Lauren's List: Tips For Good Posture
Lauren Pastrana says good posture has major health benefits.

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Lauren's List: Tips For Good PostureLauren Pastrana says good posture has major health benefits.
Answering Questions Regarding Testing, Quality Control In The Growing CBD & Hemp IndustryTeams of chemists are spending their days testing various medical marijuana and CBD products to ensure their safety for consumers.
Restaurant Worker In West Palm Beach Tests Positive For Hepatitis AThe Florida Department of Health says a restaurant worker in West Palm Beach has tested positive for hepatitis A.
Exploring What Is Fact & Fiction With CBD OilIt is being called the miracle product to treat everything from anxiety to pain.
WEB EXTRA: Sunscreen SafetyA new report in the Journal of the American Medical Association is raising concerns about the ingredients in sunscreen.
Women Want Answers From FDA About Breast Implant IllnessBreast implants have long been the bread and butter for plastic surgeons in South Florida, but one local doctor is considering eliminating the procedure from his surgical rotation because of implant illness concerns.
WEB EXTRA Container ClinicsStudent researchers in Arizona have created a way to bring medical care to areas in desperate need. It’s a solar powered medical clinic inside a shipping container.
CBD Oil Use Is A Growing Trend But What About For Pets?CBD biscuits, cookies and oils aren't just for humans anymore, they are for your pets!
WEB EXTRA: New Nasal ProcedureA new treatment is helping patients who struggle with nasal obstruction or congestion get some relief without invasive surgery.

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Spending Time Inside Salt Caves Could Provide The Cure For What Ails YouSalt caves are the newest trend in holistic health therapy treatments and CBS4's Lauren Pastrana checks it out in Pembroke Pines.
Study Found Skipping Breakfast Linked To Increased Risk Of Cardiovascular DeathStudy found subjects who never ate breakfast had an 87 percent higher risk of cardiovascular related death.
Concern Continues to Grow Over Florida Hepatitis A OutbreakThe number of cases of hepatitis A in Florida has continued to steadily increase, with the largest concentration of the outbreak in the Tampa Bay area, according to numbers posted on the state Department of Health website.
WEB EXTRA: Miami Int'l Airport Opens Multi-Sensory Room For Children With AutismMiami International Airport is celebrating Autism Awareness Month with the grand opening of a brand new Multi-Sensory Room.
Due To Hepatitis A Outbreak, Broward County Now Considered 'High Risk'Broward is the latest county in the state to be considered high risk for Hepatitis A.
WEB EXTRA: World Autism Awareness DayIt’s Autism Awareness Day. A major advocacy group is launching a new awareness campaign to try to help children get diagnosed earlier.
Medical Breakthrough In Helping New Mothers Dealing With Post-Partum DepressionThe FDA just approved the first drug designed to treat women dealing with post-partum depression.
Study: Apple Watch Could Save Your LifeA new study says Apple watches could spot an irregular heart rate.
Broward Heart Walk Takes Place In Fort LauderdaleThousands of people laced up their sneakers to promote awareness for healthy hearts. The American Heart Association’s Broward Heart Walk was held Sunday at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.
Bill Passed In Florida Repealing Ban On Smokable Medical MarijuanaLegal, smokable medical marijuana is moving closer to legality in Florida.
WEB EXTRA: Benefits Of NappingHappy National Napping Day! If you’re looking for a good reason to take a rest, here are some of the benefits of napping, according to the National Sleep Foundation.
Doctors Warn That Flu Virus Can Cause Heart DiseaseLauren Pastrana reports a Pembroke Pines man suffered cardiac problems after a bout with the flu.
Bill Approved By Florida Senate Eliminating Ban On Smoking Medical MarijuanaSmoking medical marijuana in the state of Florida is another step closer to becoming reality.
Ban On Smoking Medical Marijuana Could Be Over As Florida Senate Approves BillSmoking medical marijuana in the state of Florida is another step closer to becoming reality.
New Bill Allowing Smokable Marijuana Expected To Pass In Florida Legislative SessionThe Florida House will pass a bill allowing a smokable form of medical marijuana, although it will be restricted to adults, according to Speaker Jose Oliva.
Lauren's List: Side Effects Of Quitting CoffeeLauren Pastrana takes a look at the benefits and possible negative side effects of quitting coffee.
A Second Chance Being Given To Those Battling Addiction To OpioidsAs the opioid crisis continues to affect the lives of many people in South Florida, a new program is committed to giving those who abuse opioids a second shot at life.
New Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Looking North Of The Border To Lower Drug CostsPointing to the high costs of health care, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday announced plans to create a program that would allow Floridians to have access to FDA-approved drugs from Canada.
Custom-Made Lotions Provide Patients With Alternative To OpioidsPart of the mission at Pharmco RX is what they call "Progressive Care" - a different approach when trying to keep -- or ween -- patients off opioids.
Surgeons At Cleveland Clinic Providing Healing Alternatives To Combat Opioid CrisisTrying to find a way out of the ongoing opioid crisis, surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston are educating patients and giving them alternatives for healing.

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