Flu season is now underway for most of the United States including Florida. It's the earliest start in more than 15 years.

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Early And Unusual Start To Flu SeasonFlu season is now underway for most of the United States including Florida. It's the earliest start in more than 15 years.
Researchers Experimenting With New Treatment For Dogs With Brain CancerThe John Hopkins University researchers hope it will lead to treatments for people.
New App Helps Lung Transplant Patients Check In From HomeA new, innovative program is helping lung transplant patients do most of their monitoring after surgery from the comfort of their home right from their smart phones.
WEB EXTRA: Navigate Holidays Coping With Alzheimer'sThanksgiving brings the start of the holiday season. For families coping with Alzheimer's disease, that can mean extra stress. Large crowds and noisy gatherings are challenging, but there are ways to navigate the holidays and still find joy.
Beauty On A Budget? Docs Warn About At-Home InjectionsCBS4's Lauren Pastrana reports on the ugly truth of at-home injectables.
Some States Considering Medical Marijuana On School GroundsDanya Bacchus reports under federal law medical marijuana is not allowed to be administered in schools - but now more states are taking on the controversial issue.
WEB EXTRA: A Chat With Dermatologist Dr. Robert Krisner About Perioral DermatitisDr. Robert Kirsner, chair of the University of Miami’s Phillip Frost Department of Dermatology, talks to CBS4's Frances Wang about the skin condition ‘perioral dermatitis.’ This is the unedited interview.
App Provides Financial Incentive To Stay Off DrugsOpioid overdoses kill more than 130 people every day in the US. And as healthcare providers and scientists search for solutions to save lives - a Boston tech company is being recognized for a new app that provides financial incentives to users who stay off drugs.
Studies Confirm HPV Vaccine Is SafeDoctors hope a new study gives parents more reassurance that the human papillomavirus vaccine is safe. Only about half of today's adolescents are completing the HPV vaccine, which can prevent cervical and head and neck cancers.
New Surgery App Helps Relieve AnxietyNurses and doctors can update families members of a person undergoing surgery in real time.
Thousands Die Due To Antibiotic Resistant InfectionsThe CDC says hospitals have made significant progress in preventing infections bu more work is needed.
Medical Marijuana Use In Florida Spikes After 1 YearCBS4's Karli Barnett looked at the facts and learned the process of accessing medical marijuana.
Organic, Non-GMO, Grassfed Food Labels Are Often Misleading, Report SaysThe labels on the food you buy at the grocery store don't always mean what you think, according to Charlotte Vallaeys with Consumer Reports.
Study Finds Girls Soccer Concussion Rates Nearly The Same As Boys Playing FootballWhile boy's football had the highest rate of concussion – 10 per every 10,000 practice or competition – girls soccer was second, at a rate of 8 per 10,000.
Cardio-Oncology Field Helping Cancer Patients With Heart Disease Risks Associated With TreatmentHeart disease is the number one cause of death among breast cancer survivors.
Study Found Half Of Kids In US Are Not Getting Enough SleepTom Hanson reports researchers found less than half of children ages six through 17 were getting the recommended nine hours of sleep a night.
Therapist Discusses Importance Of Allowing Students To Take A Mental Health DayWhen the state legislature reconvenes in January, one of the bills lawmakers will consider is one that would allow students to take one mental health day per semester as an excused absence.
Sick Day Study Finds Overwhelm Majority Of Employees Will Go To Work IllAmong the 28 U.S. cities in the study, Miami, Charlotte, Austin, Chicago and Cincinnati are the top five cities where employees show up sick.
Raising Awareness Of Mental Health To Stop The StigmaTom Hanson has one woman's story on how she's helping others after hiding her own struggles for years.
Medical Groups Urging More Doctor Visits For Teens As Vaccinations Low For Age GroupSeveral leading medical groups are urging to establish a 16-year-old immunization visit.
Health Officials Urge Everyone To Get A Flu Shot This YearHealth officials say the upcoming flu season could be the roughest one in a while.
It's World Mental Health DayThe day is devoted to raising awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.
Inside The Vaping Black MarketCBS News Correspondent Carter Evans went undercover in California to see how easy it is to get your hands on unregulated products.
Poor Posture? Pain On The HorizonA new survey finds many of us are not concerned about poor posture, even though it can have a big impact on the body.

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