EXTRA: The Pied Dog WalkerA Boston dog walker has taken his service to the next level. He snaps pictures of his furry clients all around town and now he's gained a new following online.
WEB EXTRA: Puppy BondA 7-year-old Minnesota boy shares a very special bond with his puppy. See how Marvel the dog has helped Paxton share his story.
WEB EXTRA: Dog Opens Door Using DoorknobClosed doors are no match for Millie! Watch as the golden retriever lets herself into her home in Florida using the doorknob. Millie's owner shared the video April 20 and said the clever pooch has been opening the door a lot more since she learned how.

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